Boomerang Serena and Norton

major cause of global warming.” Bill’s answers were goofy but flattering and better than anything she had heard in months.“What can I do for you?” Bill pressed. “Do lunch tomorrow or Sunday?” Serena was not ready for another disaster than evening. “Time and place?” Bill quickly replied. Serena’s hideout seemed logical. “Old Gaffer’s pub at 2pm

Scat Dinner Party

I swallowed. She fed me quietly enjoying the ride as she stroked herself. She groaned as she came and turned around to give me a drink. I could feel Mistress riding me harder as she got close to cumming. She reached behind her and unsnapped my ball ring and released my balls from bondage. I started to buck against her as Lisa filled my mouth with

How I Fucked Your Mother

me start pumping my hips against her mouth a littleharder.Ronnie had hold of her hands for leverage and once Jack was done, he pulled her hands back tight. Jack was sighing under the rest of us,petting her breasts while Ronnie and I finished. Ronnie with theleverage started fucking her ass harder and faster. As Jack's cockshrank out of her,

The Trident

pits used as the mass burial ground for tens of thousands of slaves and the poor as well as a dumping ground for dead animals and garbage. Under Augustus’ reign these dumps and mass graves were ordered filled in and beautified. But the dumping continued beyond the Servian wall. As they reached the eastern edge of the Esquiline they could see the

Pina Colada Story

out of the jet way, and Susan picked up her newspaper to further hide herself, so that she could spot Vince and suss out the situation without being spotted right away. He had told her he would be wearing a bomber jacket, and given his description it shouldn’t be too hard to pick him out. Suddenly to her horror she saw Mark striding out of the

What Came Next

sweet. And you almost made her cum just by sucking on her tits. And how if she wasn't on the rag she would've fucked you right there tonight."I pulled up in front of Tom's house. He started to get out, then turned back and said, "Dude, we are totally getting you back together with her. We're gonna get you laid.""She's gone for a week," I said,

Daddy and I : Secret Revealed

daughter, and it turns me on sometimes to see my step-daughter on her knees sucking my cock,” Dad said. “You are a really dirty dad,” I said, as I stopped playing the piano, and turned to look at him in the eye. He didn’t say anything and just kissed me on my lips. I kissed him back. He went on his knees in front of me, and we kept kissing with

Hypnotic Submission

on her side. In the far corner of the room lay a single mattress. The intruder hoisted her up as if she weighed nothing and threw her on it. Jillian bounced once and her head hit the wall hard. Her vision wavered and ears rang. She tried to roll up into a fetal position against the corner, but the intruder grabbed both her ankles again and

His Teacher, His Slut Ch. 02

knew it, one of the hands was replaced by a warm mouth sucking and biting on her nipple. She lost her mind to shame and she hated herself for what was happening. She hated herself for putting up with the abuse, and she hated Josh, most of all, for subjecting her to it. In the back of her mind she heard Josh chuckle again before feeling his mouth

Runaway Pt. 01

going anywhere. Bah, as long as I don’t need to stop, I’ll be fine. I stay on the highway all the way. I can’t believe I’m doing it. I’m grinning like an idiot I just know it. I hit cruise speed and space out while the wet mist keeps the nausea under control. If I’m lucky, I’ll be in New York before Emily and Josh even wake up. Lazy, the both of

La Hacienta

your sense of hearing. You know by the way I am reacting – my heartbeat has increased, my hands have moved under your shirt, dragging across your bare-back – that I am turned on by you. That I want, need… you. Only you. Your hands move to my stomach, running across the trail of hair that leads to my groin. Your hands lightly intertwine with the

Diane's Next Damp Adventure Ch. 01

and the ones I'd swapped with her before - there was always a sense that she was an equal partner in the play. Boundaries and safe words were established, limits were honored. In the latest emails, she almost always talked about herself in the third person, as if her body was an object completely at his disposal. "It will perform to your

Master Jonathan's Alison

three” was almost always followed by his departure; he knew that her mind and body would be gripped by anticipation as she waited for his return.Today, however, Alison’s thoughts drifted away from the discomfort of her bare knees on the wooden floor; she was unaware of the slight breeze from the open window that made her nipples stand up firmly.

Mom's Drunk Again

I had her naked and had spread her legs so that I could get between them and fuck her. I was a virgin but I had seen pictures and heard the older guys talking in school. Soon I had my cock in her wet hole. I was sure some guy had fucked her but I didn’t care as long as I got to fuck her too. I was doing pushups in her pussy when I cum in her. I

These Wolves Alone Ch. 07

Frank asked me, looking worried. ‘We have to go now!’ I growled back at him, running up the stairs. I went to start opening doors to find the teenage duo, but all the doors were propped open. Except for one. I headed straight for it and tried the doorknob, that let the door open. Two pairs of eyes stared at me, surprised and a scream erupted in

Summer of Lust Pt. 1

still see his prick slowly pulsing as it slightly deflated.“Maybe once a week.” Christine said. “You know, I actually had a seminar at school on how to masturbate.”“Are you kidding?” Ben asked incredulously.“No, not at all!” Christine said. “It was one of those feminine sexual awareness things. There was about eight of us in the seminar, and we

His bitch ........part one...Learning

the belt down hard and she cried out "Now,tell me bitch who is the boss?"she started crying "please stop it""No,i wont stop im gonna ask you who is in charge and your gonna answer , "you are master and im your dirty bitch and im just here to please you" ok?""Now, who is in charge?""please stop this"he brought the belt down even harder and kept


potent reasons to avoid further contact with him. On the other hand, they had something between them that made her want to explore their relationship more. He had felt it also, she was sure of it. She could tell by the way he had looked at her, he really liked her. She wondered if he liked her enough to leave his girlfriend for her. She wondered

Partying Hard Too Cocks Hard

It was nice to have someone else around, at first moving into my own flat it was lush. My own place of peace and zen, then I started to feel lonely letting friends stay over messing up the place. I must admit I am a little bit of a clean freak so I hated it, but I hated being lonely more so, made that compromise. Time had moved ever so slowly

Night Before The Concert

breasts and a cute ass. Rain was the only one that would often wear skirts or dresses, which she wore and brought with her for the weekend. By the time all of the girls were there, the mattress was blown up and off to the side for later, alongside the extra pillows, sheets and covers for when the girls decided to call it a night. Josh ordered

In Reflection of Earlier Times 2

your name again I didn’t get it. Debbie piped up "back off bitch are you always on heat or what?" A little embarrassed smile appeared on that mouth and widened to show a perfect set of teeth except for the left eye tooth was just a little forward of the others, I think I smiled back I know I was warm under the collar I didn’t have. Debbie stared

Who Was She?

said, “I was feeling very frisky from all of that Champaign and your father fell asleep on me. Your father was feeling me up all night and making me promises of how great our sex was going to be and then the bastard passed out on me. I’m sorry but you were the only man that I could use to satisfy myself.”I smiled and replied, “Don’t be sorry,

Bye Bye Birdie

they’d really only just started dating and they were in high school after all. But she knew he was completely joking and at least he’d tried to make her laugh. Everyone hissed under their breath as she pulled up her jeans to reveal a bleeding and swollen knee. The director came hurrying up. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked. ‘Yeah, sorta…’ said Lisa,

Dilemma 7

of her children. But she did ring me at work, and tell me she was shocked at my brazenness at the canteen, she had never come in public before and found it exciting. Tracey said she had to concentrate on not being too noisy, whilst watching the other people in the canteen chat and eat, knowing that my fingers probed her cunt and tickled her clit,

The Organic Belt

pussy onto Yev's cock, I raised it to the head of the huge thing and slammed it down again and again. Yev watched and I saw her open her mouth to speak, I was sure she was going to give by suit the instruction to allow me to come, but rather said to her own belt "biggercock20%" As I was on my way down the cock to slam into the base of it, it grew

Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 3

her cheeks would be apparent to anyone who cared to cast a gaze in their direction. After a few moments, the young women returned with a dress for Megan to try. This time, Julia sat back in the deep wing-backed chair while Megan slipped out of her suit and into the green dress. The fit was sensational, achieving just the effect that Megan

Another day in Calculus.

very hard to get.. so Im just going to put myself out there.. I was just kind of wondering if you wanted to go out tonight? Realizing what hed just said, he covered his mouth.. Im so sorry Keyanna.. Have a good day… Feeling slightly awkard, colin backed away and headed to the hallway. Colin!! Wait. as hard as I am to get I think I need a night

Lonely Twenties: Slut Therapy

on in," said Dr. Keagan. As soon as she came in, all Amber saw was a beautiful apartment with wooden floors and a great patio along with an upscale feel. "So take a seat on the couch," said Dr. Keagan."You usually work out before seeing clients?" asked Amber."Well, I workout when I feel like it, how about that," said Dr. Keagan."You got it, Dr.

Capri an Isle of Love Ch. 04

ass. Streams of semen shot into her rectum as I seemed to cum continuously for several minutes."Oh good, I feel it. Fill me up, fill up my ass," she cried out and then her own orgasm hit her, "Oh shit, here it is, I'm cumming!"Her body thrashed around as I held onto her curvy ass cheeks and kept my cock buried in her ass. Her fingers flew over

A New Journey

tonight. Maybe we can get together again.""I would love that."She scribbled her number on a napkin from the bar and handed it to him."Give me a call.""Will do; have a good night.""Same to you." She smiled as they left the bar.Kevin didn't waste any time calling Maggie after that night. He called her the very next day and they talked for hours.

Unconditional Love for a Dragon

you trust me, what did you mean by that?"She walked up to me and laid down on the floor with her front legs crossed, signaling she is ready to have a long conversation. "Well I trusted you with my secret of actually being a dragon. I knew you wouldn't run to the government and turn me over and let them take me away because ..." I stopped her

Nickis Mini (Part 1)

then you’ll know I am an office temp and I work in Brighton on the South coast of England. I am no stranger to adventure and some of my adventures have been pretty strange! Anyway, the story I wanted to tell you about today relates to the day I decided to buy a car. It struck me that I might have more jobs available to me if I didn’t have to rely

Jacki Comes Through

the way to the elevator and then to the room. I asked if he’d be playing and he said he’d just masturbate and observe. I found that odd — but, hey, to each their own. I remember seeing the number 612 and I took a deep breath as the door opened and we went in. There were two queen size beds and, on the far one, sitting or standing around it, I saw

Former Playboy Playmates Part 9: Tiffanie’s True Desire

as he could, “My butt,” Tiffanie said.“Huh?”“Hold me up by my butt.  I can get higher that way,” she instructed.  Tom agreed, sighing when his mother’s chest was against his head, practically in his face.Tiffanie rested one hand on Tom’s shoulder, the other reaching high above her.  She stretched and struggled to reach the coconut, and then it


to my aunt’s house. Ah yes, my father’s youngest sister is a beautiful full figured woman who loves to flaunt her curves and then chastise a young boy when she catches him staring. I can’t begin to describe the mixed feelings she caused in me as she teased me into erection and then humiliation, as she would call me a pervert for looking down her

Poetic Seduction

wasn’t the true intention of the phrase but it made Emma feel much better to think it was sexual in nature. Her finger would have almost disappeared inside her hot cunt, if it wasn’t for the elasticity of her tight knickers. Her knickers would have to go soon, thought Emma, there are far worst passages in this manuscript than that of Melissa

The Magic Lamp – Part Three

makes her first and second wishes and they are fulfilled beyond her expectations. Miriam put her cell phone down on the small glass-top table and picked up her wine glass. She stepped to the edge of the balcony, leaned against the marble balustrade, and gazed out over the city below. A cool Manhattan breeze ruffled her robe and brought goose

Daddy 3, May and her chuck

very back of the plane and she asked me to sit down on her flight seat. “I could smell sex on you as soon as you walked up.” Mary said. I smiled and told her about the garage. She was rubbing her clit as I told her. She asked if she could go down on me. She had my pants and panties off in a second babe. And her mouth was licking and sucking your’

My Stepfather

Turn on your back, I want to see your pretty face while I fuck you” Bob ordered. “Do you think I’m pretty?” I asked as I turned over. Bob positioned the pillow under my ass with my hands still tied above my head and knelt between my legs. “Yes you’re my pretty little girl” he said as he lifted my legs up and plunged all 7 thick inches into my

Unlucky Number

or two more entered the bar. Still, Brian saw nobody that sparked his interest. A couple of minutes later, nevertheless, Brian’s eyes lit up. A tall black guy walked into the bar and stood a short way from him at the counter. The guy was totally bald and clean-shaven and looked like a basketball or baseball player given his size. The man then

Laughlin--"Luckiest Place in Nevada"

to begin. Down the elevator and right to my room; we were ready for each other. We barely got into the door before our clothes were coming off. Angela stopped me as I helped her out of her dress. She seductively stood before me in a garter belt, stockings, and heels. "This is the only lingerie that I brought to Laughlin, I hope you enjoy it."

