Apprehension and excitement for Paul.

urge deep inside of him, the rising of his sperm and that wonderful feeling. Mark could feel Paul, he also knew that he too was ready, his sperm shot forth deep inside Fiona almost at the same time as Paul. Fiona felt both of them cum deep inside her, she orgasmed again, clamping down on both penis's, holding them inside of her. The three of

An Incest Birthday Chapter 30

they can wait a few minutes.”My towel fell off from around my waist and she manually took hers off and took my hands and put them right on her ass. I took her hint and squeezed and kneaded her ass in my hands as she ground herself against me, both of us wanting to take the next step but knew we couldn’t because we were time constricted. She

Intended Ch. 03

his head and reclined, resting his shoulders against the log behind him. Gazing up at the sky vividly colored by the sunset, he sighed. ‘Sala, once again you prepare a meal worthy of a Gathering of Clan Leaders.’ It pleased her to see him content. Jakal had been almost continuously tense since she first proposed a shared pilgrimage to the Spirit

A trip to remember (part one)

of her and thought we could talk about it later. At last I could feel his prick searching my cunt to find the hole where to put it,  it was all nice and wet and it did not take long  before he pushed the wet head of his cock into my cunt, sliding it it in very slowly as I could feel the pre cum allowing it to slide in with no problems.I glanced

A Pleasant Surprise

home and have a long hot shower. He had worked late that evening, having to work overtime to keep his boss happy. It was well past time for the kids to be in bed but at least it was Friday night and he didn’t have work in the morning.He pulled up to the driveway, not surprised to see all the lights were off except for the one on the porch. He let

Birthdays can be Special

me. “A medical case, I’m afraid,” he said apologetically and started looking around for his scattered items of clothing. By the time he left, I was still highly aroused, hugely disappointed at him having to leave so suddenly and completely unsatisfied. But by the time I lay back on my bed, whether it was from the intensity of our foreplay or

In Need of a Mechanic

cheeks. He takes his fingers and gets them wet by using his mouth and is now rimming my ass with his wet fingers. Kevin bends me over just a little more, which puts more of my breast into Jeff's mouth as he sucks on them. Jeff has removed his fingers from inside of me and starts to rub my juices unto my other nipple. Just when he starts to suck

Empty Classroom

probably say this before I continue the story. Included in this story are themes of homosexuality, young love and sex. All characters involved, sexually, are under the age of 16 and are both male. If youre not interested then instead of reading and then negatively rating, just dont read and leave now. Thank you. This story takes place two years

Falling Ch. 14

doesn’t hire many men. I don’t think it’s a problem, but we probably shouldn’t discuss any of this in public.’ We talked about inconsequential things on the ride across town, like what Miriam’s tongue piercing must feel like or the relative merits of mascara and false lashes. Cammy made a terse call to somebody, reporting no progress but

Breaking Drake Ch. 07

deal! Hear that, boy? I do get to keep you!’ He let out a little yelp. SMACK! ‘I SAID NO TEETH!’ SMACK! Raell snorted, and tossed one of the other trainers something. ‘Here Zack. When it’s your turn to face fuck him use this. James may be too stubborn to prevent a slave from chewing on his dick but in case you’re a bit smarter, use this. She

Gold, Silver and Thongs

same time. The girls moaned and accepted his kisses on their lips as they began to ache for his cock. They led Jake to Trynka’s bed and arranged him lengthways. Talinka wasted no time in straddling his face and wriggled her peachy bum on his nose as Trynka moistened his dick with her lips. It was Jake’s turn to groan, his cock twitching in time

1812- Ariana's Voyage

to set sail.” Came a booming voice from outside. “I’ll be right back.” He said with a small smile. “Don’t move.” He looked at Ari sternly, and picked her up, placing her on the bed. “I don’t want to have to restrain you” he said with a wicked smile. He turned to the door and left. She heard a small click of a lock behind him as he walked away.

The House wife or step mom palaver in the house

Stepmom asked. “It’s delicious, Stepmom,” I lied. “Thank you for making me drink it.”“I’ve already taught you something. I’m going to have a good time educating you. Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about sex It will be fun passing my knowledge on to you.Stepmom confiscated the tape from the VCR and found the others while searching my room.

