Lee Returns

relax a bit ( not Lee's cock) consuming our drinks which also has an effect on our libido's, firing up all three, getting us into a wonderful mood. My lady is obviously already in the right mood having escorted Lee to our quest room and while getting Lee's huge black cock ready for ….?????? My Lady slides close to Lee and again begins to stroke

Two Go Wild in Benidorm Once More

lifts one leg into an upright position, angled at the knee joint, with the other leg, also angled, laid flat on the bed."Right, now can you make a 'mirror image' of my posture?"The centres of their torsos are a few inches apart. Barbara strokes herself."You wet down there, babe?""Yeah, sopping wet.""Good. Now slowly slide on your bum down the bed

Sam's Day Off

but he watched enough porn to know how a good pussy should look. He walked over to the bed and sat right next to Laura as she continued. By this time she was close to climax and she began to release some thoughts that she had kept from Sam.“I always have wanted you Sam. Ever since you were 12 and I saw how big your cock was, and knew how big it

A dirty weekend away

it inside Amy’s pussy. The excitement of everything just to much to last any longer especially with the egg vibrating so I reach up with both hands grabbing Amy by the shoulders to pull her back against me and with a few hard thrusts I pound deep then I hold myself deep as possible forcing her back pressing hard up on my groin I cum and with


knocked on my bedroom door and shouted me. I had thought he was out for the night so I’d taken the time to shower, shave myself smooth and get all girled up. I was in such a panic! I shouted back, no real words came out but I hoped to sound busy so he’d go away. I stumbled over to my bed in my ridiculous new heels, dress still halfway up my ass,


music on and when I walk in with the drinks you are locked eyes with Charlie, a sexy smile playing on your lips while you take your jacket off. Your satin shirt is wrinkled and slightly damp from the rain. You look so damn sexy. Charlie responds by taking her coat off twice as slowly and handing it to you with a wry smile before she sits where


a feeling that I was already sorry, but I made myself crawl to her. She opened her legs wider, fingering her own pussy. She held a dripping finger out to me and said, “Suck it.” I put my lips over her finger and tasted salty sweetness. Her and him. “That’s a good girl.” Scott yanked on the leash. I knew what I was to do. I was on my knees

The Runesmith Chronicles 17.2

to no one of what you are about to see.” Kal hated to scare the life out of the already distraught man but Kal knew Ikuno would not come up unless she knew her secret was safe from getting back to his mother.Rone’s eyes flicked from the glowing runes to his eyes before the man nervously nodded.Kal removed his hand from the man’s mouth and in an

Her Worst Nightmare

time went past Tony decided he would have Sammy back. He came up with a great plan. He followed Sammy and knew her day to day schedule. He was going to kidnap her that way he could always have her. The planning began. He bought a cabin deep in the woods. With no trials or people around for miles. He sound proofed the whole cabin just incase. The

Bedroom Surprise

I begun to thrust too. Back and forth I went feeling his dick throb like mad in my hole. Then Pete let out a massive ‘fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck’ as he shot a massive stream into my arse. I eased off the pace until we lay together – ‘about time’ he said ‘i’ve been dying to try bi for ages with you’ and I said ‘well now you have’ A while later we finally

Beth Pony girl 2 - Saturday

and even fully covered people ponies, some have sulkies and others ae like me, just being led by their owners.The RaceEventually we reach the stables again where Joe is waiting. He discusses the race with Sonia and then brings out a light weight sulky, it only has one arm and barely a frame with a canvas seat. Joe brings the sulky behind me and

Mikaela the College Submissive

pressed at the back of her throat. Other times, she would simply suck on the head as she jerked off my now slippery cock into her mouth. She would sometimes take me out of her mouth and just make long, pleasurable licks as if she was enjoying and ice cream. And she would make sure to lick and suck at my balls as well. More than anything, I loved

I still cant believe it really happened

me so I decide to put my hand down her shorts from her waist band and start petting the pussy while my other hand slides up her t-shirt and I begin to rub her nipples she moans and rocks her hips lightly I continue to rub her but her shorts are not allowing me the angle I need, her shorts have to come off but surely she will feel me tugging them

My First Time

now." She held up the large mirror that had been face down. I could not believe my eyes – there staring back at me was an attractive girl's face on my body. "This is unbelievable," I stated. Queenie packed up her gear and was out the door in a flash."Say goodbye to Lydia for me,” she said, “because I have to fly, as Halloween is a very busy night

A Night to Remember

mouth and the smell of her perfume. As I walked back to my seat I looked at my wife and she was smiling. Tanya was looking a little flustered but she lcleared her throat and said, Ok Jillian, truth or dare. Dare said my wife. I dare you to kiss Mike demanded Tanya. Jillian got up and walked towards Mike. Mike was unaware what was going on at all

Sleepy Time Gal

"What the hell does he want this stuff for? He does not go out cruising the bars for pick-ups. I am a very willing partner, he doesn't need it for me." Then it hit me.He was planning to knock me out with it, and fulfill his fantasy of sleep-fucking me! I carefully put the bag back where he had hidden it.That night as we were watching TV, he went

The Shoe Whore

pulled her down onto my lap, wrapping her in my arms and holding her. She nuzzled into my neck purring contentedly. We sat there together cuddling for a couple hours before we decided we had better get up. We needed to get some things at the store that day so I decided we should grab a burger along the way. We stopped at a local burger joint

Ex-Wife of a Sex Addict

by now, you know I am going to fuck you any time or place I want to." Meredith grimaced as I entered her, " Oh god...stop, you're hurting me...please, it's too big....too big," She whimpers when I push my bulbous purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her pleas, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch

A Lesson for Her: Lesson 07

'Lesson 7' is written across the envelope. She opens the envelope:Dear S,Inside the enclosed box you will find everything you need for Lesson 7. I hope you will enjoy it.Best,M She opens the box and removes the contents. In the box, she finds: A bottle of lubricant, a bottle of anti-bacterial soap, five dildos of various sizes, and a note. The

My DATE P 9-12

in front of Jane and as she was taking down my under shorts she said, “I was hoping that you would learn to treat me with respect. That we would do things as a couple.” My under shorts were now at my feet and I stepped out of them. “Now get on your knees as I scold you for your behavior.”I felt like a naughty little boy, being scolded by his

Cock, The Roach

Randomly, she sits on my lap and squashes a wasp. Fuck my life!’ ‘No, she…’ ‘Stop! It’s better if he thinks that’s what happened.’ Jenna was sitting on the hospital bed nearby. She was swinging her legs. Her rad hairstyle had been destroyed with matted tread locks. She looked happy and self-content. ‘I’m on orphan as well. The school couldn’t

Fatso, Peanut, & Stallion

of Abbleville, Louisiana Tilly Tully is a second generation child. Ma was forty-three when Tilly came into the world. Once Tilly was weaned, she pretty much was on her own. Ma, was just worn out. She was a fat woman, weighting all of three hundred pounds, which she carried poorly, even thought she was six foot tall. Tilly weighted two hundred

Janet, My First Woman Lover

couldn't do anything but moan. My body trembled at her touch.Her hands moved down to my breasts, squeezing them gently and playing with my nipples, which were like bullets pointing in the air. Her mouth moved down to suck them and I almost hit the ceiling when her mouth closed over one aching nipple.She stopped, and I began to whimper, puzzled to

The unforgettable Christmas Eve !

it to her lips and she licked it ... He put it to herneck and throat and now to her breasts he was sliding it along her breast and the nipples... her nipples were soo hard and were melting the ice quitequickly.He then took out another ice cubeand was rubbing it down her thighs... she was moaning harder andbegging him to stop teasing her .... He

Adventures of a delivery man 2

this looked to be the perfect place to stop for the night and get some much needed rest before I continued on to Malaga for my next pick up in the morning. I checked in at the desk, and was greeted by a vision of beauty. A very attractive, dark skinned young woman, mid-twenties with short dark hair. She reminded me of a young Halle Berry. Her

The Morning After Always

make her feel hollow inside. She needed him so she could breathe, but feared that he poisoned her with each breath. How could a man do this? Did he even know that he was killing her, slowly, a little every time? Of course he didn’t know. He only knew his own feelings. She turned away from his scent and rolled herself to her own side of the bed.

Escapades of Eva Ch. 23

of the night she awoke to her Sir rubbing her pussy. As she became conscious she realized that he had been rubbing her clit until she was on fire for him. She tried to put her arms around him only to find that he had tightened the slack on her chain until he had pulled her arms tightly over her head until she was unable to move. When he saw her

Special Connection

her core was like a furnace and she was becoming more and more vocal as things got more and more heated. "Oh, your dick is so big," she moaned and she reached for it to put her delicate hands around it and stroke it. Noah almost came right then and right there. It felt so good that he needed to think about Stock Market futures in order to keep

Erica Meets Her Neighbour Ch. 02

soft ass cheeks quivered. And turned even pinker.Erica began to cry."Please...sir...no...don't spank me, sir!" she said, reaching behind her with both hands.Mr Wood smiled to himself and stepped back a little as she cupped her hands over her sore ass cheeks and began to caress them, trying to ease the pain."P-please, sir..." she whimpered,

Confessions of a Small Town Girl 5

I would straddle his lower body and sit down on his cock. I controlled how deep and fast we would go. I loved being in control. Sometimes I would go really fast and deep, while other times I would tease him with a slow and steady rhythm. I really liked him having access to my breast while in this position. Every time we had sex in this position,

Bateman and Son Photography V

he felt like he was being talked over, and now here he was standing on a stool, surround by two adults and two older and bigger teens, all looking him over as he stood there in just his briefs, socks and undershirt. At least his hard-on was mostly down as for the moment, his penis was behaving.He got more alarmed though, when Rich and James

Jaya Caught in a Water Fight

doing,” screamed an adult female passerby.“You need to be arrested! Let those kids have their fun! They just graduated from high school!” an old man yelled as shook his head in disgust.Jaya turned her head to give the adults a peace of her mind; a teen boy poured a bottle of water over Lara’s breasts. Jaya was wearing a strapless white cotton

A Family Of Friends

two cock hounds, those two would rather fuck than eat. Except for business worries I was in heaven. The nagging bitch called just once and said she was moving to Mexico with “Raul,” whoever Raul was. “Raul was a real man, so nagging bitch claimed, whatever that meant. That was the last I ever heard of her. Who cared? I informed the police, and

The Library Crawl

slipped back into her jacket, tucking the glasses and leash into a pocket as she did so. She felt more than a little wobbly, and leaned against a bookshelf for a few minutes to collect herself. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She would tell nobody about this, ever. Except her Master. What would He make of this? Patti suddenly

Force or Love? (4)

Me, Fuck Me hard,” pleaded Becky. “Oh Fuck, Oh Baby, you are so hot inside,” he grunted as he slid his big hard tool entered Becky’s wet pussy. “You set me on fire baby!” moaned Becky. Jack pushed it in slowly. He grunted as the cunt squeezed around his dick. He thrusted it fully in and kept it there for a few seconds. He looked deep into Becky’s

Your own private show

apart – like this – you can see how wet and pink I am. That contrast between the dark pussy lips and the shiny pink of my cunt must be very arousing. Yes, I can see it is.I'm going to take pity on you now, baby – you can take your cock out and hold it, maybe stroke it a little, maybe use my bra to wrap around it – yes, masturbate with my bra,

A Deeper Love - Part 2

and stares at me, eyes watery, “You too. But I only led the way at the start. You opened yourself to accept that you wanted to help create us.”“Creating us, that sounds so sweet. What did you mean by you too?”The silence is deafening. Andie looks uncertain, conflicted.“Be brave,” I whisper.She puts down her sketching pad, and sits cross-legged,

Mistress Kristen Ch. 06

Kristen rocked her hips slowly up and down on the dildo. She lowered her face towards Adam's restrained cock and saw his head pressing through the gaps between the bars of the cage. Kristen gave Adam's swollen balls a soft slap. It didn't matter.Already sore from the five night's worth of teasing without release, she may as well have kicked them.