A Brother to Cheer For

worry,” he said. “I'll be gentle.” And Bobby slowly pushed his cock into my pussy. He gasped as he realized something. “Am I... am I your first?” he asked. I nodded. “Good,” he replied. “Got to say, I always wanted to fuck a cheerleader. And no cheerleader has ever made me as hard or as horny as you.” And with those words, Bobby began to fuck

Bailey Ch. 02

When I was done I fell back onto the bed. ‘We both should take a shower.’ ‘How about together.’ She said looking into my eyes. God I loved her so much. Since I had my own bathroom in my room it was perfect. After our shower we went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. My mom and dad were sitting at the table eating and drinking coffee.

The Third Door

pussy. My back arches off the bed at the simple yet pleasurable contact and I spread my legs even wider.Much to my surprise she pulls her two fingers out and makes a quick pace of handcuffing my hands and feet to the posts of the bed. She then straddles my hips and smiles down at me. All I can do is stare up at this godly woman who I know is

Departing Pleasure

home, her mind drifted back over the events of the last three days. Fate had smiled upon them. They had managed to spend a few precious days together over the weekend. He met her at the airport and whisked her to his secluded lake house. She lost count of how many times they had made love. She remembered that they had christened every single room

Now You See Me

You’re still going to feel uncomfortable, so just pick anything.” Finally after giving myself that talking to, I decided on the black pencil dress. I stepped into it, pulling the silky black material up over my curves. I struggled to zip up the dress, and manhandled my large breasts into place. Brushing my long locks one more time, I appraised

Melanie Rides Double Again

straight to the blow-job! Her head started bobbing up and down and Jake lay back with his hands behind his head to enjoy her attentions.I then joined them on the bed, lying down on my left side, next to Melanie with my head level with hers, in such a position that I could admire her blow-job technique from close quarters. Her lipsticked lips were

First Time With Leo

you, watch the pleasure on your face,” he says. He still has his pants on at this point. I look down at them, then back up at him. “Want to help me with these?” He asks. I don’t answer, but start undoing his belt buckle. I undo the button, undo the zipper, tug down his jeans. I revealed a pair of wickedly tented boxers. I looked up at him. He

Amy's Threesome part 2

release and my body quivered and shook!Oh fuck you are soo good! Jeff moaned as he looked down at me, his cock still in my mouth as I continued to milk it of all its cum.I smiled up at him as I let his cock slip from my hungry mouth.Mmmm that was nice, I moaned and I held his cock up and kissed it. I guess I like to suck cock!Oh fuck yeah,

1,001 Nights: Prologue 02

no one else was attuned. They also shared each others’ bed, once. Sara had been with another woman before they met, Rebecca had always been curious. One night over drinks the subject came up. They had a moment, which became a kiss, which became more. It had been everything both of them had hoped for, tender, passionate, unending, and utterly

All Right Ch. 04

missed you, too, sweethearts. Maybe Julie will come for a sleepover and you can wake us both up.’ ‘That would be fun,’ Frances agreed. I continued to see Julie every day. We made love each time, once or twice more than once. I didn’t sleep over again because it was too hard to leave her. I did have it bad. A routine swiftly developed. I’d get

Archbaroness Vs. The Photo Shoot

waiting for the signal from Johnny to turn it all on. The fact was Archbaroness’ instincts had been right: it was all much more than photography equipment. In fact, the only real photographic equipment Fred had was the single camera hanging around his neck. The duo had been trying to get an interview like this with Archbaroness for years. Now

My first time with anna

umm... well... you.." I stammered. "Looks like your having trouble keeping your dick to yourself." She noted, now stepping towards me and pushing me back into my chair as I tried to get up and moving my hands as I tried to hide my now raging hard on."How does it feel Ryan? To have someone starring at you? Do you like it? Does this make you hard?"

A Leto Tag Team

even though I look obvious’ black hoody and sunglasses. He was wearing a fitted burnt orange plaid shirt and snug dark gray jeans. He turned around and took the space beside me. ‘Hey you came,’ he said as he leaned against the wall. What? He actually does remember me I thought to mysef semi surprised. ‘Vegas, New Yeats Eve and a 30 Seconds to

Loraine's Self Bondage Re-Creation

dungeon where I have a chain with a large smooth hook on one end and the other end attached to a ceiling eyebolt.By this time I believed that Mistress was watching. I imagined Her in the second floor guestroom engaged in all manner of foreplay with one of Her stud lovers watching sissy slut me on the large screen. It seems that all my submissive

Jennifer’s Tale, Part III

that I didn’t quite understand—and couldn’t quite believe either! Jamie went back to the couch and just sat there watching. I don’t know if it was knowing he was just staring at my pussy, or if it was that his belt had made direct contact there, but I could feel every beat of my heart right there between my legs. I could feel my sex start to

Saw: A Sexual Parody Part 1

from the cum. God how that cum felt good flowing all around my body, slipping past the vibrators and into my holes.I was doing well. The cum was well below the line and I was estimating that there was about 2 minutes left. I just had to make it that last little bit. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that my stomach was filling up

Coming to Terms: Swept Away

to understand that you belong to me, I am going to take care of you no matter what. But, if you belong to me, you have to understand you must always obey me, you must learn what pleases me. I will teach you. Do you understand?"Her head on the mattress, she nodded yes."Good, but if you disobey me, you will be punished. I think you understand that

Good Night Son

away, slowly licking up his juices before removing my own shorts. My cock throbbed, happy to be free from the cloth prison. I had a cock to be proud of, eight and a half inches, cut, and incredibly thick. I placed my cock against my sons, my own precum leaking out mixing with his. “I will stroke our cocks together, that way we can both go to bed

Katie judges a kissing contest

hands held her hem down, keeping her pleated skirt from showing more leg than necessary. She smiled at the boys, who returned the smile while looking her over, from her shiny heels to her short skirt to her clingy, nearly see-through shirt.The boys were silent for a moment. They grinned at each other, slowly nodding. The tallest boy said, "Hi

Chemistry Ch. 02

she reached down and wrapped her fingers around my dick through my pants. ‘And I can’t wait to work on it.’ Before I could say anything she kissed me again. The combination of her sweet mouth on mine, and her squeezing hand made thinking impossible for me. I finally pulled away before she made me cum in my pants. (Would’ve been bad for my image).

Hard strate up

into a big dark room DVDs gay porn few guy pulling sucking moved up the back started getting hard when I turks gut said can we do stuff yur I said he said you ever had siniff no he said take as big sinff and your ARS’s hole will start felling like cock but I’m in control so fuck me I loved it I was so into any thing my could move the cut

Bad Cop, Good Fuck

toes so he could capture her mouth with his. He kissed her savagely, thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth, nipping her full bottom lip, assaulting her with the depth of his greed for her. Melissa rewarded him by moaning into his mouth and squirming against him, desperate for him to touch her. Knowing what she needed, he moved his hand lower,

My first naked swim

we decided to go back to the shore, this was the first time I had seen Bev's naked body and I really loved it. We lay on her towel naked and continued exploring each others bodies. In whispers, we admitted that we were both virgins and decided that because we had no protection, we would not have sex. However, Bev let me explore her pussy and

Two Teachers and One Pupil (Part 2)

out her arms and pulled Sally backwards into her arms and started rubbing her tits as Dean continued to lick inside her, deep. Thrusting her hips up and down, moving back and forth she was close to climaxing. He could obviously feel everything inside her was about to errupt so he began thrusting his hips up to meet hers as she pulled away. Both

My sweet Cathie

with my girl Cathie and there before me she was going to pee. Not only pee but doing it out in nature something I liked doing but mostly alone. I watched in awe as she lowered her shorts down her soft yet muscular thighs, thighs I had felt with my own hands during our petting sessions. Then she lowered her panties, white thin cotton with a soft

Hotel Part 1 - Under The Table

have been off duty, so you were doubly lucky really.”“Well, come in and have a coffee then” said Polly. “Well, I shouldn’t really” said Susie. “But as I’m off duty now, I suppose it’s okay.” “Don’t worry” smiled Polly. “I’ll leave the sign on the door so the housemaids don’t come in and catch you hob-nobbing with the guests!”So Susie brought in

Finding Jenny

with ballet. You don’t know what you’re talking about, so just fuck off,” I said, plunged into a bad mood. “And by the way, you drink too much.”“You fuck off,” she said, refilling my glass. I put my hand over it to stop her, and she poured Shiraz all over my hand. “Oh fuck,” she said, sounding not very contrite. “Sorry about that.”So Jenny and I

While the Cats are Away

and made me promise to be careful and stay out of trouble.After waiting for an extremely long fifteen minutes after mom left, I hop in the shower and clean myself up. Not being hairy helped out quite a bit. So after patting myself dry, I wrap a towel around myself and head to my parents bedroom. Once there I get into mom's dresser and hunt for

Find My Limits

fingers of his left hand repeating the actions on her nipple. Her eyes still closed, Helen breathing was becoming ever more ragged as her arousal climbed higher and higher.But before she could reach her point of no return his play subtly changed again as his use of her nipple became less gentle and more forceful, pulling at it, nipping it with

A Bad Day At The Office

finally getting ahead in her career as a marketing executive. But things where just going wrong for Emma at all the wrong time, she was due to head a major launch for a multinational company and was busying herself getting ready for the press launch. She had assumed that her MD was going to leave her in complete control, but she couldn’t be more


open mouthed looking at my mum, in complete shock, it became apparent to me that she had been raped.As much as I wanted to help my mother, I realised that my cock was growing hard at the sight of my mother laying helplessly tied to her bed. I felt somewhat ashamed at my own state of arousal at seeing my mother in this predicament. I looked at my


a first class view of Deborah’s exposed pussy, right down to the short, curly red hair just above her clit. I thought about what I would do to that pussy if I could and I was rock hard in no time. Every so often I would reach forward to touch it, only to pull my hand back again because I was convinced she would wake up, realise what was going on

Sharing Cindy Chapter 11 New Boss Louie Has Her

didnt let him come up for air. When she came down, he stood her up, turned her around and bent her over the side of the tub, then slipped back inside from behind. She said he really began to fuck her hard as she kept asking if he was enjoying fucking his employee. She said each time she would say something he would grunt even louder and pound

Atlantis Revealed Ch. 1

us. That is very impressive.’ ‘So what does the test involve?’ ‘You will have to show us what you can offer the women of our island.’ ‘What if I’m not who you’re looking for?’ ‘Then you are free to go about your daily life and we’ll look for someone else.’ ‘You won’t kill me?’ ‘No, no. If you were to tell anyone, no one would believe you anyway.