Conclusion: "The White Cougar & The Black Bull, The Suck, The Fuck

BBC Ass-to-Mouth as she looked up to me from her kneeling position. She said, "damn Daddy the mixture of your BBC and my ass taste so good on your BBC" with a big smile on her face. My sexy naughty white whore Helene sure did know how to stroke my BBC and my mind. By now , her SUV was filled with the smell of sweaty hot sex and our bodily fluids

My Best Friend, My Cousin, and Me

my hair dry itself. I had always found it a waist of time. It was around 80 degrees so I decided I would wear a white tank top and short green shorts. I had wore this outfit before around the boys so I figured it would be nice for today. I had quickly pulled my hair back into a long ponytail, grabbed Trevor’s birthday present, and ran across the

Little Emily

right words.”“Okay.”“Do you ever masturbate?”“No, I never have. I know it’s sensitive down there though.”“Do you want to try it right now?”“I guess so. My dad is downstairs, so I’ll have to be careful.”“Okay. Lick your finger and put your hand down there and rub your clitoris. Do you know what that is?”“Yes,” she said, then she was silent for a

Grecian Grunge

fondling my breasts as his right hand moved down to my panties. I began pleading for him not to continue, but my resistance was futile against his insistence. His fat middle finger then began to stroke my pussy through the skimpy fabric of my underwear.“No, please stop,” I begged.Kissing my neck he whispered, “You say no, but your body is saying

My Brother Raped Me

Must be a bad migraine if youre sobbing like that. Ill get you some painkillers and then put you into bed. He leaves to fetch the painkillers, I get up gingerly, and dash to the toilet to be violently sick. As I emerge from the bathroom, my brother is standing by the living room door. He looks at me and smirks. Dont tell them what I did, or Ill

My first story....'Fantasy"

slowly..Sara moaned as Tom quicken the pace..."Turn her around"..Jon said and helped spin Sara around so her head was now at the side of the table Jom pulled her over a bit more.and turned her head and put his cock to her mouth sara opened her mouth and began sucking on Jon member..Tom quicken his pace and put another finger in sara,s pussy..Sara

My Wife Warned Me

with me of course because he is my father.”She swung around so fast that I hardly knew what was going on, her virgin pussy slipped down onto my cock, and she said, “Stand up Daddy so they can see.”I stood up and we were just at the surface of the water. My daughter leaned back so that she was floating on the surface. I grabbed her hips and


Maya stepped out. Both the shirt and jeans were loose on her. After about a dozen steps, she was tugging the waistband up. ‘Yeah. I know my limit. My arms haven’t ached like that since I was in marching band in high school, and we were in that long parade in the rain. Remember that?’ Andrew nodded. That was his first and last year with the band.

Amy Goes Swinging

them with new ones without asking. Before them lay a ripped man of about 30, tied down on a table top with all four limbs secured. A dominatrix stood above him giving orders to three other women who carried out her wishes. The Dom would order one of her minions to stroke, suck or ride his cock, before ordering her off so punishment could be

A first touch of silk

of my penis was obvious. It had to cant off to the side to remain fully covered and the fabric was stretched to the point that even in the dim light the outline of its shaft was clear. Sitting along side me she simply looked down at my barely covered crotch for a moment and then leaned in and kissed my lips gently. Soon, however, our kissing

Constant Fucking

of her wrist, it was that big. And their cries when I penetrated them told me too. My dick really, really wanted to fuck Dawn. So I asked her to sit down and we chatted. She said " Nice to meet you Mr. Malone, I've heard so much about you." She told me about herself, she was 33, unmarried, has a five year old son, has not been in a relationship

Nearly Twins - Part 3

anticipation of the starbursts of sensation that we always produced in each other. One time, I had been slowly fucking Karen, pumping my length deep into her and almost out, both of us watching as her pussy lips gripped my cock head as it almost parted from her, before it pushed deep down again, feeling her incredible muscles grip me as it

I spy

groaned quietly. He took his time appreciating them."Mm...yeah, these tits are really nice. These aren't natural though, are they?"Mom shook her head."You got them for your husband or something?"She nodded, "They were partially for him, yes, but they were mostly for me."In surprise, he asked, "Wow - and he still cheated on you?"She responded