Goodbye, Miss Granger - Part 7

at his cock with each withdrawal, distending and gripping his thick shaft and making me feel like I was being pulled inside out. But, oh, the inward strokes, how to describe them? With his strong hands gripping my hips, he pulled me onto his swollen manhood, slowly but forcefully driving his cock-head through the resistance of my love tunnel,

Earth Mother - The Ritual

and removed it from her body. I remember focusing on her breasts as they appeared from under the cloak. They were firm and large and befitted such an honourable position as Earth Mother. Her hips were child bearing. The High Priestess handed the belt to a helper and kneeled in front of the Earth Mother. In recognition of the wealth and fertility

The first time I wached my wife at home

fuck up if you don't want me to go through with it then tell me now . I put the glasses down on the table put my hands between her legs and felt her pussy ...it was soaking ..I said yea I want you to go ahead and do it ,But does he know that he is going to fuck you , not yet he doesn't said Kim .How are you going to do this I asked he wont touch

Casey pt. 1

get home untill about 7pm. I listened to her talk about her boy troubles and which guy's she liked and which one's she thought were cute. She had always gone for the big, buit-like-a-bear guys...whereas i would go for the lean and hot guys...such as her brother. She always knew i had a crush on him...i had let it slip to her once, she didn't

Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 26

to. McMurdo, and takes nearly 8 hours to get there. Instead of sitting on the plush comfortable seats of a private jet, Callie and Harold were sitting in upright canvas webbing seats meant for military personnel wearing parachutes, or combat gear. Callie was not comfortable and neither was Harold. Callie made it worse for Harold, when she moved

A Slut, a Vibrator, and a Ball Gag

to slowly rub the length of the vibrator up and down her slit. More juices begin to seep out. Slut begins to push her hips up trying to maneuver her cunt so the vibrator slips inside. I always keep it just out of reach. I glance over her shoulder and she's beginning to lick the ball gag. Slut gives great head, using her tongue for maximum effect.

Narcissus: Reflected

The fact was he was upset over the fact he couldn’t skive off this class again to stand in the bathroom and look at himself. He collapsed into the desk at the back of the room and looked at the English teacher. He suddenly realized as she handed back the previous day’s work that she was a substitute teacher. Her hair was long and blue, unlike any

Movie Theatre Guard

the human resource department on fire. "I'm sure I'll be able to deal with any situation that presents itself," she stammered."We'll be in touch," Mr Snyder said.Two months later this five foot 7, green eyed, dirty blond haired girl was regretting the day she signed on that dotted line. The job was nothing but seven hour shifts of staring at

In Daddys Den

sir, on my way.” I spent the next few minutes thinking, planning, and anticipating her arrival. Everything was ready, placed in position ahead of time. My thick member swelled within my slacks as images of her flashed through my mind. Some of the images were of the sweet, wonderful, beautiful woman that had captured my heart, but most were of

Jill's World Ch. 05

up my reaction. I was surely blushing bright red at the memory of our last visit there. "I don't know if I could ever go back there again." I whispered. Kelly giggled. "I don't think anyone saw your face Carrie. Just try to ... well... not do that again?" She smiled, and her tongue licked across her lower lip. "Maybe I will keep you company in

Controlling Cat

on her wrists, stood, and looked down in her lovely expectant face, "I would never be as stern with you as you were with me, so you may speak, but only if you are responding to my question, and although you may freely moan, you are not allowed to do more unless I permit it. Remember; Bad girls don't cum."Her expression told me everything I

Deputized as a Slaver Ch. 02

female slipped the collar around his neck, and snapped a metal chain to the collar.He stood dazed and defenseless in front of Chloe and his captors. She may have betrayed him but he was complicit in his own captivity for reasons he would eventually understand.Chloe teared up as they led him naked out into the chilly night air into to the

Whores and Pimps - Part II

each other's sweet breath. Jill moaned, "Fuck me Michele. Fuck me here in the dark. Do me right here on the balcony!" Jill scraped a nail against the taught nylon wrapped around Michele's cock and tore a hole in the flimsy nylon pantyhose. She eased Michele's penis through the hole and pushed her panties to one side freeing Michele's

The Black Seas Ch. 03

to listen without argument. Jack knew that look and wanted to protest but he knew his father wasn’t going to have it. Instead he turned around, heading back the way he came. ‘Son,’ Jonathan called after his son. Jack turned around to regard his father. ‘I love ye. Yer sister and mother too. Never forget that.’ ‘I won’t.’ Then Jack was gone.

Olympus has Fallen Ch. 09

yards away from their firing position, he suddenly lurched to the left and dove towards the cache of bows and arrows. Gathering as many into his arms as he could carry, he turned around and raced back to the top of the dune. His tender and exposed ass was repeatedly pummeled with numerous missiles as it was an inviting big white juicy target.

Rabbit: The Reunion

of commitment, sacred of letting herself go, of giving over control to the one man, the only one who could love her for what she was and the way she needed. "Oh Rabbit, get over it," she scolds herself. He's gone and there's not a damn thing you can do about it now. Sighing to herself, she walks over to the counter to check on her flight, a

Fucking my parents sexy neighbour

we talked my eyes kept being drawn to Chriss tits and I realised that I could see the outline of her semi-erect nipples through her bikini top. After a while Chris caught my eyes as I glanced towards her breasts again. I could feel myself go red as she casually asked Like what you see?. I better be leaving I replied. No need to be embarrased nor

Stress Reliever

in the living room, watching a game. It may have been the look on my face, or my posture, but when I put my bag down on the table, he came running in there. ‘Babe, what’s wrong?’ he asked, thoroughly concerned. I couldn’t speak. I was too tired. Too, stressed. I burst into tears and fell into his arms. He whispered comforting things into my hair.

B is For Bang

to baulk and then I was cumming - shooting my white stuff deep into my wife's mouth. Having shot my bolt with Julie just a few hours ago, there wasn't all that much, but she still struggled with it. "Swallow," I ordered. With a grimace she did as I asked.By this time, Barry had got down on the floor and was starting to poke his cock into her ass.

Master Finds His Treat Ch. 06

and hid it in his palm before he walked around in front of her. He looked in her eyes and smiled deeply and then grabbed her breasts with his mouth and sucked on her nipples hard torturing her with ecstasy. He caught each one between his teeth and pulled getting them nice and hard before sitting the plug on the floor just behind her. out of her

My College Roommate Part 3

if I wanted to join? I so would! He slowly puts headphones over my ears and turns on music. The music is pretty low, but it drowns out the room noise so I couldn’t hear anything. He didn’t even pick good music, it was some crappy rap music that I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t sleep with this music playing, and I couldn’t sleep knowing there was

my classmate !!!

dick out , put its head in her hot pussy then shoved it I felt her hot hole and heard her soft t moan i was keeping kiss her shoulders and back and thrust mine inside her hot pussy and I felt her legs was trembling while i was looking her shut eyes and she was like collapsed she was shutting her eyes and bitten her lips and I was like

Wife does her husband (Chapter 3)

off my jockeys and push me on to the bed. I was on the edge of the bed, lift my legs and Anthony, which had already some KY, was able to penetrate Cleo real quick. I felt Anthony with Cleo's lips, that by now after so many of these adventures, could recognize Anthony moving in and providing a lot of sexual feelings coming from the many nerve

House Party

I don't want him and I don't like him. But I had to, I was so horny and didn't care who it was with. I still wanted to be safe though. I grabbed his dick and told him we're going in a bedroom. Now that I was about to fuck him he seemed fine with following instructions, So we both walked upstairs to the bed.Once inside we closed the door and began

Coming Out to My Girlfriend

and grab a drink. I'll text you when it's time to come home."Jack left their apartment, hopefully not for the last time he thought, and headed to the local bar. He was halfway through his second drink when he received a text from Amy. He glanced down at his phone and read It's ok to come home now. You'll see how I feel about you being bi when you

Subtle Tease and Torment

I’m serious.” “Okay, I might consider it but it will be totally under my rules. There will be no touching or fooling around with me at all. I get to ask you for whatever I want, but I will keep it discreet. You have the option of saying no to a request, but if you do, the game is over. Do you understand and agree?” I responded, “Yes I

What if She Wakes part 1

for a nascar race," Jason said to me, as we cuddled on his bed. I stared at him with an astonished expression on my face, my eyebrows slightly arching and jaw dropping open a little. He immediately noticed the reaction I gave and said "OK, fine, it was just a suggestion. You don't have to go if you don't want to." I scrutinized him, gazing into

Seducing Andrew

suddenly find myself breathing harder. “No way”! I shout.At that moment Steve walks back into the room, seeing my excitement and fear. Without saying a word, he dives back into the drawer, and comes up with a tube of Astro-glide. He pushes me over onto the bed with his left hand, opening my legs with his right. “Hmm, I still say you have the

Nicole n Katie

and then keep some in my mouth, as i went up and kissed her, directly on the lips. Making her taste her own sweet juices.She then pulled my shirt over my head, as my body was still on top of her, i was on all fours. She went down, and pulled my huge breast (im a 40dd) out of my bra, as she stares at them for a minute, between, placing her face

The Interview

increasingly uncomfortable. He escaped into fantasy land again. Beneath the table a hand passed across a lap and under a skirt before reaching up and sliding under the thin fabric to gently stroke at the soft folds of skin that led to the passage of …… Somebody was saying something. “I’m sorry,” Brendon stammered. “Would you mind repeating

Illicit Desires Ch. 09

my legs even wider for him. When he pushed a finger into me I gasped with delight like a true slut. Once he started finger fucking me it was my turn to be the aggressor. I pushed Nate's pants and boxers down to his knees. As soon as it was freed his beautiful penis sprang to attention. A thrill rippled through me. Frankie, I really do love cocks.

The Things We Leave Behind

he is old and hug him the same way. He hopes so. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Jake returns to Sharon that night and makes love to her. As they fondle and play like excited virgins, Jake asks himself if this is where he belongs, by Sharon’s side. So many things about Sharon excite him – her voice, her smell, the way she

Taking My Breath Away

and out of my mouth slowly. Savoring on every inch. Michael’s hips started meeting my mouth. I could taste alittle pre cum and it made me want to do this more than I already do. My pace quickened, so did Michael’s rhythm. I knew he was enjoying this by look on his face. I started working the whole 7 inches, sucking harder, using my tongue.