The Revenge Of Anna

mmm.”“Oh, boys…” Anna called. The boys jerked their heads.“Can one of you get my phone for me, please?”All of them looked at each other.They were all satisfied. After their sexual escapade, they dropped her off at the Village dorms. Before she left the car, Ryan asked her:“Hey, Anna, thanks. Sorry about Kyle. What happened? Can I ask?”“Yeah, um…

Encountering the Darkness

and as I forced myself to continue, tears flowed down my cheeks. Your agony was my agony. Your pain was mine. I took great care to ensure that you were not harmed, that your flesh remained unbroken within the stripes criss-crossing your back. I choked back the sobs as the white silk I wore began to cling to the moisture beading on my skin. Your

My first frat party

you want.”After two more beers I staggered back to my campus dorm room. The next day I joined the frat and moved. A couple of days after that I drove past the local high school and saw Tina getting on the school bus.While I was thinking back about that first frat party, two touchdowns were made without my even noticing. I came back from my

And then we were three (Chapter 6)

her harder and longer duration, bringing her many orgasms and getting from her many vocals expressing her satisfaction and encouraging words to do it “harder and longer”. Expressions of “fuck me hard”, “give it all to me”, and “bury that cock deep inside my pussy”, are not uncommon on these encounters. Remember, we can be vocal because we are now

Contest At Amazon House

was furious. "Shit! How could you let me lose when I was so close? So close!""C'mon, Karen. I was keeping up with you pretty good!""But not good enough! I thought you were up to it. But I guess I was wrong.""Please, Karen! It's not the end of the world. Don't be angry. After all, we still have unfinished business.""You gotta' be kidding! Our

vacation at the cabin

worth. As I feel his cock twitching, I reach up, and cup Craig’s balls. I continue to suck hard on his dick as I milk his balls and I am rewarded with another load of hot cum shot down my throat. The men seem to be very satisfied with this little development and talk happily, as they go to the fridge and get a couple beers. Tom then tells Betty

Valerie Lewis

as he kissed my shoulder. “Not yet,” he said and continued to kiss a trail down to my breasts. Taking a nipple into his hot mouth I groaned my own hand now fisting in his hair. He seemed content to just play with my nipples, alternating between gentle sucking and hard demanding pulls, he used his teeth to nip the sensitive skin causing me to cry

Accidental Incest- Not so accidental anymore.

“Deeper!” I said it without even knowing I was going. Dylan took this as great encouragement and suddenly the full 9.5 inches was trying to find a space in my tight pussy. But there was none but he didn’t give up. Each time his cock thrusted out I felt empty. I needed that cock to be fully inside me. I felt myself rocking back and forth with his

Collaboration in the Park

I am impressed at your resolve. My wish for you to keep them together, bondage as firm as any rope.You do not know where we are. Whether secluded or in a clearing, visible or hidden. I push you over gently onto your back. Your hands not even attempting to catch yourself. I lean over and kiss you. Adding a sense of familiarity to the situation.

Better late

shot of her raised arse distending the black knickers. It’s time for John to make his contribution and he doesn’t disappoint. “Take it all in, darling. As much as you can cope with.” Pause, the only sounds are the wife’s greedy slurping and the clicks of the camera. “That’s good. Lick under there, then suck - faster, harder.” The

Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - Fisting At The Cinema

cum on it as I slowly and diligently began to suck. Together with the sweet popsicle taste it made for an interesting flavour and so I soon got lost in the sensation of having my mouth fucked by the thick, familiar, nicely shaped cock of my boyfriend. So at first, I didn't notice her when she began to play with my ass, but once her finger started

Jen's Life Chapter one

week I scored 98/100 in my maths test and my mum was SO pleased with me, we went for a doughnut after school. I love it when mum and I do things like this.When my father got home we were eating dinner and my mum mentioned my score in my maths test. There was silence, and this is never a good thing. My father finished his dinner and then told me

Suck it and See

one of her breasts in each hand. Starting with the nipples, I gently squeezed and pulled them outwards slightly and then rolled the hard and pert dark brown, rapidly swelling teats between each finger and thumb before cupping each breast in the palms of my hands. She looked up at me with those beautiful dark brown eyes as her long, luxuriant,

In Our Private Pool

that I was sucking him for all my slut body was worth. And the whole time I came up for air, he would be playing with the clamps, making it hurt bad, or good, for me. The idea was as frustrating as the teasing in my pussy that had barely stopped its assault, both making me horny as hell. He slid down into the pool, standing in front of me. He was

Anna’s Magic Ch. 10

of the neat ponytail she had, sticking sensually to her face where the sweat beaded and pooled. “I want some cock in my pussy…Now!” Anna seethed like some rabid animal, her voice now a constant, hoarse moan as she spoke. I had never seen or heard her so turned on before, but I guess I never really saw her this way either, being the center of

The Bank Job 03

you?’ He asked with mock sympathy as he trailed gentle, tantalising kisses along her neck. ‘I told you to keep still remember?’ And then more sternly ‘Don’t move your arms.’ His fingers drifted lingeringly down her arms and carried on along her sides. Running his hands over her breasts he circled her nipples with his thumbs. A jolt of arousal

My Best Friend, My Wife, and I

and we moved away to begin a new life.We were in California at the time and moved back to the northwest where I was from. We had bought a travel trailer in California so had our own home. When we got up to the northwest, a friend of mine told us we could park it in his back yard as we had been staying in a trailer park. This way it wouldn’t cost

Learning to Please

the friendly tone. Spinning around in her seat, removing her hand as she did, she looked up and saw a second doctor, this one dressed in a white coat hovering behind her."Dr. Benson." He said grinning at her lustfully. "You must be the new night nurse.""I wasn't.......""Touching yourself?" He interrupted. "Sure looked like it to me.""Well I

The Dark Lady Ch. 05

tits. She said, ‘You’ve changed my life too.’ ‘How? You seem like the same neat Clemmie I’ve always known.’ She put my hand under her skirt and said, ‘Rub me.’ I rubbed and her breath caught. ‘What about no sex in the office?’ She wrapped herself entirely around my head and draped the blond hair in my face. She smelled clean and fresh and

Juan's Crazy sex adventures in Puerto Rico. Part One

I wanted her to cry. I felt my dick stiff up and my body tensed up again, i started to picture the face of that little girl with the long dark pigtails and baby blue eyes, an I let myself bust deep inside this little sluts phat hairless pussy. She pulled her self off slapped me an garbed her things, an run out the apartment, I just ran behind to

Bondage play

the sudden fullness. He rams her repeatedly making her moan and scream at every thrust. He warns her several times to be quiet but she cant. So he stops, comes around to her face and stands with hands on his hips. He’s always been tall in comparison to her being just over 6 ft whereas she was barely 5ft 6 but now he looked so much taller and so

Part 2, I want to be just like mom

my mom. The next day, we found a small apartment with furniture close to the diner and grandmas house, courtesy of John. Mom and I showered together, then she got ready for work that evening. She put on one of her thongs, and push-up bras, then one of her smallest miniskirts and tank tops. She looked stunning. She still wasnt in talking terms

Saturday Evening

figuring out how to respond to him after Mass.After Fr. Stolitz processed out of the church, Steve walked over to my pew.“Hi, Anna. You look great!”“Hello, Steve. I thought you were playing foosball with your friends.”“I got knocked out in the second round, and since I have to clean up the apartment before tomorrow afternoon, I thought I’d get

Becoming a Mistress

breasts. Lifting one easily from it's lacy cradle. Allowing you to reach it's hard rosy peak and nuzzle it. Suckle from me. Take the swollen teat into your mouth and flick the tip with your cool tongue. As your breathing quickens and catches, I move away, pulling myself from your mouths grasp. A small disappointed moan escapes you."On with the


vibrating against her neck. His foot on her cheek grinding her face in the carpet. His laugh. His gentle caress along her back. His fingers clutching at her throat. The sharp crack of his hand against her vulva. She clings to these thoughts. She clings to memories of sessions that left her wrung out and boneless. Of laying in his arms afterward,


shit out of my nipples. I loved our sex. It was fucking hot! He licked my pussy and fisted me a bit. We used a lot of lube. He seemed to be experienced with sex, he was so good. His cock was so awesome. I think it was at least 10". I could tell he loved my boobs. He was cumming all over them. Then we took the blanket near us, cuddled inside it

Andees Adventure Turns Dark

as he emptied himself. “Oh!” Andee yelped at the feeling of her lover pushing so deep into her as he came. His cock felt like it was all the way into her uterus it was so long. She clutched at Bella’s hips to brace herself as Derrick’s orgasm shuddered through her cunt. Bella slipped off the bed and crouched down and kissed Andee, using her

Harry Potter: The Boy who Fucked

America? Harry said, again drawing a blank on this term. The. . . country? Oh, right Do you like it here better? Not really. Much better weather there, but I suppose its okay here Do, er, do you have a boyfriend? Harry asked nervously. If you dont mind me asking He added. She giggled at his embarassment. Not right now, no. I wish I did though. .

Dressed To Kill Ch. 11

try these.’ she commanded curtly as she pulled a pair of semi-sheer seamed black stockings from the bundle. Noella obediently pulled on the stockings, snapping them into the suspenders that dangled from corset. She then slipped on the sequinned shoes before inspecting the result in the mirror. Yes! I love it. This one is for Noella. ‘Tres’

The Long Walk Home

walking this path for a month now, and I had some awkward experiences in this area before. A couple weeks ago, there were a couple of guys I had been walking behind, that I lost track of suddenly when they got to a side road. I found them eventually, a few blocks past where I'd lost them.. they were following me instead. And I had pretty much ran

Having Fun

Your breasts are soft and supple as I slowly cup each one and take each one into my mouth. I slowly work my way down to your belly as I hear your breathing getting quicker and more rapid. I circle my tongue around your belly button and slide my tongue deep into your navel. I hear you moan and move slower down kissing the little patch of hair on

Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wifes Confession

my wife unique. Beas inner sexuality (her sexual likes and dislikes) and her sexual behaviors are what truly set her apart, making her incredibly different from most other women. In other words, Bea doesnt enjoy most of the things that an average woman would tend to enjoy during sex. Yet she enjoys many other sexual things in ways that an average

The Warm-up Service

it's not that big a deal."Steve indicated he understood, but I continued trying to make a joke of it, "Well, what I mean is, I hardly want to go to the trouble of having a whole sordid, torrid affair just to remind myself what being licked out is like!"We both laughed and continued discussing other things, but the thought had entered the back my

The Driving Test

passion was interrupted. “No! Put it back in,” I pleaded. He responded by pushing my legs up to my chest, exposing my fuck hole. I heard him spit, and felt his saliva land on my arse. He then took two of his fingers, and slipped them deep into me. “Fuck me!” I screamed. He then lay on top of me, and silenced my protests with a passionate kiss.