Best Wife Ever: 12 Days of Christmas

sucking cum off the sheets like a complete slut.Eventually, both exhausted, we collapsed together on our bed and, with my arms wrapped around her never wanting to let her go, we drifted into slumber.5. THE FIFTH DAY OF SEXMAS...Sunday December 18th, 2011I woke up exhausted and honestly my cock was a bit sore. I couldn’t imagine making it to day

The Boy on The Grass

and pointed instruments. The hole was quite small but when I looked through it, I could see the top of his bare knees in the adjoining cubicle. The hole didnt give me a wide field of view but I could just see that he seemed to have his legs spread apart a little and the arm nearest to me appeared to be on his bare leg with his hand down his


button on my jeans. I shift and let you drag the faded, shredded material down the length of my legs. Your hands now skim my thighs; gradually moving closer to my cock. It’s those painted red lips of yours I want wrapped around it more than anything and you know it too. Your tongue slides slowly along on the underside of my length and I come

Carol Ch. 02

but in the end, he found that it didn’t matter much. When he hung up, she was still gone. He did look. He slept with more than several girls, it was the early 70s, after the Pill and before herpes and AIDS. Sexual freedom was a very real thing, and he got his share of pussy, but in his heart there was still a big empty space shaped like a girl

TxQ – A Quiet Discussion

you said that! What was I supposed to do? Walk away like a wimp?’ ‘Anything would have been better than what you did. You fucking pulled your damn dick out in the middle of the party. No, I take that back. You made her pull it out. I never touched his, only through his pants. She had your bare cock in her hands.’ ‘You certainly made it sound like

Rose and Rowan part 1

it back down her throat, my body was shaking as I felt the pressure build.Oh Fuck Rose don’t stop, it feels so goodMy dick starts throbbing and my hip and grinding into her face, the pleasure erupted into my body I grabbed her hair and held her there and my hips bucked and heaved and I fired shot after shot of cum into her mouth.When it stoped


by tearfulness and squeaks at that last sentence. ‘Sometimes our own minds can be our worst enemies Steph. We lock ourselves into these thought patterns, even though they’re not what we want. It isn’t crazy, necessarily, just part of human existence,’ I glanced at the clock. Time to wrap this one up. ‘I know that you liked Chloe, but consider

The Hollow Pill, Part 3

totally to blame. If Bob hadn’t been running around on her behind her back, she never would have been at Laredo Slim’s, never would have found herself in that position.And now he had left her alone to celebrate a milestone, a decade-turner, a birthday many women fretted over—the end of young adulthood and the beginning of middle age.She choked

family of 4

her knees and off altogether, I brought the wet patch up to my mouth and licked the pre-cum from them, it tasted so sweet.I spread her legs wider from behind and slid my body under hers so my mouth was positioned under her pussy and my pussy was under her mouth, I pulled her legs back so her pussy rested on my mouth, immediately I dove in,

A1386G Ch. 07

store on the other side of town. Of course, that just meant that Anne holed up in the quarters watching a tv show while mending curtains, while my master locked himself in his room to ‘watch a racing stream on his computer,’ whatever that meant. I didn’t really see the appeal in nature documentaries, so I had politely said nothing at the time. A

Sweet Torture

sensuously. You slide your hand up underneath my skirt and stroke my bare skin. You move your mouth lower over my neck to the “V” of my blouse and strike flames on my skin with your tongue and gentle nips of your teeth. You bite my nipples through my clothing until you can see them stand erect, straining to be free. Your hands meet at the top of

A Hot Afternoon

down on my shaft. The concentration on your face is beautiful to see. Each time you drive downward, I either squeeze your nipples or flick them with my fingertip. You whisper, "Yes, pinch them," or "Harder," each time I do. Finally you move upward and let my cock slide out of you, but you're not done. You bring your pussy down on my meat, pinning

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 02

before Friday, he needed to study them, to understand her better. Sherri drove to work in her new Lexus. A little worried that she was getting used to a great car, only to be back in a Kia, or worse, the cheap Kia before the month was out. The electricians and carpenters were at work already, one stringing wire, and cutting through wood as

The Journey

foot-well. I adjusted the mirror for a better view. She was perfectly waxed, as always. She knew to make herself presentable for her master. I watched as she spread her pussy for me with both hands, and started gently circling her clit with her fingertips.'Come on,' I encouraged her, 'I thought you were cold? I want to see you get yourself

Who Me ... a Wizard V111

back with Linda allowing Slinky to fly forward to converse with Harper. 'Al something weird is happening, it has to be a Magic Spell. The foliage is dying and a trench twenty foot wide is opening in front of us, I think it plans to encircle us.'The centaurs moved closer to the wagon Linda and Owl did also. I moved up to where Barf was standing. I

Fallen Fruit – Jenna Gets Her Brat

shock through her pussy. She was screaming now beneath her gag, and straining uncontrollably against the hook over her head.Once the first big wave of torturous orgasm had gone through her I backed off the wand to give her a short break. I put my face up to hers and kissed her as she struggled to catch her breath. “Good girl,” I whispered.