Brother seduces his sister

about my beautiful sister’s creamy thighs and the delicious nest hidden behind her pink panties. That episode changed my thinking about my sister. I realized That Mansi had grown up into a gorgeous woman…a woman whom any man would love to fuck. That incident also made think more about my sister; and that’s when I gave a serious thought to her

How My Aunt Started My Foot Fetish

legged swinging her foot from side to side and then pointing her mesmerising toes up and then down, I was in heaven and it was like she knew what she was doing to me. That night with so much new photographic memory I wanked so many times about fucking my Aunty so I could suck on them long pointy toes, them perfect feet and them heels I wanted to

Barbara Ch. 05

long cock on her slit. In it went, penetrating her cunt as far as he could go. Barbara let out a loud moan from the rapid insertion that caught her off guard. Then Jake pumped her, ramroding her hard, making her grunt with every penetration as he hit bottom inside her wet cunt. ‘C’mon Jake, let me see you fuck her in the ass while I make her

The Doctor is in

She told me her husband wanted to try something new-enemas, and she wanted to be prepared beforehand. I fixed us each a glass of wine and we talked about what was going to happen. After we relaxed, I got up, took the bag and went to prepare the soapy water for her special treat. I had done this so many times before, to myself, to other lovers, so

Living with Uncle Jim pt. 4

and soon Tony is filling my pussy as Jim comes in my mouth, both of them thrusting into my holes hard and fast ignoring the moans of discomfort and pain coming from my mouth. As Jims body comes down again he pulls my hands making me slip and fall on his chest Hey Tony calls behind me as he slips out of me Sorry man Jim calls back lifting me up

An artist’s model agrees to a little kink in to great outdoors with a good friend

thetrail. There is a well known promontory that juts out.It is perhaps twenty-five feet wide and eight feetdeep. A bronze sign says the this was a watch duringthe Revolutionary War used to warn Washington ofBritish ship movements. He told me that famouscultist/devil worshiper in the 1920s or 30s often usedthe spot. As you can imagine, it is

Matt - My Fantasy Boy (Part 4)

Alex. I’m going to cum.” Something inside me forced me to make this the best experience for him, and I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. I began to bob my head up and down over his length, taking in the unfamiliar taste and feel of it. I felt Matt’s cock begin to twitch in my mouth, followed quickly by him groaning. I felt 4 spurts of hot

The Awakening of Love Ch. 09

a few minutes,’ he added. Jake was pacing up and down the hall when Mark started walking towards them. ‘How is she?’ Mark asked. Jake looked surprised to see Mark get there as fast as he had, forgetting that Mark had been transferred to San Diego a few weeks before. ‘There’s no word yet,’ Sunshine told him, toying with her hands nervously. Mark

My First Submission

I was looking forward to a perfect start without assuming anything. I waited silently next to the luggage with downcast eyes awaiting Master's instruction.Lost in these thoughts, I heard Master beckoning me, in a soft whisper, patting the bed.I was feeling lot more shy, was shivering profusely sitting at the corner of the bed. Master then

One Sided Conversation

as much as I enjoy it. Hang on.Stroke it. Remember, Roger, I like to see you make it twitch but don't even drip.I do so love watching you stroke your cock for me. You really are horny, standing there in the middle of the room and jerking off for me. Does it turn you on if I say Grace wishes she were here to watch? I thought it would.You should

Welcome to the neighbourhood

walked across the street. She was just about to knock on the door when she heard a voice. “Hi there, can I help you?” It was him! Oh and his voice was just as sexy as he was. And he was so much sexier up close. “Err um, yes hi. I’m Sandy I live just across the street. I um just wanted to say hi.” “Hi, I’m so glad you came to say hello, I haven’t

Country Cuckold 2

not expecting what I got. Frankly, I was expecting nothing more than to grab a tall glass of ice water, and maybe sit on our back porch and while away the Friday evening hours slowly. Maybe I would get the chance to make love to my wife, or maybe I’d just sit and do nothing. Both would be nice, I thought with a small sigh as I opened the door to

A Weekend with Friends

head for some time. While the fantasy played out in his mind like a porno movie, trying that sort of thing in real life would have immediately ruined everything.Hunter was lost in thought - not paying attention to the ongoing conversation other than to offer the occasional "yeah" or head nod. Finally, Amy rattled him out of his daydream, and

Fuck Doll - Chapter Two

what I do. After about forty minutes I get out, and dry off. AJ insisted on buying me a new dress, which I think he just likes doing, as I already have a closet full of clothes. I don’t mind though, I want to look my best for him. I slide on pair of leggings that goes up just above my knees, sliding on a pair of pink lacy panties; I can’t help

"Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales - Justin's Awakening"

real treat tonight!” 20 minutes later, they pulled in behind a large building and Alfred parked right in front of the rear entrance. Justin could see some guy sitting on a barstool who was obviously checking ID’s. Each time the rear door opened, the music from inside came propelling out into the parking lot. Alfred leaned his face towards Justin

Cat Fight 24 Reunion

would be perfect for you. That is after we are done here. Skylos! Let's go!" A shocked to silence Typree turned to Ambrose a look of desperation in his eyes. "Sire you have to do something! I don't have the time for a mate. I have to..." Typree was suddenly silent as Ambrose held up his paw. A moment later after Skylos and Twitty had entered the

Into the Abyss

you want to go somewhere else?” he asked, barely lifting his mouth from hers. “Yes, please,” she replied shyly meeting his gaze.He had all but dragged her to the car. He hadn’t intended to do anything there…had every intention of getting her to a bed, but when he leaned over to kiss her and she opened her legs, how could he resist. Shoving aside

bonding with daddy

bed and threw my arms around my dads neck. As I rose up and twisted my body around to throw myself in his arms, he brought his arm around to put under me. I caught my left knee on the covers and my right knee landed on dads leg instead of wrapping around his waist as I intended. His hand slid up the underside of my thigh and his big hand landed

Daddy and his girls

with her girl friends from school, the other girls have always been hesitant, but now, her 17 year old half sister, who she met for the first time today, is eager to touch, and little Jenny is actually naked before her. Sky wonders if she has found a girl with whom to explore her sexuality ? As Jenny expertly teases Skys nipples and whole boob,

A Big Black Cock For Tara

but she did enjoy my company enough to give me this." Reaching to his wallet, he slipped out his 'Club 13' membership card.Banded in gold, the black-onyx card gleamed in the booth's indirect lighting. Holographically emblazoned letters formed the words 'Club 13' inside the cards crystalline body. The flaming red and yellow letters danced in the

Rainy Day - Part I

to the deepest part of the sofa.   “Watch me Stud!” Susan quipped. And with that she spun around and took the few remaining strides to the backyard picture window. Streaks of water streaming down the window was a tell-tale sign that it was now pouring outside.     In the light of this grey day… a halo almost enshrined

My Shy Teen Slave Ch. 09

was shaking. I attached a spreader bar between her ankles while Finn tied her wrists with the ropes hooked to the ceiling. Her pussy was still soaked, and I grinned. This was not going to be fun for her. Once she was tied up, her toes barely brushing the floor, Finn pulled out the blindfold. She tried to fight against it, but he easily subdued

Office sex

but he resists, then I sit on his lap, showing my 25 cm hard fat cock, touching his mouth, I am getting crazy wanting his ass. and I am touching his naked asshole, massaging with my index finger. He is still resisting. Then I am putting my finger in his hole with its whole length and he screams. Now he realizes that he needs to pay for the

She Is Not Teasing

released the nipple from my mouth, and said, “Okay Marjorie, I’ll start calling her Janet.”Mom laughed and said, “I guess I deserved that. How about you continue to call me Mom in public and then when we are making love you can call me Marjorie.”I looked her in the eye and asked, “We can make love again?”Mom and Janet looked at one another and

In the Hospital

in my right arm. I was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and then in rehad. During that time, it was pretty difficult for me to take care of myself. Towards the end of the second week, I was feeling better but still needed help doing pretty much everything. I couldn't use my left arm because of the cast. Using my right hand still hurt quite a

I Vont Yu Tureen

eight or nine other things, Ezekiel."  "Good evening, my sweet. I vont yu touring." "How many times do I have to spell in out for you, Ezekiel? Touring, is taking a trip. Tureen, t u r e e n, is her bowl." "Ten-four, mouse."It took some steering, but I located the bitch near the grits and hotcakes waiting on table six. I wasted no time ripping

Innocence Lost Ch. 34

are! Come and look!’ ‘What?!’ Roared her father, abruptly pulling his penis out. It was long thin and still erect, slightly brown with excrement. ‘You’re not fibbing are you, Kitty?’ She gestured over her bare breast. ‘Cross my heart and hope to die! They are, Daddy! I saw them!’ She noticed Innocence by the door, and pointed at her accusingly.

Sexy Becky

had changed, she was bucking onto my cock and her legs were now pulling me into her. I knew that I couldn't last forever, Becky was now taking the best part of my cock, so I decided to finish in style. I leaned over and moved the cushion, looking at her face contorted in half agony and half extacy. I cupped her face into my hands and kissed

Natural Born Slut

box beneath her ass. The dicks fucking her so hard made loud slurping noises as they rammed in deep. Her cunt was huge and gaping and filled with cum and the men started fucking her ass because it was tighter but it filled up too and became bigger and took longer to come. Men had also fucked Lauras mouth all night. They straddled her and pulled

My Boy

Teasing you and avoiding what you seek and desire. As the music picks up tempo I touch you lightly between your legs...feeling your testes and scrotum...reaching under you and grasping your hard cock in my hand to give it a squeeze. You are trying so hard to remain still, but an involuntary groan escapes your lips. Opening a bottle of lube I wet

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 03

and tickled the inside corner of his mouth. In response Jovan turned his head toward her and tried to envelop her lips completely with his mouth, but before he could, Alison coyly moved her face away. ‘Come on Jovan there will be plenty time for that later,’ she said as she sat down next to him, and poured herself a glass of water. Not before too

A couple try out some swinging action, cowboy style

Mac reached for the lapel on her blouse, I saw itzipped rather than buttoned. He pulled the zipper down,unsnapped her bra and pulled the garments off her. Shehad not moved, not blinked, as he stripped her to thewaist. He pulled down the zipper to her skirt, lettingit fall to the ground. She was naked except for cowboyboots. When Mac caressed her

Ms. Varner: The Next Lesson

it erect such as it is. You should be hard in my presence. As a matter of fact, if you feel your self getting soft you should stroke it hard. Now get on your back on my bed I want to tie you down.'Quickly she had him bound, each limb spread wide to each post of her bed. Russ looked up at the velvet canopy. Then Ms. Varner appeared over him.

A whole new world…. (part 1)

was zoned as protected and would never be built on.   One of the other things was the master bedroom suite.   The bathroom was huge.   There was a luxurious full sized shower which had multiple shower heads coming from three walls surrounded by clear glass.   Also, there was a huge sunken tub built for two with hundreds of mini spa jets.   When

Sexy Cousin Dee Loses Anal Virginity

a plain, fitting white t-shirt.I sat on my bike and watched Dee as she walked up to me. She was wearing sunglasses and had on black, calf-length boots. She looked completely hot in the outfit and seemed ready for a bike ride.“Hey, babe! Wanna ride with me?” I joked as she stepped close to me and smiled widely.“Sure, handsome!” Dee giggled and

Wife Watches

all the way down. My husband was moaning and leaning his head back on the couch, his eyes closed. She kisses him again, then he starts kissing down her neck. She started feeding him her breasts on at a time, and he was sucking so hard and biting them. He brings his hands to her juicy ass and starts thrusting up into her, while he continues to


brushing the ridge below with my tongue ring. He sighed and I was encouraged, taking his cock into my throat again, as much as I could, swallowing around the head, my wet tongue running up and down the skin. All of a sudden, he pulled me away forcefully. I held my breath: had I done it wrong?"Stand," he said softly. I stood, my back straight,

A Day in Gotham – Batgirl Undone

the low cut front, showing just a hint of cleavage and the high hem line, hovering three or four inches above her bronzed knees. Going back to her dressing table, she’d added the final piece of the jigsaw, a simple gold locket that had hung around her shapely neck nestling comfortably on her bosom between the gently rising flesh of her breasts.