Eleanor Ch. 10

for any signs of his brother, and his boatmen. Their bowls were all stacked neatly next to the fire, their tents unharmed, each with their furs still lain in the bottom. They had not been scavenged. The fight was recent, the blood suggested as close as yesterday. Could he really have missed his brother by a day? The clash of swords behind him

The Guy Next Door – Chapter 7

toy that she received on Wednesday that she had to ask Matt about. It was a pair of small metal balls. He smiled as he told her what to do with them. Her mouth opened wide as she gasped. But as the slut she was, she placed them inside her and walked around London and important client offices with them rubbing against her insides. At one point she

Getting Home Late From Work

squeezing tighter and tighter as they are wrapped around Daddy's legs, trying desperately to clamp your luscious silky thighs together to capture Daddy's hand right where you wish you could hold it forever.Just as you feel that your hot juicy aching pussy is about to explode in ecstasy, Daddy removes his hand from beneath your skirt and wraps his

Taking My Sister Part 2

up as I watched this black man, with his nine inch cock penetrating my moms neatly trimmed pussy hard and fast. After a minute or two the man pulled his long rod out of my moms snatch and buried it into her wide asshole. My mom squealed in delight. It was only now I realised there was loud music playing. Jimi Hendrixs Foxy Lady which is probably

Pans Pleasures

beheld, her mind tried to banish the thought while her body beckoned her to throw herself into the wicked fires of sin and lust. She knew that to take his wicked pleasuring was to be forever lost… to be his lover, lost to the normal desires of man and woman, and that she would never, ever be the same. She watched as his cock began to stiffen as

African Intense Experimental Adventures Chapter 2.

a jug of water spilled all over me and this is all that was in the room to change into. It is tight. Sure you can undo it for me Ted.” Kay answered.Ted leaned over my wife and slowly he unbuttoned her top button as more of her big breast spilled out. However to my surprise Ted didn't stop with just one button he undid the next one and untied

Indiscretions Ch. 10

Making love with him was always wonderful, the way she’d always dreamed love-making would feel! ‘Uhhhhhhhh!!!!’ she grunted when he thrust a finger into her. Her hips continued to twist insistently and her head rolled from side to side on the blanket. Mitch, powerfully aroused, kissed through her sparse pubic hair, then he lashed her clit with

A Spirit For The Ladies

your right ear. But there’s nobody there so might as well keep your eyes closed and enjoy the sensation. The tongue is so warm as it slides down your cheek to your neck. It feels like a hand brushing your hair back and the lips begin to kiss your neck. A hand seems to be caressing the back of your neck while the lips kiss all around your neck.

Laura's Dream

that to be the case. I tried to furiously think of the best answer to this absurd statement: “Err, I think there are plenty of boyfriends who…”Laura drew a quick breath to gain courage, but her eyes still weren’t looking at me when she continued: “You, dad. Not a boyfriend”.“This is, well…” I tried to come up with an answer, but the technical

More Than Just A Band (The Continuation)

and so were guys from other bands that we’ve came across. Cliff and our drummer, John were half brothers. It was funny to me how different they were. John was careless and very carefree. Plainly put, he was the disorganized type. Cliff was the orderly type. He had everything down to schedule, time, date and such. He was the dangerous type.

The Wet Vibe - Chapter Three

in pitch of my voice and sucks harder, pumping his slickened fingers in and out of me, pleasuring me in ways that blow my mind. He sends me over the edge and my body tenses as my orgasm takes over. I scream in pleasure as Jon continues to pleasure me through my orgasm, making it last that much longer than a normal one. By the end of it, I am

Tales of the eKids:.. Ch. 02

You can’t mate successfully with them. Oh, I know that you fit together fine. But forget about children. Maybe, almost surely, you can propagate with H. sapien women. But it is equally certain that the offspring will be sterile. No more little Turners on the horizon from your little branch of the family.’ Eamon got it. ‘So I can’t have a family


wine glass in her elegantly manicured fingers, her eyes subtly scanning the room. Ideal , I thought to myself again. Then our eyes met. She smiled, briefly embarrassed, then looked away. Then she looked again. I held her gaze for a few seconds, then walked towards her, picking my way through the crowded bar. I could be wrong, of course – maybe

My First Male on Male Experience

every drop of my thick load I shot and that only made me hornier. He took it all, squeezing all traces into his mouth and finally pulling his mouth off my still hard cock. I was in heaven. I opened my eyesand realized he was naked also and sporting a very hard and gorgeous cock. I stared at it and started jerking off. I wanted it but didn’t say

New Government Male Laws Ch. 02

tremble with fear."I'm not a Maam, I'm a Miss. You may call me Miss Lydia. Can you say Miss Lydia, boy?" Her hand moved down and cupped his balls which she rolled around with her fingers.Alicia and Karen were enjoying the show and marvelled how the older woman had succeeded in intimidating the youngster. They were seeing another example of the

From Friends to lovers

thumbed her plump lips, and settled on the sides of her face. Every ounce of willpower I ever had was gone. Friends be damned, every fiber in my being begged me to forsake our friendship in exchange for carnal glory. The fury in my loins roared, proud as a lion, and I felt every bit the part as her body pressed hungrily against mine. There was

Mat Billy and the Doc 5

done i dropped out of his mouth he said that he didnt mind eating it at all because the doctor said it was good for me to swallow it. He said it was full of vitimans and that I needed that. I was happy I had came and did not have to go to sleep with a boner. I looked over at Billys small cock and was about to go for it. I remembered how he shook

A First at the Adult Bookstore

glorious masturbation. I was focused and involved with the movie until I noticed a movement to my lower left. I looked down and there was a finger rolling around the hole there. It was about cock high. It gestured me over and I bent down. A voice said, “Do you want to be sucked?” I had never had a blow job so I stood and moved my cock in through

A Happy End to High School; Part 1

everywhere, he was in an enduced coma. The doctors explained to us that his body was failing and calmly suggested we maybe say our goodbyes. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life and later that night we were informed that my dad had passed. Loosing my dad was rough but somehow we managed to get through it. The years went


semi. It feels firm through the fabric, but I rip them off. His cock is beautiful. It is a little bit smaller than what I was used to, but it is beautiful – circumcised and smooth – and when the urge to take it in my mouth hits me, I don’t resist. I first give it a thorough licking, starting at the base and working up, and then take the entire

The Rest Stop

of my cock to her entrance. She had even already put some downward pressure on it, lodging just the tip of it tightly into her little hole before I could stop her. I saw no signs of fear on her face but wanted to caution her anyway. I did not explain that I already knew she had no hymen. I didnt know if she where aware of the fact or not and

Mind Fuckery

up her mess. I lick my finger when I'm done, imagining you licking it for me. Mmm, I do love a man who likes to clean up. Both high-heeled feet flat on the floor now I pull down my skirt and open the stall door, stopping at the sink and washing my hands of their musky scent of sex and cum. A quick look over the front and back of me confirms that

Stargazer I

his tongue all around the outside of her, driving her wild with desire. She finally put her hand to his head, running her fingers through his scalp (which he enjoyed immensely) and pressing him to the target. He resisted a little, but slowly his tongue ran up the full length of her sopping wet lips. She was just about ready to have her first big

The Battle For Carnal Delights

though, watching her breasts float through the water. There was no sex per se in the pool, but we did have fun with the teasing and playful antics. We finally decided that 'enough was enough' and got out of the pool. We did not put our wet swim wear back on, but rather just wrapped towels around our bodies to get back to the room. We passed a

Something In The Air

the air that night. There I was, sitting across from the woman I desired more than any other, in a romantic restaurant, enjoying the evening over good food and some wonderful warm smiles. At one point Stacia even leaned over and pressed my thigh with her warm, delicate, hands, emphasizing the passion of something that she was saying. A few inches

Sara-bell and the Secret Key- part 1

B cup breasts and a womanly curve the followed down to her hips, and further down her small shapely legs. Bella sat down at the table and folded her napkin in her lap, right as her uncle and Anne walked in together, Anne had chosen a very tight fit dress, that split up the leg to the hip showing off almost all she was supposed to be hiding. Bella

Brother,Sister, Mother, Neighbor Part 2

tight pussy. He heard her moan as he rub her lips and the her clit. He felt her buck up and down.She could not stand it and as his hand touched her pussy, her hips of their own accord, bucked up to get more contact. Jerry took his cock in hand and rubbed the tip against her pussy and then pushed it in. The head had just entered her when she

One Perfect Day

a long sad love song ended. She had been a year older than Jake and they had split up a week before the end of term. I didn’t know which of them had ended their relationship but although I had liked Cindy, I cared most about my brother. “A bit,” he replied, “but it wasn’t really serious and she had to move away for her job.” He sounded a little

Doctor of Desire Ch. 04

sweet bitch get something cool and a place to rest. Can you do that? He sat down next to the Subject, making her move, forcing the Goth to leave. ‘We need a couple of beers. And quick. We’re both hot. Go.’ The Goth was in no hurry. The Subject smiled at him. ‘My usual, Greenie, and you know what for him.’ She tipped her head toward Casey. She

Discovering Faith Pt. 03

can turn you on this much Calvin. Am I really that pretty?’ ‘Angeline, you are prettier than any of the other girls I know. You are perfect and no one else seems to know that.’ ‘Am I prettier than those women at the warehouse? My boobs aren’t as big as Miss Concepci¢n’s. Am I prettier than her?’ ‘I hardly noticed those others at the warehouse I

Carnal Campus Ch. 09

grabbed at him with both hands and swallowed his spurting cock in her hot mouth. Her cheeks flexed with effort as she sucked him back to life. Her tongue flicked along his length and slipped around and down to his scrotum. She slid each ball into her mouth, one at a time, and rolled it in her gently sucking mouth. Her dark eyes gazed up at him

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 09

her faculties. ‘I wrote all of that stuff while the whole Chris and Vanessa saga was playing out. Some of the things you posted rubbed me the wrong way because—’ she paused and browsed through the racks of words in her mind but the right combinations were just outside her grasp. ‘—some of it came off kind of nonchalant…as if getting involved

E-Mail Submission

the exact moment the minute hand touched the hour sues fingers flew to her pussy and she rubbed herself vigorously with a flurry of released frustration. Her breathing was heavy and ragged and she moaned as the familiar warm sensation spread through her groin.She knew she had to control herself and reluctantly she slowed her eager rubbing and

Two Worlds Collide

played with her breasts and nipples. Once he placed his warm wet mouth her breasts and then her nipples the pleasure increased. But then his head moved towards her pussy and this scared her. No one had looked at her pussy and here was this older balding man who was and then he licked her pussy and she wanted to run but he held her and licked her

Harry & Betty in Graduate School

talking," she said. “I finally decided that you really didn’t like girls and was just going with me to impress the guys. You never seemed to understand what I was trying to tell you.” "I got some education in college," I replied.“Oh yeah, just what kind of education did you get?” she replied with a suggestive smile.Without comment I slid my

Eleanor Ch. 05

Bruni whispered. ‘Yes’ Ragnar replied, looking into Eleanor’s tent, seeing the blood where her head had been resting. ‘She has not been gone long Bruni, a few minutes maybe, the blankets are still warm.’ He tried to reassure his friend, who was now vibrating with anger from the sight of blood on Ragnar’s fingers, as they ran into the woods.