Might As Well Be Swing

to a swing party tonight. Would you like to join us?” I’ve always loved the big bands, both the original sound like Duke Ellington and the 90s revival of swing. So needless to say, I agreed to it. “The only thing is that they tend not to let single men into the hall, but I asked them and they’re going to bend the rule for you.” Why the hell would

Commandments Part 3

undoes her jeans and bends over to pull them off, one leg at a time. Standing there, wearing only her cotton panties, she looks at me again. I turn to look at Sir and notice he is staring intently at her back. “Panties too,” He tells us. I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and see she is slowly pulling her panties down and kicks them

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 09

her arms around my neck and I hugged her waist, welcoming her embrace, hugging her tight. After a moment, I pulled away from her and looked at my bandaged arm. I glanced at Billy and Dalton and then back to Maranda. ‘What happened?’ They exchanged glances. ‘You don’t remember?’ Dalton asked me. ‘You near bled to death.’ I stared at him. ‘What?’

My Little Adventure

barely covering my pussy. I figured this would be fine because it would slip back down once I got out of the car. I drove along the main road out of town and was just approaching the next town when I realised that there had been an accident and the road was closed. The police were on the scene. I panicked slightly because my front tyres were

Our Story Ch.2

hole that was now inside me. I knew it was a mistake&hellip, I wish I could take it back. I felt awful knowing what Id done. She wanted to continue. And we did for a bit. The last time I touched her was that night you went to the movies with her husband&hellip,. I ended it soon after. I told her I loved you and only you. We agreed not to tell

Tinder for Teacher part 1

good for you.” He said with a wink as he came out of the bathroom with a cup of water and a towel around his waist. He handed the glass to me and said “drink up”.I drank and the tingles started going away.“How long was I out?”“An hour.”“Shoot! I’ve got to get back home. I have curfew.”“Let me drive you.”“No I need my car for tomorrow.”“I’ll take

The Hike - part two

roughness feeling so good. Sam wriggled and thrust her pelvis in an effort to snare his cock. Roy smiled a deep, satisfied smile. The stars were coming out, the night was cooling and he had the most beautiful creature he could imagine in his hands. He did not want to rush this feeling. Truth was… he needed to be inside of Sam at least as much as

Scare Fair Ch. 02

their table in the middle of the room. Their tutor had given them a thirty minute detention at the end of the day for being late, although John had tried protesting that they were actually ‘ONLY five minutes late’. In a grumble, John leaned across Katy and stuck his hand out to Jack. ‘Let’s get a look at it then.’ He was talking about the zippo

How I Fucked Your Mother

in my hair. bless your heart Baby, youre so tall…come here. she murmured with a little laugh and backed toward the bed. She smiled at me softly and shed her bra as she backed away. She left it on the nightstand and beckoned me forward. Her dress was crumpled around her waist and her bare breasts made me think of mermaids for some reason. I

Without You I Have Nothing Ch. 19

at the house were the same and at night he was so tired he just wanted to sleep. Then one night around the dining table, they were drinking a final cup of tea when the fateful question came from Elizabeth. ‘We’re delighted you’re shortly to become a member of the family, but when?’ Peter couldn’t answer and his thoughts were in turmoil. No wonder

Black Cock Dominance of a Sissy White Boy

have your lips around my cock before I count to zero, you will never get the opportunity with me again.” Now I’m contemplating my fate. He continued, “Two…” Now I had to force myself into this opportunity. I was trying so hard to break free from my locked position. “C’mon!” I told myself. “One…” I have to do this no matter how scared I am.