Lois Pt. 3

Lois and Jim. I guess so. What were you and your sister doing in the bedroom so long? Trying to change the subject. Just trying on some things for the trip. We decided we needed to groom a little and it took longer than it should have. Really? You should have let me and Jim help. Im sure we would have done a good job. Yeah right. Maybe next

Babysitter Deluxe Complete

that really tasted good, what was it, was it pee? I told her it wasn't and that it was boy milk, that could make babies. Then she wanted to know if that would make a baby for her. I told her that it had to be somewhere else to do that. Well, now I thought its time for her to learn about pussy.So then I told her to lie back down, and spread her

Gym Class

hard as fuck. Having someone back there felt so good.”“So gay.”“Well you find a girl that would do that.”“You don’t have a girl do that to you, you do that to a girl dumbass.”“But it feels so good!”“Yeah right.”“You gotta try it some time.”“Maybe I will. Probably not gayboy.” Ian said, walking out.“So what if it’s gay..” Josh said slamming his


sat us at our usual table, and added one more table to make us comfortable. During breakfast we suggested that since it was a nice warm night, we could all go swimming at our house, but the only ones who expressed interest was David & Joe. We later found out that Lenny & Martha were taking Dick home for fun & games, that they had been

Bailey and Jade part 6

each increased speed, trying to match each other. Jade was faster with those clever little fingers of hers, and felt Bailey give in and release, soaking her pants and Jade's fingers. She placed them in her own mouth, and almost bit down as Bailey finished her soon after. She let out a muffled whimper through her fingers. Bailey copied her younger

Dr. Grey Ch. 02

of your Karen, but could you retrieve the handkerchief for me? Make sure you use the hand you did not use to lubricate your vagina’ Karen knew that in order to retrieve the handkerchief she would need to reach inside Grey’s trouser pocket. The thought offended her code of behaviour but the need for the oils was overwhelming. The pockets were deep



Big Ghetto Sluts Have No Class

I've seen her around the campus. She's hard to miss. The bitch had to be at least six feet tall and weigh around three hundred pounds. I like big women, so I didn't mind the thickness of her body or the gigantic size of her butt. Yeah, as the guys in the hood say, I wanted to tap that ass. So, I flirted with Julia the fat skank and convinced her

Claiming the Woman

online, growing into chatting on camera, to finally play sessions even across the ocean. We knew so much about each other, yet nothing at all. Had talked late into many nights as how our first meeting would go. Now, I have traveled from the US to London to meet him. We had dinner dinner last night with some friends to set up guidelines and safe

Oh, Mr. Patterson

and I had fallen head over heels for someone. He was perfect, just my type. His jet black hair, with the odd spots of aging silver was always neatly trimmed and slicked back. His eyes were a steel blue-gray colour which made me melt each time I gazed into them, and he had the clearest, most smoothest lightly tanned skin. He was incredibly

Ceremony for Sub Lindsay

other did the same with her left. Her long slender legs were now in a V position high in the air with her pussy and ass exposed to Master and everyone else. Lindsay felt exposed, but also loved. Master teased her around her pussy hole for a while, causing her to squirm as much as she could. It wasn't much as the three men held her so steady she

Beauty and the Vampire part 2

my King," she whimpered breathlessly. He rode her feeling her muscles tighten around his hard length at the idea of another climax. He shot her up hard and fast. She moaned out and gripped at the oak headboard, crying out from the pleasure. Alexander kissed up her spine and held her tight. Unable to pull out of her just yet he let himself have

New Technology and the Government

stuck a rectal thermometer into me. They examined my tender bottom for bleeding, and told Jane that I was okay to leave.Then Jane wheeled me over to some showers and unsecured my ankles from the gurney. “You can shower, now, or I can take you back to the locker room.”“I’ll take the shower.” I said.“I will give you five minutes to take a

Office Slave: Chapter 7 - Important Meetings

it! Fuck her face into my fanny” she screamed. So Toby pounded into the helpless Chloe, pummelling her with his cock, slamming into her wet cunt, and with each thrust her face would be buried in her boss’s minge. Toby was having an incredible time, and he knew Mrs. Fox was too, at the other end of their train of sex. He wasn’t so sure Chloe was

Workin it

my long naked body. My nipples were erect again from the cold bathroom air and my still sleepy mind remembered my dream and the photographers mouth where the water now was. I washed my long blonde hair and enjoyed the smell of my new shampoo. It was wonderful like lily of the valley and honeysuckle. I shaved my legs and underarms and gave my

Total Woman Excursions 06

it aside. The string tied pants dropped and joined the jacket. Mai Mai stood naked and barefoot, assuming a crouched on-guard stance. Spence took the hint. He got nude as well. Now they were equally disarmed. Spence stood straight up, luring Mai Mai into an attack. She didn’t abandon her defensive posture. Spence advanced across no man’s land,

Capture an Angel Ch. 01

the privacy he deserved, but still she stood, staring like a child. He was beautiful, she thought absently, the long, straight arrow of his phallus lengthening with each stroke of the woman’s hand. Dark hair swirled, tossed back as the woman bent her spine, leaning over his thighs to touch the tip of a pointed tongue to the ripened head between

Summer In The Trailer Park

wet slit, while the rest of the thin fabric was pulled tightly around her mound, outlining clearly the fat lips of her labia. The whole area was wet with her juices, and the front of the shorts was quickly darkened and became nearly transparent as the juice continued to flow. “Unggghh,” Kelly moaned as Cal pulled her over toward his big couch and

Sweet Justice

case the person directly connected to the victim was completely uninvolved in that crime. In each case that individual visited the city in question a couple of weeks earlier to scout out the situation. The information gathered was then turned over to the second conspirator who arranged the set up, left the gun to be used where it could easily be

Target Acquisition

then it looked reddish blonde when the light caught it. He couldn’t decide if it was a natural color or a wonderfully subtle coloring. It intrigued him enough to make him break with his routine and sit down. He detoured to a table on the opposite side of the room. It was a table he would have never normally taken. It was at the end of the service

Finding Home: In The Beginning

own land did not possess. Towns were raided, with all the inhabitants turned out into the forests and new inhabitants installed, loyal to the invading government. Reasonable people, both men and women, called for peace and the fair establishment of permanent borders, but those who preferred to use chaos to their own advantage always seemed to be

Lifes What You Make It – Robs Story – Chapter Five

them time to plan their life together. We awoke to the rather noisy birds greeting the sunrise and new day. I found my morning wood nestled between Emmy’s ass cheeks for the second time this week but we opted to get up and get a start on our day. The shower in the master bedroom of Melanie’s cabin was smaller than mine at home, but it was fun,

Correspondence: 2:36am

Yes sirS: OuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhS: Done sir. They are stinging a lot sirD: Good. Now take your panties off and put them straight into your mouthS: Yes sirS: Panties in mouth sirD: Time for some fun, how about some clampsS: GulpD: Tits, pussy, or tongue?S: I have to choose sir?D: Yes you doS: If I choose my tits can it just be on the fleshy bit sir?

Fitness Freak

at my dick and I'm glad you came but there's no way you can quit on me. I lay you down on the weight bench like I'm spotting you with my dick dangling above your face. You open your mouth and allow me to fuck it like I’ve wanted to do while everyone in the gym watches.You suck me good, rubbing my balls as you allow me to slide down your throat

Daughter and Friend pt 5

kept stroking in and out, bumping against her hymen. She said, Do it. I pushed forward with some force, grabbing her little hips and broke through. Lindsey jerked but didnt say anything or show pain. I stayed buried in her for a minute to let her rest. She was the one that started moving first, pulling me to her with her feet on my ass. We

Where Had We Fucked?

and pinched and tugged at your nipples. I took that as a sign that your arousal was not simply in your pussy, and I leaned forward from my position and took one of your nipples in my mouth, sucking hard and gently nibbling upon it. I bit slightly harder on your nipple, and you moaned loudly, and you conveyed to me your approval of being more

Brown Lust: Chapter 2 (Part 2)

his thick, hungry lips mashed against hers over and over. Mira whimpered into his mouth as Rishik's arm reached behind her and supported her back just above the hips, preventing her from sliding off the bed. Suddenly he pulled her body to him so that her soft left breast crushed up against his shoulder. Rishik's fat, dripping tongue slid out and

Executive Decisions: The Meeting

a moment for the next name to filter into her brain. “And this is Grayson Brooks. The project will be under his command, so to speak.”Madie’s head snapped up and searched for the man who went by the same name as her online lover. No, not him, he’s too short and married. Not the CFO. Not Jack. Not Renata. Not the guy from purchasing. Her heart

Journey into Cuckoldry - Seventh Heaven

days and nights of amazing sex and shuddering orgasms that she had been so looking forward to enjoying and I had been looking forward to watching. We had both been very disappointed by this. I suspected that her current cheerfulness because she expected Steve would arrive in a few hours and that if we were both lucky, before the sun went down he

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 37

that when you get back. I'd be around to make sure you didn't bump into anything." "Jesus, you're terrible. A one-track mind. And no." "Won't you let me live out any of my fantasies?" "Maybe, but not the ones that involve me being blindfolded." "Hmmm. I'll work on that." He stifled a yawn. "I'm sorry, Ryan. I'd better go." "Okay. I'm sorry, I

Sexual Pleasure

as she calls out his name over and over again. He places his finger inside her ass. At first she tightens up, but then she relaxes. His loving is so good that she reaches yet another orgasm. He says to her, “Relax, baby, and allow me to take you to total erotic ecstasy.” He places lubricant on the head of his dick and then around her ass hole.

Christmas Slave 2

don’t want you to start smelling do we?’ says Donna.They come into the bathroom and I climb in. Sarah then turns the dial so the water is cold. ‘Wash in that slave, hot water is too good for you.’ They both stand there laughing at me trying to wash as quick as I can.When I have finished they turn the dial up to tepid and tell me to lie on my back

Me and Chanel

That made me twice as horny and you know what happens when you get really horny, you don't think straight and your mind goes all wonky. Quietly I said “You like looking at it, you want it, don't you?”. “What?” She replied. I then put my face to hers and began to make out with her. Suprisingly she didn't try to stop it. Our mouths were colliding

Trust Chapter 6b

master were aged.“Were they good to you?” Kieren inquired gently.“For the most part, yes."“I bled no more though,” she whispered.“Something inside of me was broken. When my new master began to want me, I knew that it was to my advantage to be willing. Belonging to him in that way made me feel safe from other men. I was treated as a pet. When he

Black Men are Perfect

care less about the needs of the Black community. White people in the South are the most racist individuals you will ever meet. In cities like Boston, New York or Baltimore, you will meet some racist people too but down South, non-racists are rare and closet racists abound. Sometimes, the sheer stupidity of the African-American community

College Professors Desires

her tank top while it felt her large, juicy boob. All of a sudden, his hand dropped down. It wasn’t there any longer. It was not on her boob at all. She said to herself feel my boob Harikem! Feel my boob again! Go back up there and feel my boobs. And out of nowhere she felt his hand again. She felt his hand as it went up inside her top. She

Loving Carlton

mounds pressed into his warm chest. My hard nipples touched his as our bodies collected each other's sensual heat. I never got tired of that feeling.Carlton ran his hands over the soft roundness of my ass and I felt my feet leaving the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and and rested my head in the crook of his neck and shoulder and let

The MILF - Episode 3

become pretty comfortable with their new erotic relationship. After their second tryst together, a steamy, dreamy encounter that was a new experience for both of them, they fucked every day over the next week. During the next two weeks, they were fucking every two or three days. They each lived their own lives, and still talked like a mother and

Daddy can't say no anymore to his girl

to do things to you that will make what I did tameless.” He released my head so I can answer him and I said, “I’ll be a good girl daddy and won’t tell anybody,” As he was shoving my face back down, I shouted, “Please stop daddy, it hurts.” He only laughed and told me, “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m almost done.” And started to pound his cock in and


some did spill on the floor Joanna made a mental note to lick that up after, lest she upset her new master. The dog now stood triumphantly over Joanna. She had her face to the floor and was cleaning up the spillage from a moment ago. When she'd finished with that task she looked up at the hound. Joanna deliberately kept herself lower than her

Lost and Found I

you are". She looked so conflicted. "This isn't even close to what I'm gonna have you girls do later.""Do it...", Kayla said, hoping Laura away from me punishing her. I took out my phone and started recording. Their lips finally touched. Kayla obviously took lead. It was sexy as hell. "That's right girls, don't stop till I say." They looked

Adventures With Traci A New Lifestyle Part 1

during the fall of my Freshman year in college. My roommate was sexually active. Several nights a week she would come home from a date proclaiming the joys of sex. I didn't have any deep moral convictions about protecting my virginity. My mother believes in free love, but she'd urged me to abstain from sex until I was out of high school. While I

On Your Knees Ch. 01

motorcycle was the only vehicle in the parking lot other than her blue Ford Escort, twinkling under the dim street lamps. The bike was presumably his, unless he walked. A faint scent of coffee grounds hit her nose, as well as a hint of rain. She tightened her jacket about her waist as she made her way to her car. She glanced back, "It was nice

3 for Poe

in the ruling of life on the delta. Instead of rumbling toward the masked ball, bravely launched to deny reality, LaConte should be hying to the new seat of government to affirm his inheritance of Mapleton, the LaConte seat. But his arrogance in the face of a world turned upside down clouded his vision as much as the morphine did. I had a twinge

Mistress Kathy's Academy Ch. 02

information is satisfying," she explained with a smile. "Enjoy the suspense."She led Adam to what appeared to be a loading area where subs in vinyl bikinis were opening boxes filled with bondage supplies. A young domme in office attire was carrying a clipboard, and although she couldn't have been more than nineteen, she appeared to be in charge.