Sucking cock in a truck

me to write and post a story titled Am I Gay? What I am about to tell will answer that question once and for all. I began an online correspondence with a guy after meeting him on a gay chat site. Like me, he is married, but is much younger. We would chat on yahoo messenger and talk about sucking cock and how much we both wanted to try it. Then

Call Me Julie part 5

hand snakes its way under my dress and into my panties, which she pulls down enough to release my cock, and tugs on it vigorously. She breaks the kiss and snakes down my body, flips my dress over her head and engulfs my cock with her mouth. Her fingers probe between my legs to find my puckered asshole, which she starts to finger. I am in pure

Her hunger

just a single look. Once in the bathroom she turns to face him and she lifts her arms in the air so he can remove her top. Once he has she then removes his. She reaches out and begins to tug at his pants and then he removes hers. She begins to kiss him passionately while moving her hands over his body. She wants him very desperately and she

My First MILF: The Conclusion

around 3:00 PM they were none the wiser. I would show up a little after they got home. By the end of September there wasn't an opening on Crystal that had not been kissed, licked or penetrated. She introduced me to anal sex, and the memories of her softly moaning the first time my stiff cock pumped her beautiful ass get me hard to this day. Tara

Restaurant Romance

idea of you serving me." Why is that waitress giving me the evil eye? Does she like him too? Are they fucking? They don't seem to be fucking. I don't get that vibe from them. I wish she would stop looking at me like that, mean mugging with her face all frowned up. Oh good, another customer; now she can focus her energy on someone else, but now I

Anna for Dinner

guess it wont really mater now dose it? No honey I guess it really dont. Mom…dose heather know about this? No she dose not know yet I wanted to talk to you about it first…me and your father have talked about this some what and well I am sorry about this. But let me go make a few phone calls and there will be two guys that will come over to…touch

Tricked With a Pill - 1

this way for another day.”“Longer than that bitch. That shit stays in your system for like a week.”“A week! I’m stuck this way for an entire fucking week?”“Yeah, you are, so you might as well get used to being a chick.”“Fuck. I can’t go to work like this. They’ll fire my ass.”“Nick, calm the bitch down. Nothing else we can do. I’ll check and see

The Party Rages On

sure everyone was comfortable. We were proud to be throwing a great get-together, but we were both eager for everyone to leave.Randi moved with grace. She looked amazing with her loosely curled hair. Her curls tossed from side to side almost playfully as she moved. Her slender neck was softly covered by her turtleneck sweater. The dark black

The Perfect Match

the right place, and a lovely smile. Anyway, by the time we got to Brian’s place, my wife was already there, and I introduced Maggie to her and then various other people, and managed to drag myself away to rejoin my wife and our other friends. My eyes however roamed the room to catch a glance of Maggie, a bit too obviously as my wife dug me in

You Will Welcome Death

he discovered the fire and was overcome. We’ll know more when we see the video from the security company. Do you know who else has keys to the building?’ ‘I don’t think anyone does. Frank changed all the locks after those break-ins around here last year. Why?’ ‘All the doors were locked and dead-bolted, including the one on the upstairs fire

Training Tanya Ch. 02

and feasting on her soaking-wet pussy. ‘Oh fuck Tanya, she’s got an amazing tongue. Get your ass over here, slut!’ Raquel commanded. Tanya was the last to get on the bed, she ran her fingers through CJ’s long black hair and down the smooth lines of her body. ‘Did you know you were bi-sexual in High School?’ Tanya asked the sexy Asian honey. Her

Bloodsport Fairytale ch. 2

motel in Sacramento we started running east, making it to Cheyenne the next night where we broke south and headed for Colorado. Once we got to Denver we started going east again, and had just crossed the state line into Kansas no more than an hour ago. Well, I say we were running but in truth I was the one doing the actual work. After all,

Summer Vacation Ch. 14

happened with you and Uncle Dave yesterday?’ Tommy asked his aunt the next morning after Kim had gone to work. He didn’t want to ask his aunt about her marital problems until his cousin was gone because he didn’t know if Kim knew her mother was considering divorcing her father. Karen sat down at the table with him and sipped her coffee. ‘He told

Cameraman Needed

“It’s not even hard yet!”“It’s not?” Paige said, shocked.“Put it in your mouth. See how big you can make it,” Hank said.“Um, okay!” Paige agreed.With that she opened her mouth wide and put the golf ball sized head between her lips. Paige’s eyes went wide when she realized just how much of a struggle this was going to be. I, too, was shocked at

Making Kays Fantasy Come True

her left breast. Her left hand slowly stroked her wet pussy.She and Zack had be living together for a few months. There relationship was very sexually charged from the start. She loved Zack sensitivity. They loved talking about ways to please each other. They spoke openly about their sexual likes and dislikes and were very open about their sexual

A Week With My Sister Part 2

Her muscles tensed up even tighter and she moaned loudly and closed her eyes as her orgasm overtook her. I took my fingers out and put them in my mouth, tasting her sweet pussy juice. We kissed for a few minutes before turning off the shower and drying off.Kate cooked some eggs and we ate breakfast in bed. I had hoped to stay there all day, but

The Second Hundred Years Ch. 05

William told Casey. ‘He’s been away for a while.’ Jim and Casey nodded at each other. ‘You’re running with a rough crowd in these two,’ Casey teased. Turning back to William he said, ‘I know y’all didn’t come all the way into Prescott just to talk over old times. What can the U.S. Assay Office do for you?’ William put the strong box on the

Mistress Melba's Big Black Cock

even though I weigh 240 lbs. I also possess, a big old pair of 42EE titties that look like two half watermelons jutting out from my chest. My fetish specialty, is spanking young ladies, and I especially like spanking white girls.My husband left me 6 years ago for another woman. Turned out she was a good-looking young white girl with big knockers

Meeting Hannah Again

tough! Don’t you,” she said, smiling and I could tell she was acting out one of her fantasies from the internet as she started to dash away.Quickly, I grabbed her arm, "Hey! You're not going anywhere," I said, pulling her as she tried harder to get away. We were in a tug of war.I held on to her arm as she pulled, feeling how strong she was then

Pat’s Toy Boy Ch. 02

time, so he could gradually build up to the ultimate climax. It did feel so good inside and I relished the feel of his throb so strong. I felt love for him. He began to cry out, saying he was going to cum. ‘Then let it happen Robin,’ I said clutching him and digging my heels into his back to help him get a full insertion. I felt his balls

The Meeting

want you to fuck me so hard."At that he rose again from the chair. Pulling me to my feet, he turned me around and pushed me onto the desk, my face resting against the cool polished wood. He pushed my skirt up over my hips, and pulled aside my underwear. In one movement he entered me, pushing his cock so hard into my pussy. Despite my juices, it

The Artist Ch.2

music ended she said so what do you think, and I applauded her, and praised the routine. She came over and we snuggled on the couch and watched the early news. I was getting drowsy and dozed off, and was awakened by Sheila turning off the television. She said come on lets go to bed. As we laid in bed naked I told her that I wanted to discuss our

Cathy and Chris Ch. 10

she’d had to turn down because he would invent a hundred different reasons why she shouldn’t go or he couldn’t babysit – unless they were at the Legion or the kids were invited as well of course. All of those Tuesdays or Thursdays or Fridays he had disappeared down the Legion on his own ‘because the bloody club don’t run itself’, only to invite

Tara in Porn

my breasts and sex throb. Between my parted thighs I felt liquid flowing, like the saliva that was bathing Dirk’s member. My body was ready to be speared, to die on his hardness. I sensed his belly muscles tighten, my thighs clench, and the raw power coming through between my stretched lips. With a sharp tug on my hair he withdrew from my mouth,

Aunt Janet's Hot Tub Ch. 03

as I took a gob and started to work it onto her butt. Soon I was concentrating on her butt hole. Using more Astroglide I inserted one finger and then two. Aunt Janet's butt was twitching as she asked for a third finger! Stretch my asshole good. Then I want your cock in my cunt. You can put your thumb in my ass to begin with. I followed

Aren't you afraid? P2

it?"Poe grabs the front of Kylo's shirt and SLAMS him against the wall. Kylo doesn't resist."We won't be intimidated by YOU, Kylo Ren."Kylo smirks. He looks at Poe with a mocking gaze. He stares down at where Poe's hands clench his shirt. "Are you sure you want to do that?""Oh, you'll use your force powers on me? You can't fight like a man?" Poe

Wetwork Ch. 02

in their own way. As he realized his car was several miles away a black Buick pulled up. In the drivers seat was Agent Franks from the NSA. He waved Chris over and flashed Chris his own gun. Chris bolted for the door and shut it behind him drowning out all the reporters. Agent Franks handed Chris his Sig back and started driving towards the


you tonight.”Again she paused and brushed her fingers across Vera’s hard nipples. “No not that,” she laughed. “Tonight I’m serving you another woman.”Marti listened to Andy before telling him, “She’s beautiful, she has killer tits, a perfect ass and she told me that she is dying to get fucked. You won’t need to treat her gently or play kissy

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 01

that asshole quarterback from the rich family in town, Stanley Hunter. I brushed that thought aside, and remembered the crush I had on her in school. It had to be her. The woman at the table had the same piercing blue eyes and facial structure, and only seemed to have filled out in the breast area and gained a little weight since those days 21

That One Day… (1)

in one gulp. Next to me, Taylor groaned, and I looked up in time to see him shoot two ropes of cum, one on my chest, the other on Chads back before just dribbling out. Hah! You prick! You just came on me I jokingly said Yeah, time for your punishment! Chad said, catching on We tackled him to the ground but I rolled off, pretty tired from

Bondage in the urban wasteland

to be perfect: industrial, abandoned, out in the open, yet secluded. Finally, after three days of driving endlessly through the wasteland of closed factories, chemical plants and cavernous assembly lines at the edges of our metropolis, I found it: a drainage ditch stretching itself from an old tannery long since abandoned. At the head of the

The EMT Ch. 15

to her just now than including poor Ian, who had worked alone and so hard all evening. As she thought of him feeling lonely and hurt on the other side of the door, her excitement surged again. With a gasp of surprise, she realised that she wanted him to feel lonely and hurt. Her eyes opened with the realisation that the thought, the idea, the

Good Friends

It was small, champagne glass sized, but firm. I slowly bent over and took her nipple into my mouth, softly kissing and licking it. It must have been sensitive, as Noreen let out a soft moan. My right hand dropped between her legs. I was pleased to feel a completely shaven pussy. It felt amazing. I was never fortunate enough to enjoy this in the

24 Candles

now I’ll never get him to do that again.’ She was so embarrassed. She had heard of squirting orgasms before. But never like this, no one ever continuously squirted such a vast amount of liquid over such time as she had just done. Maybe there was something wrong with her…this didn’t seem healthy at all. As he finally allowed her climax to end she

Hung From The Closet Door

I'll only go as far as you're comfortable."She was fine up to the second knuckle and then gasped and reached her hand back to stop further penetration. Nick eased off. Although she had experienced anal sex in the past, she now had to be worked into it slowly. "Another time." Nick thought, as there was plenty here to satisfy his lust.He finished

Strangers Part 1

encouraging him to watch her pleasure herself. Motionless, he did as she silently instructed and never broke his gaze from her slit; watching as her fingers became soaked in her own juice. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he grabs her and flips her onto her back. He grabs both her hands into his own and pulls them above her head. Clasping

Welcome back

You are so proud to show them off. Your legs shine, catching the sunlight. You look into my eyes with the loveliest smile. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. A shiver goes through my body and my mouth begins to water. I become instantly hard. I just take you in too long without being able to speak. The only thing you say is,

Mandy Jenni and Iain

the little black dress she was wearing rode up another inch or so. He savoured the sight of her long legs encased in sheer nylon, with just a glimpse of naked flesh showing at the top: he felt his cock twitch and looked up just in time to notice the car in front and had to brake harshly “Sorry” he said sheepishly “I should really be concentrating

My cuckolding by Sara Part Eight

her wearing her new “G” string under it. When she came down the stairs, I could see her tits bouncing with each stair that she trod, and her nipples were pushing the front of the dress out. You could clearly see that she was braless from the front. Doug was still getting ready upstairs and Sara came to me and thanked me for everything,

The Typewriter Pt. 01

in a crappy apartment in the not-so-good part of town. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I said to my empty apartment, ‘It is nothing but a mass of metal and plastic. It’s not going to change anything. It probably doesn’t even work.’ I looked around my place, filled with these tiny adventures: the paperweight from the rare book store, the pen from the

The Power of the Illuminati – Ch. 06 – The Russian and the French Maid

Avril was now on her elbows and knees, with her smooth ass in the air. I took her skirt and hiked it up further. With each of my hands, I grabbed onto her panties. With all of my strength, I pulled hard straight up. I was now lifting her up by the panties, with all of the weight on her snatch.“Ahhhh!! Please stop! That hurts!!!” She

My Hot Cousin

you ever felt the need to do this?", I asked."I do feel so, but my virgenity?", Kamal replied."Oh no kamal, don't worry about virgenity. This is the real pleasure you are losing.", I tried to convince her.After a short discussion she agreed to. After finishing our whisky we again resumed our oral sex. I made her reach to the height of excitment.