The Power Within - Part 4

her heart beat faster, she felt more alert, entered that state where she was in tune with her body. She felt an impending release, except this time, it was stronger. With a few more gyrations of his finger, Colleen found herself convulsing from head to toe. For the second time that day, cum gushed out of her like a river. Her fists and


swollen, begging to be pleased.My hand is hard around my cock. I can feel every vein with each stroke. My balls are so full, they hang so low, waiting, hoping, begging for release. I’m matching this sweet woman stroke for stroke. Each time that bottle hits bottom, my hand is hard against my balls. Her moans turn to gasps, her gasps to words.

Doctor visit

lay her down on her back and continued to stay standing in a straddle position over her. His large hands went for her perky breasts.He told her he would give her a Tantric breast massage. This would help relieve the pain in her arm. He spent the next 8 minutes focusing only on her breasts. Her luscious firm beautiful breasts. The

One Lust Filled Night - Part 1

to the bed. I laid them out on the bed where they would be handy. I stood in front of my full length mirror. An idea hit me and I put on some bump and grind music. I let my hair down and started to dance seductively in front of the mirror. I put everything I had into that dance. Then, I started to undress, starting with my blouse. Button by

Hannah’s Mum Spanks Nina

were a couple of glasses left. She was thinking about the day, how Mrs. Hopkins had spanked her, then Hannah, twice. Her bottom stung as she pressed down on to the chair and her hand went between her legs inside her knickers and as she drank her wine so she ran her fingers along her pussy, still so wet. She was edging herself towards yet another

The Performance – Part I – Preparation

get her fired before the show, which was the next day, which is today. As soon as I got changed, I told myself, I would call Ruby and get my show back. I thought back on what had happened, and my rage slowly started turning back into lust. I thought of Celias breath on my pussy, her moist tongue on my panties. I took them off, and noticed that

The Church Conference

and down excitedly, clapping her soggy hands in the rain. Bending over, she reached into the hole with her slender fingers and withdrew her ball. As she glanced up, Mandy was close to her. Very close. The other girl’s perfect hair was no longer perfect. It was matted down by the rain and she pushed it out of her eyes. Raindrops beaded up on

Emily's Turn

last statement of release.“Daddy, daddy,” Kimberly cried. “Daddy, I’m only eight years old. You’re cumming in me daddy. I feel you.” She ended dragging her voice to silence. The room stayed that way for about two minutes before Kimberly spoke up again. “That was unexpectedly intense,” she breathed exhaustedly. “What did you expect?” her

sl**p-over at johnny’s

out and lick my hole so good, he did circle motions wit his long tongue, then stuck it in ma hole. as he ate me , i sucked joes dick. den we switch joe was suckin me nd gettin his hole ramed by johnny’s huge 9.5 cock. dis went on for lik 32 minutes, nd i was bout tu squirt ma juice. i squirted in joes face makin sure i filled his hot dimples wit

A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody

is Voltaic, I’m Tori. The others are either in the fight, or…’ She gestured to the collection of wounded superheroes, an expression of helplessness on her face. ‘We’re back here because…’ ‘Because we’re useless,’ Voltaic snapped out. ‘My electrical charge is a joke to the Broot, and Tori’s telekinesis can’t even hold his eyelids shut.’ His fists

Gotta Break 'Em All part 1: Lethal Justice

Some Pokémon was likely evolving. Now, the frail boy was shocked. Could it be that Machop was going to become a Machoke? It could be a Pokémon belonging to the Grunts, which would be a considerable issue. Stephen just stood there, as the light grew brighter. Other survivors look at this, as they recover from the blast. Soon, the light glows no

A wife, relaxing on her first day off in months, is interrupted by her husband and his co-workers

This time I wanted to be good. I knew Tom had experience. I wanted to be his bestexperience. I took the head in my mouth and slowly tookas much in as possible. My hands circled the base of hisshaft. I pumped his shaft while my mouth went up-and-down on his cock. It felt good. I thought about the menwatching me. I tried to put on a show. I made

More than a Lodger…Part 4

her head. It wasn’t a question it was more like an open invitation.I nodded and stepped out of my clothes that I abandoned on the floor. I even slipped my shoes and socks off before I followed Jenny into the lounge, my cock, stiff as fuck and swinging from side to side as I followed her. I felt very horny in amongst these people and the time I