Mike & Laura

as my personal assistant since evidently I had lost faith in her judgment and planning ability. She asked me to consider how much actual planning I do for her Karen left the room to give me a chance to make a choice. Karen went to the kitchen got a beer from Mike’s ice box waited the 15 min return for my answer. I looked at Karen told her I was

Mystery Date part 2

her, jet after jet filling her as she suddenly went over the edge herself, her pussy milking his cock in a fury of pure animal longing, taking every drop of him deep inside her. He leaned against her, his hands squeezing and releasing her breasts through her dress as his last spasms subsided. His cock was buried in the warmest and most sensual

The Swimming Pool

I started licking and feeling up his nipples – he gasped and arched back - do you like that I asked? God, yes he said. I like it too I said - It makes me tingle round my balls and cock and up my ass. It makes me want to fuck and be fucked. God, yes me too Tim said. Then let’s I said.We got our clothes off and sat on the floor naked. Both our

Damn The Damsel…!

back and tried to enter her. Abruptly, she pushed me away and wriggled herself free, saying, ‘No, please…Not now’. I was perplexed, ‘Why not?’ She gave a mesmerizing smile – ‘You have proved that you are a he-man. But you should prove yourself to be a hero also. Only then can you take me to bed’. She told me what to do to prove my heroism… ‘A man

Stud Poker

the kitchen for another drink and found that some of the boys had started a game of poker at the kitchen table. Smoking cigarettes and dripping testosterone, they yelled profanities at one another while ogling every female form that entered the room as if that were part of the rules of the card game. She, of course was no exception. When she

The Swans Neck: chapter eight

group, raiders I think, opportunists, but there will be others. We must put our plan into operation.''My Lady,' came a voice, 'there is a man with a white flag approaching, he wants to speak to My Lady Ealdgyth.'The maid was shaking.We walked out, an odd pair, my Lady in her robe, me in my mailed suit.The messenger dismounted and knelt.'My Lord

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 07

but neither gave a damn. ‘Umm – Thomas – I think we’re making a bit of a scene’ Cherie giggled as they continued kissing and hugging. ‘Bloody hell, let them look’ Thomas said, acting totally out of character. ‘Oh, and I think you get to call me Tommy now.’ She looked at him with a weird expression and he laughed. ‘Long story. I’d better call Mum

A Day at The Spa

Other than the friction of skin on skin I mean. Mmm it really is hot isn't it?I'll be right back while you wonder if the next time this door opens, it will be me or a total stranger. Well, not like you can do anything about it now, all tied up, can you? Did you see my fiendish smile? Come on, have a look at the muscular back and the skin

Could That Have Been Her?

next to me opposite Cindy, and began running her fingertips lightly over my cock and balls. At a nod from Cindy, Liz leaned down and licked away the drop of pre-cum that was dripping from me. When she pulled back, Cindy took her place, bathing my shaft with her tongue. Liz then grasped my manhood and began sucking on the head of my dick.

Watching the neighbour

floor. I was treated to a nice view of her naked body as she peeled off her clothes in front of her window. My cock began to harden in my jeans as I watched her strip for the umpteenth time, only this time it was as though she knew I was watching.. Her big breasts hung and jiggled enticingly as she bounced around her bedroom. I shifted my stance

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 03

they pretend that they are hypnotized.’ ‘Whatever floats your boat,’ I said already finishing typing the first page. ‘And like you did with Chad’s story, can you read it aloud so that we can all hear it?’ ‘Sure,’ I said reading as I typed. ‘Steve’s friends Jason, Chad, and Kevin waited for Steve to text them that Colleen was out of her morning

Tits For Tats

me?" Ivy looked up in confusion; eyebrow arched to meet green eyes, dark lashes, and his mischievous smile. Just a little flirting. Play it cool then you'll be home."Have you ever had Sex on the Beach and a Screaming Orgasm?" His cocky grin made her tummy clench.Their eyes met and held for a minute. Damn, that grin looks familiar. She studied his

Seven Days

fro underneath him and sending his back crashing into the coffin’s apex. Lying there, he heard the approach of the Gravediggers as they made their way to the graveside, eager to make the most of the oncoming dry spell and conceal the nightmare he was stuck in. He had to act fast. Struggling to steady himself on the wet shell, he turned and bent

Wet Encounter

sucking my cock, really moving her head; just on the verge of coming, she took me out of her mouth, aimed my bell end into her face, and wanked me off until my spunk was dripping down her face. She looked a complete mess.As I had come, I was feeling quite placid, and did not expect what happened next; Susan pushed me down, and started grinding

Luke’s Flame

scared Sophie even more. With her eyes shaded against the brightness, almost afraid to check, she made her way to the closest window. Through the sheets of rain, she could see two fire trucks, and an assortment of emergency personnel. Men were standing next to a car and pointing to the fallen wires. Sophie watched as some of the crew turned a

Moms Submissive side 2

My only question is when can I come back for more? Tonight Eve, were having a party here. Cindy looked at her son we are? Yup, were getting one more guy involved and then our group is closed. One more guy asked Eve. Yes but the only cum going in your pussy is from me. How come babe? Well that way were sure who the daddy is. Jason turned and left

Alex's New Life

Curious huh? Why not got all the way?I was looking around trying to find a hole to spill my seed into when I came across your profile. I read that your interested in being converted, but your afraid. Well if your ever interested in converting drop me a line.Alex read the message several times and clicked on the senders profile. His user name was

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 01

were no fears to overcome the heart would not be tested. The trees whispered secrets he couldn’t yet understand. Oneness with nature essential, Tom unbraided his black hair to flow in the wind and pick up signals, currents, and vibrations from the spirit world. Now soaked, it lay plastered and dripping down the middle of his back. An oak,

A cold winter night

on your ass and spread your smooth cheeks to reveal your most forbidden place. So tiny a hole one could not even begin to imagine of getting a long hard shaft all the way in, I slowly tease the opening threatening to push into you.. .To spread and open your confined space as wide as my cock allowed, I draw out thie suspense, making you pant and

A new student part 2

I taunted her "Don't stop please!" She was screaming now, her hands on my shoulders as she bounced and grinded on me. I like a girl that knows how to get herself off and me at the same time. I picked her up again. She didn't stop and it was hard for me not to give in and collapse on the floor and let her ride me till I passed out, but I needed

The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 22) - Succeeding At Work

did have panties WITH her, of course. And while they might be soaked in her cunt juices, they were still preferable to going completely naked. She pulled them out of her bag and looked at them. The most modest pair would have been perfect, but they were the ones she has pissed in, and they still smelled of urine. They were no good. Of the

Bosom Buddies, Ch 1

another invitation, I released her right breast and stabbed my hand down into her underwear, playfully slipping my fingers across the outside of her warm wetness. “Mmm–mm! Inside!” she demanded, letting go of my cock long enough to aggressively yank off her shirt and cast aside her bra. No longer concerned with being caught, Stephanie rolled on

Sorority Sponsors - Part Five

home! Ever since we became sorority sponsors, you have become a sexual dynamo. Do those girls really get your juices going so much?” “It’s not that Kay. It’s that they are young and so horny and so descriptive of their love lives. Maybe it does inspire me. I think it’s more that I recall my own college days when I met this gorgeous young

s****r-in-Law Mixed Signals!!

glimpse underneath the door due to the shiny tile surface we have, though everything is inverted. Once again, though, she did not disappoint. She got out of the shower and then and there I saw those gorgeous supple breasts again. I k** you not, her nipples are bigger than 50-cent pieces and are dark brown. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a

The Arena

now up at the sun. Until it is my face that blocks the light. He has lost and he knows it, sadly he waits, sword tip, inches away. My eyes dart…the crowd crying my name ‘ Maximus!….Maximus!…Maximus!’ I look to her, with her hands covering her mouth, not knowing what I will do. A quick glance to the emperor. My heart is pounding, aching, begging

Wolf Creek Ch. 03

there. But Ada fully realized that the fair was only a symbol. It was a symbol of all she wanted out of life. It represented sophistication and wonder and the greater world. And Ada wanted all of that. She wasn’t selling herself to get it. She was opening herself to new pleasures and understandings. And she was doing so on her own terms. On her

Racist White Women in America

truth, they aren’t heard by anyone. Could you imagine the outcry even some Black women saw the light? A Black woman who tells her Black girlfriends to love their Black sons, their Black brothers and their Black husbands and Black boyfriends instead of pledging allegiance to the League of White Women Who Hate Men and betraying the Black community?

How I Fill My Ass

I started to slide my finger in and out at a faster pace I adjusted my hand to get as deep as I could with my finger. I kept up my pace, feeling the tingling of an orgasm on its way. As I was now furiously fingering my wet slit, my other fingers hung below, and in the fury of my masturbation, brushed against my asshole. A whole new tingling

Birth of the Ringtaker # 5 - Who's the man?

somewhat shocked that she didn't decline. I think it had as much to do with the fact I'd told her to drink it as anything else. We shared one more beer. She looked up at the sky. She looked back at the school. She looked down at the ground, anywhere but at me."Um, is it..., I mean can I..., can you, um, can I go home now Stan? I'm um, well


opened. Strong hands gripped me and dragged me inside, there was a hand over my mouth and one around my mid section, not letting me move.I was dragged to the bedroom and thrown on the bed.‘What-‘ I started to protest.Before I finished my sentence I was gagged, then my eyes were blindfolded. I heard faint metallic sounds and my hands were twisted

Little T and her Daddy J Ch. 11

and whispered "I'm so proud of you little one." T blushed and hugged her Daddy tight. "OK," announced J "Enough of this moping around, let's enjoy this yummy breakfast and we'll finish the discussion about this in the living room after we fill our tummies." At the mention of the upcoming discussion, T gave a little groan and rubbed her bottom

Girl Gets Her Man Ch. 06

‘Shit yeah, it’s true. Isn’t it, Mr. Hot Chocolate. Tell her a lie. Go ahead. She wasn’t pregnant, was she? She sure as hell was. She wasn’t your fiancé? I’ve got an invitation in my dresser that would shoot that one down. What about the strippers? Oh, you didn’t tell her about the strippers?’ ‘Strippers,’ Jo said to the side of his head. ‘Your

Forced to Be A Stripper

a noted Hypno-Therapist. He had an uncanny ability to put young girls into a deep subconscious state. He could make them lose their inhibitions, all while they were conscious of what they were doing, but unable to stop themselves, unable to stop from performing whatever Dr. Michael ordered. No act of perversions the young girls were forced to