Boys Will Play While the Wifes Away (Part 1)

most of the time and, yes, diplomatic relations sometimes break down. Under normal circumstances it’s not often a positive sign but I’ve since discovered that in my own realm it really can be a revelation. At the beginning of my wedded life this was not so conspicuously obvious but as time went on and as marriage posed its usual problems and

Mandy’s Letter To Santa Claus

on the stretcher. ‘Was it so wrong to give her a clean home and dinner last night? I should have turned them in and she might still be alive.’ she told the officer. ‘They are monsters and need to be given the same death that they gave to her.’ She told Miss. Bells as she wiped her eyes. ‘Too many children are killed or seriously maimed by an

In My New House

I felt him on me. He brought me to the floor, gently, and moved his tongue from my neck down to my nipples. I felt his teeth brush over my swollen nipples and gasped with pleasure. He latched onto my nipple and started to suck, in such a way I was almost ready to come then. He then moved down to my pants and removed my belt and pulled down my

Pay It Forward Ch. 08

her to meet him. They went inside as everyone was asking a million questions, about their wedding, the baby, where they’d live. Michal held Clemmie close, a part of him jealous that they weren’t pregnant yet. But if he had his way, they’d be married and she’d be carrying his child soon. As everyone was talking, Kevin walked in. He stood in the

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 07

her and grabbed them both. He pulled, twisted and pinched them unmercifully. The harder he pulled and the rougher he got, the louder Mrs. Zamora screamed in pleasure! Mrs. Zamora and Rob were at a new level of sexual heat. She had not been this aroused for a long time and Rob was nearly as hot. Rob pinched both of her nipples extremely hard and

Inspiration Ch. 07

painted portraits he moved, his mind not where he knew it should be, his art. Her announcement that his time had come should be his focus but she was the focus. Before the centered painting he stepped, his eyes shifted one direction then the other studying the several different women who had entered his life for one evening only then left

Neighbor's Niece Taylor 1

my arm between her legs."Could you put the stuff on?" as I slowly pulled my arm across her crotch and out "Oh, sorry about that!" as I started to put the lotion on pulling her leg up on my belly opening her up as I applied it to her amazing ass cheek and upper thigh getting close to her labium as much as possible to test her reaction while

Better Late Than Never

finished pissing, and they both moaned as one, his jizz spilling into her already full anus, making her gasp in pleasure.When the climax ceased, she moved until he slipped out of her and they lay side by side, too spent to do more. "Dianne, that was..." he gasped."Next time we should invite some friends," she laughed dryly. They both slipped

Getting the Promotion

base of his cock and slapped her face with it, causing her spit to get all over her face. The entire time I am only a foot away in my chair watching my wife service him. When her face was slick with her spit and his pre cum, he started to rub his cock all over her cheeks and lips. When she tried to turn away he would smack her on the forehead

Getting a Taste of the Eye Candy

to everyone around, he can’t seem to peel his eyes off of me. So here I go with my captive audience, kicking my legs back one at a time so that with each swing my heels rise above my ass. This little extra does wonders for my upper thighs and glutes but hell, who’s kidding who? In my heart of hearts I’m really just putting on a show for him. With

It all started out erotic enough&hellip,

hoped that she was playing with his dick with her mouth. He was biting the bottom of his lip, as he worked her pussy expertly with his hand. She was dripping down her leg she was so excited. He had found that spot that she loves to be rubbed and she began to come on his fingers. She was ready for him now and wanted him badly, but he wasnt ready

Dulling the Pre-Wedding Fears

So…check it for me.’ ‘Of course,’ said Venezia. ‘Please sit.’ The small octagonal table had comfortable, overstuffed loveseats across from each other, Karmella immediately flopped onto hers. Venezia’s straight, upper-back-length glossy brown hair fell near her eyes while she seated herself and readied her deck of cards. ‘It was June 12th,’ she

The Evil That Women Do

They do not truly desire that. What the femnazis want to do is destroy the existing societal structure. They think all men are evil and all women are victims. They don’t want equal rights. They want special rights. They think they are untouchable and no one dares to oppose them. Anyone who opposes a feminist, no matter how radical becomes

In the Seraglio: part ten

the Catholic Empire from the area, but the presence in Syria of Catholic missions provided a possible entry point for a new Crusade against Islam. So the region mattered. The news that the Druze, one of the many religious groups in the area, had refused to pay their taxes and risen in revolt in their stronghold of Mount Lebanon, was a signal to

Being Bisexual

teased along my slit until she slipped a finger inside me while her thumb rubbed against my clit. For his part, Malcolm knew exactly what to do with my nipples, sucking hard and using his teeth to tug on them until he had me whimpering in delicious agony.I jerked his thick meat in one hand while fingering Mia with the other. It was so euphoric.

Just Waiting For You To Ask

together, do they fall in love, do they remain in their miserable relationships and just find comfort when they can? What is going through their minds? Are they crazy? Jake speaks portions of sentences between kisses, starting at her neck, “It seems…” kissing slightly lower, “that their desire to touch one another,” his lips find her navel,

A married affair

apart to that you can press your knees between mine. I feel the air against my damp pussy and wonder how much you are able to see. Your knees slide up and down slightly as you lean in and give me a kiss telling me how much you have missed me this week. Saying how wonderful I look, thanking me for wearing the outfit you asked of me, and telling me

A Goddess in need

I then gave her a hug and said, “Go have fun. You need it. Go get wasted then come back and tell me how it went. K’?” I said softly.“Okay,” she quietly replied back.I started to tickle her stomach, making her laugh and try to get away from me.“Now go!” I edged her out her door and gave her arse a love tap.She giggled and looked back. Her bottom

Deep in the woods.

here, but first it was time for dinner. After about a half hour the two were sitting at an old wooden table making small talk. Claire was smiling and enjoying herself. She couldn't help but notice that Gabe was staring at her every time she thought he wasn't looking. She was feeling rather proud of herself. Even though it was her son looking at

Still Faithful, Always - Chapter 4

Arms opened in synch with elevator doors and Greg stepped into them for an embrace and kiss. Upper Floor gave a lecherous grin as those elevator doors slid closed. Two people kissing did not notice any amusement. Resisting the urge to take Greg immediately to her bed, Laura directed him to her sofa and joined him sitting as close as possible. She

Mr Eddings's Seduction

like that in a very, very long time.''Well, you get to see mine now. Want to unhook my bra so you can actually SEE them?' 'Well, of course I do.' The bra was a front-hooking bra, so all I had to do was reach and pull the clasp open. Those breasts were utterly perfect. Young, firm, supple--they felt so wonderful in my hand. I took her left breast

Claire No.1

liked to tell her that no Playboy bunny could hold a candle to her! As she entered the mall she thought of the last time he had sucked her tits, and her nipples got getting hard just thinking about it inducing her to look down at her chest and see the two buds poking through the her blouse, causing her to shiver!!!There was hardly a sole to be

Fucking in porno movie – true story

a hold of the guy finger fucking me and push hard on his fingers I came in waves. The second guy turns me over so that my face is in the first guy’s lap. I opened my mouth and took his big cock in my mouth and swallowed it. It goes way down my throat. I gagged a little, I moved my head up and down and sucked him hard. The other guy took his

Betrayed Over Conception Ch. 03

marriage dissolution so had spend some on better hair dressing and makeup. The ill-fated marriage would have given her a man regularly which may have given her a better outlook on life, and the punching may have put more sting into her tail. But this was merely how I saw it and look at my record at dealing in human relationships! A woman came

Bare Bottom

suck your vagina!?!’ ‘Fuck yes,’ she said through clenched teeth, ‘that’s why I shave my pussy, so that his mouth and tongue have open access to my organ!!!’ ‘Very good,’ he said softly, ‘from the looks of things you’re read to cum, would you like that, dear?!?’ ‘Please,’ she begged, ‘I’m am so fucking ready!!!’‘There’s just one problem,’ he

Lovely sister

know. I think a deal like that may require more than one blowjob . . . and free range to play with your tits whenever I want."My sister laughed out loud. "I thought you'd never ask. I get what I want anytime I want it, and you get what you want anytime you want it. That's a deal I can live with . . . besides, I think I might just enjoy giving

Incentious Family

while fantasizing about my sister always gives me the biggest rush, the dopamine production in my brain going completely out of control. The orgasms I achieve are unbelievably intense as ropes and ropes of cum ejaculate from my body. A few minutes later though, the high rapidly diminishes and I am left feeling like crap for lusting over my own

Triple Threat Ch. 02

DT Godsend Williams, who had taken a liking to Nate, winked at him. ‘Hike!’ The second string QB, Tim Ribovich tossed Nate the ball. He made toward the right side and Robinson and Williams closed in on him. Nate saw the hole created by Robinson abandoning his zone. Nate took a quick step back and zipped a bullet into Turner’s stomach. Turner was

12:41 to Marylebone

of the material draped with majesty over her perfectly formed cleavage.I was reading a story on Lush written by a friend and I felt something brush my leg. I thought nothing more than an accident that occasionally happens on a train, especially at table seats. I felt it again, toes stroking my shin, I took a deep breath and began to enjoy the

The Cleaner - Chapter 4

let you leave if you don’t!”“Look, I have to get back at the people that tried to harm us. It is too dangerous. You have to stay here, Rossi will come by and pick you up, get you somewhere safe.”“I will not let you go anywhere dangerous. Not alone.”“What do you mean?”“I will come with you. Either this, or you stay here.”“You will not-“ He was

Beauty and The Plug

baby oil. I could actually smell her arousal. After several more minutes of massaging her back and thighs I knew it was time to begin. By now Kim was actually rubbing herself against my leg. I poured some baby oil around the plug, then began working my fingers under the plug until I was rubbing against her completely filled anus. I heard her moan

Isabelle: Chapter 2

as I grabbed my groin from underneath her firm ass. On the top of my hands I could feel a slightly damp spot where her vagina was. Was she wet from my boner? I thought. As the pain cleared and the gaming went on, I continued to debate whether or not Isabelle actually liked me. I wish she would just say it, I thought to myself as a controller

To K from R, with Love

but also could not be more excited. I have wanted you since the moment I laid eyes on you from across the room. And I was fortunate enough to have you in some capacity, twice even. It has gone from being a nearly inconceivable notion to ever have you inside me to now having such opportunities. And so I have given into the hope of wanting you in a

Beautiful Morning

to admire our handiwork, I decided I wanted to kiss her again. “Looks good,” she said. I nodded, wanting nothing so much in the world than to feel our breasts touching again. I screwed up my courage and looked up at her. “Hey, remember before, when you kissed me?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said, unable to meet my eyes. “I hope you don’t…” “Would you

Family Friend

statement. She was the wife of my fathers’s best man and had known my parents since their early teens. That said I didn’t know her at all. My parents had moved from southern California, shortly after they were married. Which by the way was when they were eighteen. I was their second son and born before their second anniversary. As couples who

Christmas Eve Fun

and I were getting ready for church. I put on a nice long sleeve polo shirt and long khaki pants. She was wearing a nice dress and boots, but it was more cute than sexy. I tried to give her a long kiss and grab her ass right before we left, but she pushed me away. She told me not until afterwards so I wouldn’t make her face red. I became annoyed

On The Right Side of Depravity

not my real nature. The way you walk... I recognize it on a deep familial level as the only man who Owns me, the only one I have ever truly seen. I should have looked more carefully for you, but I could not have found you sooner than I did. Then, you returned to me.While you were tying my hands to the iron headboard, you teased that you thought I

Negril Escape

at the end of the bed. Looking up at my handsome hunk my hand went straight for the growing cock in his pants. He let out a little sigh as I loosened the drawstring to his pants then pulled them down to the tops of his thighs. Mmmm no underwear he’s going commando and his pretty cock was right in my face. “I think I need a little appetizer

The Seeding 3

how I farm?" John asked a little suspicious, "or are you here for 'other' reasons?""Ah, you caught me, actually I am here for both. It would be better if we did the work first though. Daddy has a mean scanner and out on these fields, he could detect a worm within a half a centimeter. Besides not the place for the ...uh hum... other things" she

Samantha Gets Collared

when I had come home early after being out swimming with some friends.June and Jack lounged on the deck, taking in the sunset. They did not hear or see me arrive. I stood in the shadows and watched them.Jack gazed into June’s eyes and told her how gorgeous she was. I witnessed an intimacy between them, I had not seen before.Jack turned on the

Swimming teachers can be more than friends

"Perhaps it's just too much. Maybe I should just do this instead," she said moving her hand down and covering part of my hard cock and cradling my balls. Her hand slowly massaged me. "Is this better?" She asked with a smile. "Oh," I managed to sigh out. "If you don't stop that soon, I'm gonna explode." "You know," Fran said. "You're bigger that I

My Trip To Visit Him - Part Two

he pulled me to my feet, turned me around again, and bent me over his bed. He slapped my ass, first one side, then the other, back and forth until I felt a warm glow emanating from both cheeks and tears filled my eyes. I knew if I could see my butt in the mirror I would see pink skin and handprints. I heard a buzzing behind me. I started to turn

lactating hot wife - chapter 1 - Chris exposes and shares me with his best friend

for the summer. I would survive the minor intrusion into our lives. Glenn arrived the week before Memorial Day. He had driven over from Pennsylvania in his rather rough looking Honda Civic. Chris and I set him up in the guest bedroom, which also happened to serve as our mini-office with a desk Chris and I shared.Glenn's room also contained a

Strangers in the Night

herself, cold and unmoving as a corpse. The woman who responded to the online requests to be her personal fuck buddy was not the same woman who stuck to the same, dull routine for the past eight months. She wasn’t even the warm, optimistic friend Danni thought her to be. Jessamine was bold and in control of her desires. She was wanton and


the patter never changing, loving and sweet, caring and low. She wheeled on him, bucking, slamming her hooves into him. The ground hurt. The ground doesn’t usually hurt. Odd bits of thoughts flitted through his head and he waited. He couldn’t see her and his patter hurt. He was cold and the night was long, but the patter never changed, even husky

Crossing paths and bottling it

fascinating to me and I often wondered which side would present itself if I were to actually talk to her. Her olive skin made me think that she must have some Italian or Spanish heritage somewhere, I do have a penchant for a Mediterranean girl.When springtime came and the sun started gradually emanating more and more heat, so I in parallel

Alls Fair in Love and War

James. The night’s still young!’ James swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in nervousness. Biting his lip as if too steel himself for the job, he reached over with one hand and grabbed my first button. ‘Almost,’ I encouraged. Looking thoroughly excited now, James reached over with his other hand. Getting into a better

Night Magic with "C" and "X"

flesh. The feeling of fullness was immediate as I heard Cheryl chuckle, saying; "I told you it would fit, and he can keep it in there until he gets home."The next while was filled with the Ladies' discussion of the various whips and paddles. Every few minutes one or another would demonstrate an instrument, planting blows on my ass, thighs or back


actually like… I’m sure you know what I mean." Listening to Emma's story had me so horny, I was ready to burst. I actually thought of excusing myself and going to the toilet for some quick hand relief but thought better of it. I finally said, "I do know what you mean Em. That's exactly why I haven’t been able to stop." "I mean once you’ve

The Confession

with my hand so that he wouldn’t see me smiling. His four-inch cock has always been a source of frustration for Mat, and a source of amusement for my girlfriends when we would discuss our sex lives with each other. The truth is, I didn’t mind his lack of size at the beginning of our marriage. We were both virgins when we married, and quite young,

A Steamy Day at the Office

but to trust him. I do wonder if I was the "other woman" for a while. Now, he is happily divorced, and we live together in his Manhattan apartment. He is marvelous in bed, and makes me orgasm every time. Except for the fact he is rarely at home, we have a good relationship. However, there is a new guy at work, and I find myself instinctively

Night Robbery

that I would love to show her how much I thanked her. She asked me how I would do that. With that, I began to kiss her. Soon she was moaning and I slipped my hand under her robe and began to rub those boobs that were hanging down. I took her robe off and began to kiss each of her nipples. Soon she was playing with my cock. I got up and laid her


against him, making him groan as he grew harder. ‘Beth do you know what you’re doing to me?’ he asked, not really sure he cared about the answer at the moment. ‘I have an idea,’ she smiled deviously. ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ he asked her earnestly. ‘I’m sure,’ she said as kissed him gently to reassure him. She then went to remove her

Stealing Me Away

rubbing his face on her opening when he could, before turning all his attention to it. He licked her slit up and down, finding her clit with his tongue. He licked and sucked on her clit for a minute and inserted two of his thick fingers into her tight pussy; he kept flexing and bending his fingers until he found her G-spot. She was slipping, wet


rest my foot on the bed and spread my legs apart but keep them straight at the knees. Walking around to the side of the bed you reach out and tug on the chain again, then slap the side of my breast. I wince at the hot sting but suddenly feel you kissing where you just slapped, and licking, sucking. “You taste so good. I love the feel of your skin

Entropic Force

house. She was good to talk to because she always had a solution for everything and talked more than she listened. Once grandpa died when I was seventeen, though, she lost part of her mind. She gave away my grandfather’s belongings of worth to my aunt’s family while my mother and siblings got the old junk like a pocket watch that didn’t work and

Reawakening Love

slowly pulling the last fabric on her body down. She bent down, flicking her hair forward to use it as a shield for her body as she stepped out her panties. Teasingly she rose, revealing first her toes then the straps of her stilletto heeled shoes. Slowly she offered the view of her shins, knees and thighs. Finally, in a rush and a snap of her

I, Slave

confirmed the suite number. As I waited for the elevator I smoothed my cute little back dress against my thighs, abdomen and ass, pressing out any creases I'd picked up on the drive over. I felt the firmness of my flesh and the definition of my muscles. My recent yoga obsession and years of competitive gymnastics and had really paid off. If only

He Won

the fear drained from her body and was replaced by anger as his features became clear. She reached her right hand all the way back into Tennessee and slapped him across his face. The force behind the hit was strong, and his whole upper body went along in the direction of the slap, as to ease some of the pain. His cheek still stung when he turned


with the muscle relaxant. Before we do anything else, we need to give her an enema. Dont want any interruptions to the broadcast, although I am sure there will be a few viewers who would prefer it dirty. Max said, walking over to the toy cupboard to grab a douche. When they were satisfied she was properly clean, Katie got up and had a look in

Wheres My Article?

latte. Her left knee shook uncontrollably, and her teeth scraped harshly against each other. She was desperate to complete her article which was already two weeks overdue. She had typed her final word, proofread it and was finally done. She leaned back and spun around on her chair in excitement. She quickly wheeled herself back to her desk. She


onto the bed and straddled your lap, already longing to feel your touch. Instead, I felt the cold bite of steel against my skin as you deftly sliced my shirt from my body. As per your usual request, I had refrained from wearing lingerie. Shocked and struck with a fit of modesty, I attempted to cover myself. "No." you said, pointing the blade tip

My Neighbors Daughter Part 8

cunt, as I did I watched my come flowing out of Suzy’s cunt, only to see Suzy wiping my come up with her fingers and putting them into her mouth and sucking them clean, then Suzy pushed her fingers into her come filled young cunt and soaked them in her juices and my come, Suzy brought her fingers back up to her mouth and once again sucked her

Bonnie Lavigne Ch. 03 - His Special Evening

wound the rope tightly around her tits. Partly wrapping it around each tit separately, some as a figure eight, and a few around her chest. When he was finished, her tits looked like two round balls. Her nipples, now swollen a bit, the valves. He went back into his room and came back with wrist cuffs and D-rings. He preferred to get one or only a

My First Orgasm

we discovered about our cocks. After dinner that night I told my mom I was going over to Mark's house to show him my new fur piece I knew he would love it. Mom told me to be home before dark, sure" I said and off I went. Just as I thought Mark loved the feeling on his cock. He had a camping trailer in his driveway and we could go in there to

Family Knows Best Chapter 2

her scent like she had. I groaned in pleasure, and gently licked a particularly wet spot, and groaned, cumming hard without warning. I’d never cum that hard, or that fast. What had she done to me? No…scratch that. I didn’t care. I was hooked on her.I fell back exhausted and smiling, managing to tuck myself away before I fell asleep again. Going

Date Night

of tears and starting to beg for mercy. They made him hold it for five minutes and then allowed him to stiffly waddle across the room over to a small commode that was in the corner, where he had to sit down in front of the women and expel the murky mixture from his bowels. He then had to move over to a bidet right next to it and wash himself on

Tommy, Again

leave the house for the whole weekend and we never put on clothes either. By Sunday evening, I was as tired as I had ever been but there were a couple of new sensations I had never felt before. A wonderful ache in my balls and my ass. I discovered the joys of having Tom fuck me several times those two days. I knew now that I would never go back.

Overtime Fantasies (Part 1)

was over, I walked back to my office and closed the door behind me. Leaning back against it, I slowly let out a deep sigh. Every day at 5 pm, the office clears out quicker than if the fire alarm had sounded, and thankfully that time had finally arrived. Once again, she had driven me completely to distraction and I have been unable to concentrate

Cult of Sexuality-Part 4

to quit his job. It was 7am and the others were still either sleeping or had already left for work. He told me he’d be back around 6pm. I was missing him already. “Does that mean I won’t see you all day?” I asked. “I’m afraid so,” he replied. “But I want to want to have sex with you,” I said as I stroked his middle finger. “I can’t fuck you all

The Long Drive

nervous about this trip. not the meeting, but the co-worker he sent along with me, he was very well built, and very controlling, and even when he was being mean, it still turned me on. we had a 4 hour drive, and left early that morning, in his 2010, luxury car, is was very nice car, and I got the presentation ready as he drove. The meeting was

CEO Makes a Business Decision Part II

his cock down her throat again. This time he reached down the length of her body, hooked his middle finger and slipped it into Dani’s pussy.He parted her lips with his index and ring finger and found her clit with his middle one.After a few short circles, Dani moaned as she felt another orgasm about to take over her body. Jack found just the

Passing the Class

point to attend math class, and I actually made it on time today. As class went on, I found it pretty difficult to stay awake, but I knew that it was important that I give Mr. B a good impression so he takes me seriously. As he was teaching he seemed to look at me and smile a bit. I even caught him wink at me a few times. The class had finally

Little League Milf

widened and her mouth hung open as he bumped against her sensitive nub. Claire felt a lightning bolt run through her body, causing her to shutter. She gave an audible moan and grasped on tightly to him.Knowing exactly what she wanted, Jason retreated his hand and wrapped his arms around her waist. Lifting her against his body, he slowly walked

G's Submission Ch. 08

Jane for doing this in front of Kat. Nevertheless I was aroused and managed a weak reply to Kat's encouraging smile. She gave an impression that she wanted to see me abuse myself. Like she would appreciate my masturbation for the camera as a work of art. I felt like a glamorous model. Not like a slutty bimbo.I spread my legs and sat on my heels,

Julie, Part 4

her head fell back with her hair flowing down her back and she leaned forward causing her breasts to stick out and her ass thrust out in the rear. Julie stepped close and reached around to her breasts and squeezed them moving from one to the other, she whispered in Sarah's ear for her to spread her legs. Sarah moved them apart and moaned as

Derek's First Encounter Ch. 01

looking for a Mistress for months. I have never been in the situation of being a full time slave, actually I have never submitted to anyone before. I do not know how or what is expected of me, but when I was reading your site, I became very interested. My body reacted to your words without my touch, just as you had hoped when you wrote your skit.