Love Renewed Ch. 02

with the whole thing so he took that as his cue to leave before he lost control of his functions. ‘Nyla, I think that it’s time for me to go. I have an early morning tomorrow.’ He said quickly while stand to put his jacket on. Nyla turned her head toward Tyler sharply wondering while all of sudden he wanted to leave. ‘Why the movie isn’t over

Nurse Harley

He was huge. Absolutely huge. She'd never seen a man like him before. All her staring had Dillon smiling. Sure, he was caught off guard when she walked in. But he wasn't embarrassed, and he certainly wasn't now. He could see the growing heat on her neck that he had a feeling wasn't from embarrassment. Protocol whenever you found someone

Another Changed Life Ch. 04

further towards her centre. It was only when I heard a small whimper, a demand for more, that I drew back, closing the door on her and heading to the drivers seat, but I didn’t miss the sound of disappointment she made when my hands left her. Smiling to myself at the effect I’d managed to have with such gentle touches, I drove off, little

Thanksgiving with my cousin

take a whiff of the vibrator when I heard footsteps in the hallway. I quickly put it back in the drawer and jumped into the bed. I laid there on top of the blankets quickly acting like I am asleep. Just as my eyes shut, I heard the door start to creak open. I quickly began taking long deep breaths as if I was in a deep sleep and I even added in

Convincing Mother

virginity when we were both ten, while he had watched. In fact, I still had sex with my cousin whenever we got a chance to get together, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew what incest was, and knew how it made the sex with my cousin, and earlier with my grandfather, so much better, so much more exciting, because it was so forbidden, so the

Heidi's Way Ch. 04

her bedroom door and peered inside. The very thought of seeing Jack was bringing back memories of meeting boys as a teenager. The skimpy dress she was wearing was about the same length as it had been back then. She stepped bashfully inside, her heels neatly together, her manicured hands clasped in front of her.She stood for a moment waiting for


precum from Him. Pressing the length of my tongue against His cock when it wasn’t buried in my mouth. I lifted my mouth from His cock and used my tongue on his balls sucking them into my mouth one at time. I felt them tensing and slid them out to put my mouth back over His cock. Up and down I went sucking, licking every vein. Squeezing Him tight

Sisterhood of Sin -- 5 -- A Fun Time Will Be Had By All Sluts

feat. The four other guys are being good sports about it, but nobody seems to expect it to work. Viki puts on a strapon specifically designed for anal sex. It looks like a string of increasingly larger balls fused together. The smallest is about the size of a grape. The largest is bigger than I think my ass can handle, but not by much. It's a

The Making 1

needs to work when they have that kind of money, and just began beating around? I discovered that women were no longer any problem to pick up and, for the most part, were willing to do anything I wanted; in fact I was getting pretty bored with the whole thing until I met Annette. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and didn’t seem to care


while we’re away. Muriel has two younger brothers, and often uses our place as refuge from the madness at home. We’ve never minded. We’ve got quite used to her starting dinner for us, and doing a bit of cleaning up. It’s always a disappointment to come home if she hasn’t been there. Muriel usually lets herself in about 3:30, changes from her


audacity of this man. Here we were, lying naked in his bed on a Sunday morning and he’d chosen now to end our four year relationship. I felt the tears creep into my eyes and hurriedly blinked them away. Now was not a good time to turn on the fucking waterworks. My thoughts drifted back to the night we’d just had – I couldn’t understand how it had

Heather And Will

and grabbed our coolers, bringing them into the garage. I moved the first armful of food into the kitchen when I saw Heather heading up the stairs toward our bedroom with a couple of towels in her arms; she had shed her wet pool cover-up and was again in her tiny white bikini. Her nipples stuck out through the thin, damp fabric; her vulva was

Encounters with Meg: Fifteenth

slit, stroking along the sides, then dipping a fingertip inside. Your kiss became more demanding as I found your clit and teased it with my fingertips.Your hands moved between us and sought the zipper that concealed my now hard cock. With practiced efficiency you reached inside and maneuvered my erection out into the cool night air. After a quick

Power Play

opted for the simple solution. She asked Serena what she wanted. "I told you last night," Serena said. "I meant every word."Alex could have cried."So," she ventured cautiously, "you're mine to punish." She made sure to state it. "Did I do something wrong?" "You knew what you were doing."Serena shook her head coyly."You're trying to drive me

Two Worlds

Indians weren't treated very well in these forts. And pretty Indian women like Little Deer had it even worse! Little Deer had already proved she was not a threat to him. She had the means and opportunity to kill him and she gave him the knife. So he didn't worry about her killing him in his sleep. So he made up some more food and fed her good...

Peaches and Cream

neck kissing me all over my face, rubbing her pussy against my stiff cock, and hunching against me. “Oh Jimmy, I want you to put your cock in me, I’ve wanted that for days, I think I love you,” she murmured. I took her inside my tent, and we both undressed, exploring each body. We were kneeling on our knees, I was playing with her breasts, I

Was It Real Or…?

troubled childhood. It was anything but rational, something that time and professional help had not been able to irradiate, the source of the fear still unknown yet haunting. Just as the accompanying thundered finally reached her she realized an unnatural sense of foreboding. The sense of well being created by the long soak was momentarily lost

Submissive Lust

I loved him like this.  Then he fucked me. No pauses inside me, just a pounding in and out to the steady beat of a drum that I could almost hear- although no doubt it was just the sound of his hips thrusting so hard into mine. I was going to cum. Fuck I was going to cum. I couldn't ask him if I could, as he said I couldn't speak. If I asked him

E is for Exhibitionist

a devious smile. Oh, that look, accompanied by the twinkle in your eye as you suggested we go out dancing or, to be precise, that I go down to the club and that, perhaps, you’ll follow. I can feel your eyes on me from time to time. It’s exhilarating. I’m pretty sure the guys think I’m flirting with them, but I’m not. I’m flirting with you, even

Life Sucker part 2

my bank withdrawing about half the annual increase in any one year to further my investments. Five years passed in this manner when rumors and rumblings of war caused me to think about better places to be. I sold our holdings and we made the long rail trip to San Francisco, then up to the growing town of Sacramento. While the gold rush was

The Black Seas Ch. 11-12

But interestingly enough the Hades’ Whore was seen in these very waters just mere hours ago.’ ‘And we are going to give it chase?’ Davis asked adding excitement to his question as to not throw invite question from the man. ‘In a sense,’ he said. ‘According to the information, Rusalka is heading to San Salvador to make repairs and upgrades, where

The Strip Ch. 09

he continued. ‘But this is different. Not only is it the big time. You’ve now got Mikey to face.’ ‘You’re right Mike,’ she softly replied. ‘I’m worried now,’ ‘You should be,’ he boasted, the lack of response egging him on. ‘And those tits of yours aren’t going to save you. I’ve got balls. Big balls.’ Holly raised her sunglasses, resting them on

Marias Secret

later. The wine flowed freely, though I tried to keep a clear head, as after all I knew that business is never finished in reality. The older of the senior managers sat next to Maria, with me on her other side. I noticed that she kept squirming in her seat, and I deduced that he had wandering hands that were not appreciated. When the meal ended,

The Application of Pleasure

evening.I catch my reflection in the mirror of the elevator on the way down, I am always surprised to see myself dressed up like this, the opportunities for us to step outside of our regular lives and spend a night together like this are few and far between. I shiver with anticipation at the thought of seeing her dressed up and looking achingly

Yes Sir

message. He had asked three simple questions. Do you really wish to submit to someone? Do you really fantasize about being taken and having no control? Would you be ready if someone from the LushBasement wanted you right this moment? A shudder went through her well fucked pussy as she it had when she first read his message. She had simply

The Life Anna Endured

have her own room. The computer was in there. She could enjoy a normal chat with someone then slip into bed. This night was different though. She felt it in her bones, like a storm before it hits. She wasn’t sure what it was that made her feel it but it was there. She wearily watched him as he stumbled off to bed. The feeling never left. As she

Pizza Delivery

head and left her lying on the bed as I told Nicky to leave, I looked back at Wendy and said "Three weeks on the 24th, I will text you the address." Wendy looked up at me and smiled as she took two fingers and scooped some of the cum and her juices out of her well fucked pussy and licked her fingers clean.

Tina and the Stuffed Pussy - Chapter 1 A New Job

hot little body in every nasty way imaginable, but we’ll start off slow and even let you wear clothes on your first night working at The Stuffed Pussy. Now, I have some shopping to do but why don’t you pack up your things and I’ll stop by your place to move you into your new apartment at 2:30. We can pick Toby up from school on the way.

Barbara & Jeremy Ch. 04

quickly retreated and took the back stairway to her bedroom. This left Jeremy with his shirt off and his fly open as Louise came into the room. ‘Were you waiting on me she’ Louise said as she spotted his open fly. Kneeling in front of him she took his cock and immediately deep throated it. When it came to giving head, this lady was queen. Now

Be gentle with Hanna, folks

both nude and mainstream posing,” she says. “There would be nothing better than doing this full-time.” For recreation the Hoosier hottie is just as eager. “I love going to the beach, swimming, camping, four-wheeling and hiking,” Hanna tells us. “I’m into all sorts of outdoor stuff.” Even getting down-and-dirty in nature? “Well, that’s kind of

A Slight Complication

woman. I am smiling thinking to myself I can’t wait until next week when I look up and see Mike. “Hey baby, who was one the phone?” he asks. “Hey honey, oh just an old friend of mine I hadn’t heard from in years. She is moving back to town and wanted to get together when she gets here.” I tell him.   “Oh yeah, well that should be fun.” He

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter One)

a moment of taking in the vision before me. My mother turned back to Julia. “Okay, you have my number in case of an emergency?” she asked. “Yes, but don’t worry. I’m sure Steve and I will be fine. You two go and have fun!” she told my mother.My mother walked over to me, give me a huge hug which made me feel uncomfortable in front of Julia. “You

Corbin 'Duece' James Chapter 5

cleavage. I walked out and mounted my bike, not saying another word as we left the rest-stop. As we were riding my I saw Eagle signal to pull over, I looked in my mirror and saw a Police cruiser. We pulled over pretending like we had a problem, really we just wanted our shadow gone. We arrived a half an hour late turning the corner into a big

my sexy young slut wife stacy

the same thing. As we got dressed stacy told me she was really wet and couldn’t wait for some cock so she sucked me off but wouldn’t let me cum telling me that I was to be the last to come and that I was to cum into her mouth after she had drank all the other guys cum from the glass.Stacy picked a red blouse and a knee lenth black skirt with

Exceptional Room Service

that day. She’d gone to the island on a holiday trip with her sisters and their children, without her husband Ambrose. It was her first visit and she’d found it very different to what she had expected. It had turned out to be somewhere, she thought, where you could have a six-star holiday at three-star expense. But high finance wasn’t what was

!!! Bitchs Slutty Genes !!! Ch 04

tried to explain herself by saying, “Being a Muslim you are allowed to get married to four women, right or wrong?”I laughed and replied, “Right but under certain circumstances and with the approval of the previous wives.”“That’s not the point, the point is you can get married to four different women and make love to them in fair way, right?”, she

more of my training to be slave

e.g. trips /uniforms /any expenses.We have an enforcer who visits slaves when and how he wants. His job is to see who is doing orders correctly. If he see they are not he can and does punish on the spot and reports back to the group what he finds out. And what he has done as punishment. He is the only one even in charge of masters he will fine

Im in love with my best friend part 3

made me go faster, soon the friction and heat of our bodies began producing sweat. I leaned up looking him straight in the eyes as he continued to bounce me on top of him, his hands rested lightly on my hips helping me keep my balance, gripping them every so often to thrust harder into me. He pushed me down towards him, kissing me hard. I moaned