A night to remember

his mouth and tongue went crazy eating her pussy. Well I hate to say it but I don’t swallow and my friend knew this from previous talks we have had but she does so when I seen my hubby about to cum I let her have it. She sucked every last drop from him while he was licking every last drop of her orgasm up. Then after that my husband wanted to

The escort (4) - A fashion show

was not entirely out of place in his shabby clothes; the reporters and photographers in particular had made no effort at all to glam themselves up.I was feeling decidedly overdressed in my smart black pleated skirt and cream blouse, but at least Mr Harris was pleased: he strutted around with me on his arm, keen to make sure that everyone saw him

The World's First Futa 02 - Futa's Wild Day Chapter 1: Futa's First Teacher

through me. My pussy would clench and my girl-dick would throb harder and harder. I understood why guys found glasses so sexy on a woman now. They... enhanced her, giving her this knowledgeable air that combined with her lush beauty to let you know there was a wild beast lurking beneath her exterior waiting to burst out and devour you.I so wanted

Law Firm's Librarian

my rigid cock up into her juicy cunt over and over. She masturbated vigorously. Final strokes driving her over the edge. " Oh God! OMG! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! " She screamed, as the orgasms ran through her.Diana sat on my cock, as she came, feeling full from the impaling, feeling my hard cock pulsating and jerking as my warm cum

Punished by the Professor Ch. 03

He comes with me, jerking to a halt. We stay like that for a while, recovering. He pulls out of me and unbinds my wrists. "You were beautiful, Eliza," he says stroking my hair gently, as I stand up."Thank you, papa," I say, hugging him. His arms wrap around my back wandering from my shoulders to ass. "Hungry?" he asks."I'm starving," I admit.

The First Day of Spring

of me, I rise and lower my mouth to your cock, sucking intensely and deeply as you feed me with your thick milk, my eyes looking into yours – we are both in paradise. We fall back onto the blanket and gasp for air, gently embracing and kissing each other, smiling in sweet contentment. I look up at you with love in my eyes and say, ‘Darling, that

My Sister!!!

This attention was driving me insane. I was completely covered in goose bumps and had an erection that was about to bust through my underwear. Hannah then made the first really bold move and unbuttoned the top of my pants and pulled the zipper down. She then pulled my pants down to my ankles so I could step out of them. Hannah was now back at eye

Embarrassed Nude Female – Part 2 of 2

fabric. After a few more drinks she decided that the fabric was too constricting, so she preceded to remove her shirt. This is exactly what I was hoping for, for my wife to take her nudity into her own hands. She sat with her arms by her side allowing a full view of her breasts for anyone who happened to look in our booth. The two men smiled at

Cuthbert Racing

and cleaning toilets,’ Rebecca sniffed. ‘That work is done by outside contractors. I meant starting at the bottom of the payroll.’ David said confidentially, ‘There’s no way you’ll get on the payroll. Your father still personally approves all mainstream appointments.’ ‘Will you give me a thousand bucks if I succeed, by fair means or foul?’ ‘No.’

Island Secrets Ch. 05 – Finale

help them to be better. When you ladies and gentlemen go on rotation in a few months it will give you a chance to experience the field first hand. That is where some of you will decide to stay the course and others will decide that they don’t have the mettle for it.’ Matthew listened to every word the Chief Surgeon of the Victoria Jubilee

Fine Tuning Part V (The Journey Begins)

nipples ached from being depressed on the bed. She wanted to complain and beg for Him to remove the things pinching her but she wasn’t entirely sure what He would do if she seemed liked she was whining. Fear of being dismissed by Him invaded, worming its way inside her mind, and because she wanted so much to please Him and be in His favor, she


up and trying to get our parents to recognize our adult status. This was a bit premature at the time as you would guess.And as the game progressed, with them playing ‘nice’ with me, Mary brought up that her aunt across the country was writing letters to her about a lot of adult things to help her be protected from doing anything that could ruin

Second Chance, Book 03

on a line of credit that was more than they needed for their day-to-day operations. They paid their bills on time and they backed their work with a personal guarantee of satisfaction. As a result of their growth and potential, Charlie recognized he couldn’t do it all himself. His father, now nearing seventy five, was slowing down and was

His New Mistress

into the mansion, which was alike a palace in many ways, Silas looked around. There were multiple diamond chandeliers and a red carpet floor as well as sliding glass doors. The stranger, now known to Silas as ‘Flora’, came through one of the doors on the left. She came through with a servant – he assumed – on a leash. The servant was fully naked

Cozumel Revisited

and a smile plastered across my face. I could smell sex in my room, and my mind replayed video tidbits of the previous evening. Lori and I had done body shots and had enjoyed each other in a vigorous bout of drunken-tequila-girl-sex. She’d asked me for a favor before she left, and I had agreed. Tonight we were planning on double-teaming her

The week with Ben. Day 1.

8 inch penis was driving me nuts! He continually spanked me the entire time. "Oh fuck this is amazing!!" I'm screaming the entire time. The moaning was echoing throughout the bathroom. Ben too, was yelling,"Yeah bitch! Take it bitch! Take that big cock in your tight little ass. Damn that things tight. (SLAP) You love that don't you bitch!

Yard work

guys from the yard crew. He was older, not very attractive, and kind of fat. He said something to the guy fucking me, who somewhat responded as he fucked me harder. The older guy came over and sat next to us on the couch. I looked up at him, and he smiled at me. I could see that he had a couple of gold teeth when he smiled. The younger guy pulled

A Measure of Comfort

to admire her flushed buttocks."How does that feel, miss?" Robert asked with a sudden gentle tone. "Does that fit you well?"Kira couldn't believe this was happening. Her voice of logic was screaming inside her head, telling her to break free, grab her clothes, and run. But another opinion was working its magic on her, convincing her with warmth

Lilac Vengence

a twist of lemon (for the zing) kind of guy. But hey, even nice guys like me get a little fed up. We lash out, fight back and/or verbally insult with an impulsive idiocy that will usually get us into really big trouble. Though we’ll really, really feel bad about it later, at the time, vengeance is the end all be all of our existence. Strangely

Sarah's Pictures

horny, he had made his decision ..... she would have to make hers ....He was a big man, muscular and well endowed ... she was going to have cock!The intruder quickly and quietly moved in behind her, Sarah was in the throws of reaching climax, her eyes closed - she was breathless, her body shaking, her hands and fingers working overtime fulfilling


a good time. Then I became aware of his cock. Still hard, pressing into my back. Its little throbs and supple swells. “I think someone is still in the game,” I chuckled. “Ya, what about that? It's like my dick got supercharged when you went all crazy on top of me,” he laughed. I had just went off and crazy to cum. The lewd images of Charles

She Knows What She Wants

massaging hands. She was completely aware, in fact, as she suddenly grabbed both of my arms and pulled them down so that my hands reached directly onto her breasts, over her bra. “That’s where I want your hands,” she said. “Get to work.” I massaged her breasts over her bra, rubbing the palms of my hands over the buds of her nipples pushing

Anal Awakenings (Part 2)

of his friends fucked me.Shane’s familiar knock came at seven. I opened it and was surprised that Shane was flanked not by one but by two young hunks, one blond and the other dark. Like Shane, his friends were trim with small asses,had muscular arms and nice pecs showed through their tight shirts. I kissed the three of them and ran an

the secretary, part 3

she felt her tight hole being spread, god no she thought she groaned and tried to say no, but the words would not come out, she felt the end of the shaft pressing in, it hurt in a strande way, so tight it would never go in. She tried to lift her bottom backwards towards him helping it go in further, her tight arse almost sucking it in She was

Chapter 2 - What A Pleasant Surprise

gently bounced the tip on her clit. Heather moved up to lick Lindsey’s juice off of me. I gently pushed her over so she was laying on her back with her head hanging over the side. I positioned myself in front of her and used my hands to cradle her head on both sides. She grabbed hold of me tightly and gently sucked my balls licking up the juices

Harry's Final Year at Hogwarts Chapter One

was a list of the supplies he would need, he was correct and as he was going over the items Harry noticed the books were required to be new with no exceptions and the total cost for supplies was one thousand Galleons per student. Mr. and Mrs. we’re exchanging worried looks and Harry knew what their private conversation was all about. A few

Palomino Ch. 16

the cinch, strapping it in place. He heard Gunthar take a deep breath and chuckled, tickling him behind the forelegs to get him to snort and exhale. ‘Gotta suck it in buddy. There ya go. That’s better.’ He grinned and patted Gunthar’s shoulder and rubbed up his neck, up over his head to his muzzle. Wesley never showed to be too soft on the

Aesop’s Wager

declared the winner.’ ‘What are the terms of the wager?’ ‘Should I win, then Asiaq will submit to me for five hundred years. She will do my bidding and be completely under my power.’ ‘But if I win’ interjected Asiaq, ‘then old Loki here will have to submit to all the goddesses of the Inuit. He will be our little plaything.’ As per the custom,

Midnight Altar

the end of a day and the beginning of the next. Twelve sounds like a canon.He walked up to her and smiled, his heart beating as always to her beauty. They kissed softly letting the current of electricity flow between them. He asked if she was ready and she nodded,He walked her slowly down the aisle of the church, his queen, his princess, and his

Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part IV

I would hate to have to make you go cut a switch on our first night together, so don’t tempt me!” “Yes, Sir,” I said and felt my insides turn to ice. “Now go ask Mike for your first spanking. I need to go check on something in the playroom.” He kissed me on the forehead and walked through the kitchen. In a moment I heard him doing down stairs

David's House

to see the appearance of bruises and cuts all along Savannah’s limbs, and body. Savannah’s eyes began tearing up. “My dear,” the medium said, quite shaken “You must not step foot in that house again. You are marked, and in great danger whenever you are within those walls. Find a friend to stay with! Don’t go back!” “I don’t know anyone well

Red Orchids Ch. 06

or turned on the television set to see that another asshole has gotten away with murder?’ Shannon asked her, ‘When O.J. walked, we all watched a murderer go free. Think of all the shitty little cities and towns in this world that see men arrested from crimes and then released because the defense was more eloquent in his debate? Is justice

Rayne Ch. 10

he pursued her relentlessly. She knew she was a strong individual, in a way it was him who had made her into the strong woman she was. She hadn’t allowed herself to think of either the night before events, or the consequences of those actions. Now, even though it was dark in the hold of the ship there were little slits of sunlight that filtered

How Traditions Start – part 5

cool about everything, and after we got into it, I really enjoyed it" Zach confided in Presley. He hoped that she would open up and share with him how last night was."And did you ever…? You know. Do it with her after that?" she asked her brother."No, that was the only time" Zach told her, and Presley felt an unclear disappointment as he said

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 08

and on small paths through gardens, and into the forest at the foot of the mountains. The little roads began to climb and soon they were in the mountains in earnest. After about an hour, Anise began to hope they would soon get to wherever they were going; she was thirsty and needed the toilet and the butt-plug was making her ache. When Bryndis