The Secret Passenger Protocol

a little upset. Apparently the handling was a little rough. We’ll try to do better next time.’‘Thank you.’ He’s the most trusted of my Secret Service detail. The only one I could clear for ‘blueball’ ops. It’s best if I don’t give his name. He doesn’t need to be hounded for the rest of his life to confirm what he swore an oath to deny. I climb

It is Good to be the King

that she would be working out at the Fitness Center and if I happened to be there at the same time perhaps we could say hi. I suggested that we meet as if by chance in the pool. Neither of us had done anything like this before and I thought it a rather clever precaution for we could spend time idly chatting between laps and no observer would be

My Friend May - An Unfinished Visit

you cum in your navy blue school uniform knickers.""Then do it," she gasped, unable to hide her excitement, "Masturbate me, masturbate me, Bill, make me cum, make me cum in my navy blue schoolgirl knickers."May was rubbing her navy knickered crotch against my hand as I masturbated her till, sooner than I expected, she cried, "Y ... you're making

Reverse Cuckold: Part 1

a VIP customer of ours for years, and has quite a bit of money. After finishing up a massage on him one day, he had asked for the number of the escort service. He told me that he may call me. As a rule, I normally don't like to fuck married men, even for money, but I gave him the number anyways.About a month later, I received a call from a woman

Blog 5

to sweet, succulent, Stephen and I doubt that much of it runs along the lines of:“Oh, she’s been tutoring you in the art of pleasuring a lady with your tongue. How positively delightful! Now why didn’t I think to teach you that?” Stephen’s mother, therefore, has become something of a taboo subject between us … the elephant who quite frequently

Our Dream Weekend

though all your cries and so we cuddle into each other arms and doze in the warmth of the late afternoon sun. We awake refreshed only a half hour later to Jen’s coos and giggle as she has crawled over the barriers we set and nestled next to our warm bodies. While one of us watches and plays with her, the other jumps quickly in the cooling waters

Cottage Rental

pampered by the staff, who are grateful for our business. However, this summer, my sister Marisa and her husband Paul had an opportunity at renting a beautiful cottage in the Muskoka’s for a fraction of the price. Her boss’ cottage is usually rented all summer long, but there was a problem with the scheduling agency, and there was a gap of four

Equal Shares Ch. 33

from ear to ear and waving a bottle of wine. ‘Surprise!’ she’d cried when Denise opened the door, and Denise reflected that it had been indeed – a very pleasant one. It was the first time Susan and Denise had been together alone, and they were a little hesitant at first. But soon enough that hesitancy had melted in the alcohol (and the heat it

Secret Affairs: with my friends son (part-10)

an hour. Get up,” I said getting out of the bed. “Go to your room, and get ready to welcome your mom,” I said, mentioning that he couldn’t have a shower with me because then we would be having sex again and his mom might caught us too. I went into the bathroom. After taking shower I came out of the bathroom and didn’t find Adam in the room. I

Catching Sis

out that should she would take care of the upper half, and pointed to Jaime to give attention to the lower part of my penis. My sister then took the tip of her tongue at began to flick it at the tip of my cock. Soon, she began to work her thick lips over the shaft of my cock. She started slowly at first, but in a matter of moments she was

A Night Out To Remember

leaned into me for a few seconds, resting her head on my shoulder, breathing deeply. “Did you cum?” she whispered “No…no..not yet.” She slowly stood up on unsteady legs and I stood up with her. Then she knelt in front of me, unfastening the waistband of my trousers, and pulling them down together with my boxers. She held my erection in her fist

ghost boy part eight

for Dani. I just gotta go seal the deal.”Just then, Ember appears right beside Tucker. “Yeah. I figure it’s the least I could do for you Dipsticks since…Whoa!” She sees the same sight Tucker just did. “Cool. Orgy. I think I found a way to seal the deal. Scoot over, Ghost Boy. Me & Baby Pop are joining in.”“Huh? Wait, in my room?” Danny says.

Johnson, Johnson & Lambert

was getting wiser in her old age, but Stephanie made Billy write out a letter, stating why he was terminating her. Then she clocked out and made him sign her time card so he couldn’t stiff her the twenty seven hours and twelve minutes she had coming to her. ‘Hey, he, you leaving?’ the dishwasher asked. ‘Yeah, ass hole fired me,’ Stephanie angrily

Controller 12

at the monitor. Her breathing was ragged. Trotting too quickly, scatterbrained Sheila smashed into something hard, followed by something soft. The soft something was Jenny, and she felt groaningly good. The bowl bounced to the floor, but neither girl gave it so much as a glance. They were too busy staring at each other, Jenny, her wild curves

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 07

‘I couldn’t tell you.’ They continued up the path until it stopped at a precipice. Matt walked ahead of Nick and looked down to see another pathway headed downwards. He looked over to Nick. ‘We can jump down,’ he said assuredly. Nick looked over and leaped down. He landed hard on his feet, the ground beneath him shaking and cracking underneath

A Day Like Any Other

"and the car?""I had it towed to the garage. The insurance man will look at it tomorrow, but you know, the garage owner told me it probably will be totaled...""Totaled!?" I almost gagged."And this is why the meal burned but I have fresh bread and some cold cuts, and I have wine...""Easy there, Helen. Slow down please. You know that I have an

Watching Her Fun

as hell and kind of vague as to where I was and what was happening, but as the room spun back into shape it was clear that this was the reality: My wife, Jenn, was on all fours getting pumped at both ends by two guys I didn't know, while I was tied to a chair getting my cock sucked by some big-titted Amy she went to school with. It took a few

Online Satisfaction

the convulsions of her pussy as she came again, and again.Then, as a respite, I licked her pussy. Rhonda had a look of relief and satisfaction, that her pussy wasn't only going to get attention from my cock but my tongue as well. Her clit was firm under my tongue and fingers, moisture gathered quickly, it was only a matter of time before I felt


soon so i put my helmet and clears down on the seat. Unlatching the saddle bag, I got our "just in case" blanket out.Lightening flashed behind us and few seconds later came the boom. While shaking off the cold chill I tucked the blanket under my arm and playfully skipped in the direction of the large rocks that lied below the abutment. Focusing

East of Nowhere Part 3- Trying Again- Revised

were thrown out into the street. The innkeeper was standing there “No fighting inside my inn!” he yelled. “Take it outside.” Sasha quickly moves out of the way and started watching for a few minutes as the men started throwing punches and after a while they got up, dusted themselves off, and muttering to themselves they walked their separate

The Blue Dress

whispered a lullaby as they prepared for sleep. “I’ll see you at breakfast then,” he said. “Hmmm… sounds good,” she answered. ------000OOO000------ The morning dawned with a cockerel crowing nearby and the sunshine illuminating his room with a lemon glow. James rolled over, expecting to give Renata a loving kiss on the cheek. Instead, he found

A Family Affair: PART ONE: On the road

her here, her thighs parted wide enough for me to see the stray edges of her pussy showing under the knicker legs. I was just about to tell her that she needed a shave when she spoke.‘You’re a very naughty boy’ she said, ‘getting so excited about your old aunty like this; I think you should have your bottom spanked’‘Well Aunty’, I replied,

My Mates Slutty Little Sister

bin and fall completely over. In doing so, giving my mate’s little sister the opportunity to escape from my grip. Pulling myself together I got back up to find where Lauren had gone to, a hard task to do in the complete dark and being drunk myself. “I found you!” I laughed and walked closer to the petite figure bent over one of the park tables.

Down on the Farm last summer, part 2

table and discussed what was on the schedule for the next day. There was always a plan of action that keep the important chores done first, as well as the usual everyday chores that needed to be done without being told.Bobby and I would again be in the field with the hay wagon and tractor as Uncle Bobby went from the back field to the South hay

Rachel's Weekend

both.Her hip bucked up hard and the down and as she did he followed with a might thrust and drove his cock to the fullest. He was sure he had hit the cervix but pulled back in a hurry. There was a gasp and moan and then a scream. He could feel every muscle in her body tighten and she shuddered. She pulled him close wrapped her legs and

Broken Ch. 12

that she didn’t look adorable in her knee length skirt and the lightweight sweater, but she was so much more at home in a ripped pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt. He quickly backed up, letting her walk in. ‘How’d it go?’ She looked as though she’d been crying. He hated to see her cry. It tore him up somewhere between the top and bottom of his

Wife Surprise!

in my ear like, Umm! My pussy is so wet, or I wanna fuck you. She loves to drive me crazy. Within minutes we were heading off to one of our favorite restaurants. As we sat in the booth eating, she was constantly rubbing my leg with her foot and leaning forward a lot showing me her milky-white tits. As they were popping out of her shirt, all I

From cousins to something more

because I was so focused on what we were doing. As he was pulling down my lace thong, I found his button and zipper and soon we were both completely naked in the pool. He lifted me out and sat me on the side so that I was at the perfect height for him to eat my clean shaven pussy. His tongue licked all the right spots, making my legs shake. One

babysitting ... nympho

all seven inches into her hot little cunny, barely fitting it all in. “ooooooohhhhhh, ggoddd, that’s good, Jay, it’s sooo gooodd,” she began grinding her hips into his, contracting and relaxing the muscles in her pussy, “please, Jay, I want you to fuck my little baby pussy. Fuck me hard, please!” she moaned loudly.He turned around and laid her on

A Second Chance Ch. 3

I started to laugh. I knew he could feel it, that hand on my shoulder. I turned to face him. ‘You’re a mean son-of-a-bitch, Jeremy Shugart. You know that?’ The two of us were laughing out loud now. ‘You could have stopped hours ago.’ ‘Caroline, my love,’ he said, ‘if we do this trip in fifteen mile increments, stopping every fifteen miles to make

Putting Her Through Her Paces

and gave me 10 minutes to clean his body and then meet him for inspection in the kitchen. I was sore after yesterday’s picnic in the park. I had worn an anal plug most of the day and had been spanked and flogged in the picnic shelter, first by my boss and then by my master. He had let me rest in his arms after that, but when we got home, I had

Just another weird day

her finger in and out more rapidly, playing with her clit a little more furiously. Just as she was about to cum, she felt hands around her wrists, and Damien was on top of her and pinn her into the bed in an instant."Mmm, you don't get to cum just yet," he plunged his cock into her, making he gasp. Damien came all the way out, and plunged into

Disneyland Adventure

answer and definitely was going to bypass Tomorrowland for now. Instead, I went straight down Main Street and through the castle to Fantasy Land where I got in a fairly short line to the Peter Pan ride. The rides in Fantasy Land were more cute than anything else, and still fun even if you're not a little kid anymore. In the middle of the short

No Strings Attached - Chapter Three

I jerk four or five times and with each jerk a spurt of come bursts out of my cock and flows into your throat.You wait until my spasms of excitement subside, then slowly pull your mouth up my cock. Keeping your lips tightly around the shaft, you suck it clean of any remaining come. You look me in the eye and smile a sexy smile, as you swallow.

A King’s Wife Ch. 04

royal seed into my womb, once again.’ Byth gushed. Aubert pointed the tip of his sword at Hanna’s terrified gaze. The king’s bare steel was met with a quick nod, before the darker woman fell back on the bedding offering up her body to the true queen in sexual submission. ‘My queen, your throne awaits,’ Aubert smiled at Byth as she hurried to

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 29: ZOOphilia (Part 3)

did not matter, it was in the past and there was nothing I could do about it. But the future was still changeable. Im sorry, I apologized. I was&hellip, distracted, I admitted, though there was no way in hell I would tell her the nature of my distraction. Luckily, she did not seem to care. Still, I had to keep her from wandering off again. Can we

Sarah’s Savior

do this’ Sarah pleaded through her tear-tightened throat. ‘You know, you were awfully stupid to come down here at this time of night alone-,’ The man’s words were cut off abruptly as he was lifted off of Sarah and slammed into the wall a few feet away. Sarah didn’t even look up to see who had rescued her before she searched for the knife and

Mo And Betty And Me

considering how I was going to break up the trio and engineer a duo with Mo. They were both quite pretty and fun but Mo seemed like a better bet to take things a large step further.Her bare, freckled shoulders beckoned me and the rusty, dry and crinkled canyon of her chest seemed to invite me down it into a steamy land of adventure. I could

Detention Ch. 01

Daryl could do was sit back and watch the clock. Finally, 5 o'clock rolled around and he called his sweetie once again."Baby I'm leaving work now headed your way." Daryl said."Fine Daddy. I'll be waiting for you." Sevyn replied.Daryl smiled to himself as he exited the building. It was a beautiful fall Friday afternoon and he lowered the roof on

The Adventures of Molly - Secret Rendezvous

tits weren’t large so he had no trouble covering it all with his mouth. He seemed like a wild animal tonight. At the pond he had been so gentle. Maybe he was hornier than I was. Either way, I enjoyed how his mouth was devouring my tits. He would move from one to the other like he just couldn’t get enough of me. All the while he was ravishing my

Texas: The Lone Star state

.   Despite the business that had taken me there, I’d had quite some week already in Houston and had partied hard most nights in my free time, always one to enjoy the ease with which an English accent can win over the average American girl, so it wasn’t as though I was desperately looking for some last minute action – but it arrived anyway.   It

The Sheets

purposefully avoided her mound and moved to her hips instead. She laughed a little at his playfulness but oh how she wanted him to touch her. His hands left her body and she immediately heard his belt buckle, followed by his jeans coming down. She was wet. With his pants off and only his dark blue cotton briefs remaining, he went back to teasing

Exposing Cindy - spring break

fingers. I continued to shutter with the aftershocks of the three powerful orgasms I had just experienced. I was totally spent, and tried to talk, but I was mostly incoherent at the moment. “Shit, that was intense,” Was all I could utter, the taste of Jim’s semen still fresh in my mouth.I became aware of Jim’s erection throbbing against my

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Two)

passing through lots of cotton and rice fields that had been harvested months ago. It was still winter but spring was in the air. The farmers would be out working those fields very soon. I was heading for my next rendezvous with a little Lush friend. My first encounter had been more than worth the whole trip, but I was going to be making myself

My brown beginning part four

and got up Mom and Grandma were still passed out.I decided to watch some TV and after another hour the ladies were stirring. About time for some lunch who,s hungry? asked Mom.I could stand a bite Gram said me too I chimed in.Hows cold cuts and some soup sound?That will be fine we both replied.We all ate lunch still in varios stages of undress

Blank Space

had gone home with a complete stranger, they’d gotten naked in bed together, and…had they done anything else? If they had, she couldn’t remember. Mindy very carefully started edging herself out of bed, if she couldn’t piece together anything about last night, she didn’t want to have an awkward conversation with someone whose feelings might very

Step by Step - 4 - Double Dare

all the things we had enjoyed as young children – or rather which our parents had enjoyed taking us to – Mum and Dad took us on a nostalgic tour of museums, cafes, fishing villages, boat rides, street entertainers and other events we had all enjoyed for many years. Doubtless in ‘normal’ circumstance I would have enjoyed this indulgence in family

The Woman In The Blue Chair

blow out the smoke towards the ceiling, she suddenly began to pinch her nipples. I could clearly see her bite her lower lip as she let out a soft sigh.By this point, my member was rock hard. I tried to pace my stroking to make my own pleasure last.After the woman in the chair snubbed out the cigarette butt, she took one more sip of the wine.

the milf next door

own jeans slowly down and asked me. "Do you like what you see?"  "You're the most beautiful women I've ever seen." I said honestly.. She stood there with one hand at her waist like a model, still with her black bra and black pantie on.  I stood up and unhooked her bra; I automatically reacted. "Damn, your amazing."She blushed a little and pulled

My wife and the fixer upper, part two

never felt better.""Wow.""He eased about an inch of his finger inside me and collected some of my own cum, then teased my clitoris with his finger and my cum.”“He fingered you?”“Yes, then he started rubbing my clitoris very fast, he was masturbating me!” Christy said excitedly, “I screamed as I had the most amazing orgasm ever!”“Perfect!”“When I

Therapist Ch. 02

They are sitting in the fifth row of the theater. She is sitting in his lap, straddling his thighs. Her arms are around his neck and she is playing with the label on the back of his polo shirt. He has his hands on her sides, just holding her. ‘Sure,’ Edgar answers her, ‘I haven’t been to any of the games yet. It will be nice to do something

A surprise ass-fucking in panties

share it with you… I have been ‘mildly’ crossdressing for over a year now. I say ‘mildly’ because I am not into full feminization, I just love the feel and look of lace panties when they are hugging a good looking cock, not to mention the taboo. I have taken to wearing stockings too which feel amazing, it’s like having your whole lower half


master," I replied, gazing at the floor again. My fear of what the punishment would be was eased by the thrill of submitting to you again. Already my head was spinning with ideas, possibilities, hopes of what you might make me do. Remembering your order, I slid one hand down to my crotch and the other up to my breasts, lying back as I started to

‘Don’t Miss,’ He Said Ch. 04 Pt. 01

face, and in his voice, ‘shouldn’t bastardize such a holy work.’ He cocked a lever under the barrel, and rested the weapon on his shoulder. ‘Isn’t that right,’ he continued, letting the barrel raise towards us, ‘Alphonse Rosethorne?’ ‘No way,’ I whispered in disbelief. ‘Oh yes, little Al. You were still very young when it happened, but I guess


darkest before the Dawn. Hell, I’m just down the road a little ways, you feel like company come on down.’ They talked for a few more minutes then Dawn turned toward the path once again. She smiled before she turned and said, ‘Well, gotta get along George. I don’t do too well on uneven ground now and I do a hell of a lot worse in the dark on

The Lost One Ch. 10

evil force loosened its hold. Outside, the light became brighter and brighter. Inside, Pristine’s spirit shouted in an ancient language, ‘Set him free! Now!’ Light suddenly engulfed the entire cell as the three girls covered their eyes. When they opened their eyes, it was still dark, but at least they saw Pristine and Slycer. Slycer was now all

Ahriman: The Evolution of a Serial Killer 13

to remember. Can you tell her what those two things are, Kaneez? She thought for a moment, and then she smiled brightly. Nokara will obey My Lord without hesitation and Nokara will always be clean inside and out for My Lords pleasure. She looked at him expectantly. Good girl, he said with a grin that made her blush. Come here. She walked to

Little Ones Disgrace Ch. 03

the little strip paddle and then Master stopped. She lay there visibly shacking, her body burning with both pain and pleasure, her pussy absolutely soaked and leaving a small puddle on the table top."I'm sorry I disappointed and disobeyed you Master, I'm so sorry." She sobbed not knowing if her speaking would get her into even more trouble and at


I would quickly snatch up her panties and step into them, hitching up my skirt and giving her one last flash of my ass before quickly stepping out of her office before she could protest. She would have to spend the rest of the day learning the exquisite pleasure of going commando. That would certainly be the very best way for a girl to take care

Valentine / Birthday Wife

her birthday.As I continued pumping, her moaning and breathing became louder and louder. This was the first time in some time that I was able to bring her to a climax before me. Then I felt her tighten up. She was grabbing the sheets as she came on my cock."Oh yes baby fuck me fuck me good!" She cried as I started to pick the pace up.I said, "I'm

Jade's 'To-Go' Request

the beautiful girl lying before him on his bed. From her longslender legs, to her shaved pussy, to her flat belly, to her luscious tits, and finally to her beautiful face,there was nothing not to like about Jade. Her silky raven hair was fanning out around her headforming a dark halo for her face. The halo added to her enticing look. She was

Fun In The Sun, Part One

to his best friend Andy’s house he felt a surge of excitement building within him. The purpose of his visit was to mow the lawn and do some upkeep on the well established back yard. He sighed, thinking to himself, if only they had a pool, too. This would complete his dreams. Not that he wanted to swim himself (well maybe in the right

Blood of the Clans Ch. 48

Neil swung first and missed the neck, the tip of his sword gouging a deep gash across his target’s chest. Colson waited a moment longer and swung hard, as his bobbing torso came towards him. The body dropped to the ground and the head was flung by the noose into the woods, as Colson’s sword sliced through the neck, sending a sweeping arc of blood

Cruising Ch. 08

She presented her cans to me even taking my hand and placing in on the outside of her tit. I let my hand explore for a minute by hefting their weight, squeezing the meat and playing with the nipples. Next I went behind Tiffany and reached around feeling her up some more. She ground her ass against my groin as I did but when her hand came around


she got emotional and hugged me tightly . She told me “I am so lucky and very proud to have you dear as my daughter in law. Hereafter I wont do that mistake and we will best friends . I was still weeping. She asked me to lay down on bed. She made me to lay on my bed and she also lay beside me together in my right side and asked me be calm and I

Alexa Gets Fucked At the Frat House

now, and she was swallowing the cum that was pouring down her throat. Not gagging gave her something to concentrate on other than the pain in her ass at least. Fingers reached down to her pussy and rubbed the wet, swollen folds, finding her clit and twisting it, the pleasure began to help the pain in her ass recede a little more. Another dick was

Tale Told to a Soul Saver Trainee

goes another 5%. Restrict even the range of verbal integers, and little is left. ‘Luv u J ‘Miss u L’ ‘Fuk u!’ So, my girl turns 50 (which is only 30-something in cyberspace) and stars on the Net as some kind of Emily Bronte wannabe. The character she’s invented and played is a widely read, enormously diverse, fair minded, even tempered, much

A Loner Mentalist Pt. 08

to be an old maid, believe you me.’ Jack shook his head and carried the bags up the stairs to their room. Rick followed slowly, clutching a key in his hand as if it unlocked the Pearly Gates. Jack patiently waited for Rick to fumble his way through unlocking the door and then carried the bags inside. He took a look around the room and asked,

Taking Care of Sydney: Chapter 2: Day 1

not even half way in when he felt resistance. He urged himself to calmness. He wanted nothing less than to barrel into his daughter and finally dump his load. He grabbed her waist, both feet planted firmly next to his kneeling daughter. He pushed and it broke and she screamed,Her mother quickly covered her mouth with her own. She howled into her

Teacher & Students share each other

rather experienced young girls. Both girls gasped as the hands had move so quickly and now there was a finger in each of their pussies. His middle finger was big and it took some working to push it in the full length, all 4 inches. The girl’s eyes went wide as the large finger went deep into each of them. Tina was no longer sucking cock she

Sarahs New Patient - Part One

Mr. Bryant onto his back again and covered his chest with a dry towel. She poured out the dirty water and proceeded to fill the basin with clean hot water. As she waited for the basin to fill she told Mr. Bryant that she would have to pull down the covers now to wash his leg and feet. Then if he wanted he could wash his own private area. Sarah

A New Life Ch. 01

lives; they had a long-lasting happy marriage, kids, a company of their own, considerable wealth and they were still in their forties. They were Mr and Mrs Perfect.Less than half an hour later, they arrived at their destination; a single-family house in the outskirts of the city. Unlike most of their neighbouring properties, they had planted

Walking into Fire

that she was beautiful despite her short stature and slightly plump build. Standing to her right, posing the same way was Frankie. She looked like a Jessie miniature. Tessa’s eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets, Frankie’s hair was dyed to match Jessie’s. ‘You dyed her hair?! Are you trying to get me in trouble with my Aunt?’ Jessie waved

Mrs Vandermeers Rules: 4

or so to finish my task, during which time I heard the front door open and close, signaling Mr. Vandermeer’s return. Thankfully, he left us alone. In fact, I didn’t see him again until I left the house, blushing as he ushered me out, knowing that the unmistakable odor of my aroused pussy clung to me like perfume. That night… oh, how I wanted to