Strip Poker With My Buddies' Girlfriends

always trying to fix us up, but Amy said “You and Karen first.” It was a logical choice that didn’t take much thought. I really wanted to fuck (and cum inside) Amy, but but at this point I was just happy to be in this situation.Standing next to the bed, I put my arms around Karen, held her close, and started making out with her. Our bare bodies

Michelle's new interest part 2

nose in my ass and nibble or lick my labia and clit. I began to reminisce my first anal experience decided to give it another try. I could look under the footstool and see Blues purple tool at its best half exposed and glistening drips of nectar on the tip. As I gave him the signal of patting my butt, I had to get a hold of Blue's dick before it

Memoirs of long ago

us was not a problem and by the time I was 21 had saved enough money to put a deposit on a home and that is where life became interesting. My wife came from a large f****y, she was the eldest of 8, seven of whom were girls, they were rural and poor, the father worked as a road man repairing the highways for the Department of Roads, however he was

Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 05

DiMarco are Caucasian. Jesse is Irish and Matthew is Jewish. My buddy Kenny is North Vietnamese. We all hung out at the Westgate Mall on Friday nights, drinking our Pepsis and trying to work up the nerve to approach hot women. Just five guys hanging out. We’re folks of different racial backgrounds but we all went to the same school and became


national level’ I know my face fell when she told me. I liked having her around. I knew that she had looked for work, to provide for her son. I didn’t think she’d really do it though. ‘Janet, I’m sorry to see you go, and I am really going to miss you’ What else could I say. The weeks passed, and we made arrangements to spend some time together,

Sir Filmed Boy Orgy

and Sir got it all on his mobile phone. The boys were well horned up. It just got hotter and hotter after that. They were just being well dirty for Sir. Before you knew it, the boys were all sucking each other’s cocks. Tongues were licking dicks and hands were stroking balls and arses. Some of the boys were already cumming, splashing their

My night with Colin

romanticism gives way to animal lust as his grip tightens on my hips and he pulls me back into him and his cock forces its way deeper and deeper into my pussy. So deep I can feel his balls on my clit. As he begins to thrust they begin to slap my clit from behind, adding an extra layer to the already dense sensations of pleasure I'm feeling. My

Mankini Bearcub Part 1

him was falling about."You're a bearcub, Bazza. That's why your ice bucket video ended up on this... er... specialised website. It's for guys who like other guys built like you.""What, fat and hairy?" I chuckled."Exactly," he agreed, although I'd only meant it as a joke."Really?" I said. "There's fellas who like chubby blokes wi' hairy chests? I

Golf Outing

be nice,” she continued.“Fine,” was all I managed. I wore athletic shorts, so there was no fly to unzip. Instead I slid them down and pulled my now 6.5’’ long, hard cock out the slit in my boxers, as was the customary “dick-out” punishment for not being able to hit past the ladies tees.“Very nice,” Hannah complimented. Casey and Caitlyn nodded

shopping at the supermarket

so i bend down to look at goods on the shelve and they can see right down the top and seeing i dont wear bras they see everything…on the odd ocasion a few off them will stop and talk to me and i can see that they are looking at my boobs mmmmmmmmm this get me wet because i can see a bulge in their pants….some will reach in front of me to get

Help wanted part 8

bought a new red candle stick. I lit it.Sunday dinner was rare prime rib roast beef, roasted potatoes, roasted parsnips, Brussels sprouts, fluffy Yorkshire pudding and lots of rich thick gravy. A little dish of horseradish sat on the table.The meat could be cut with a butter knife.We both went back for seconds.I had a hard time concentrating

Slut Wife for the Real Estate Boss

wife and I to make a good living as real estate agents. My name is Ed, and my wife Christine and I are both 30 years old with a six month old daughter. We grew up and worked in Flint, Michigan, but then decided that we needed to move to Detroit to find a better employment opportunity. We interviewed with a Latino real estate broker named Carlos,

My Favourite Word

freshly fucked sopping swollen sex, it is the heavy breathing and dilated pupils of your orgasm and the delicious smell of semen and want thickening the room air, making (it seems to me) even the ceiling fan shudder with the effort of cutting through the remains of our love. Irrumatio. It is you collapsing on top of me, spent, then looking into

Countermove Ch. 01

I slid the dildo all the way inside her and held it there, my lower belly against her ass. She was squirming, her ass wriggling, and I pushed my mind into hers. I could see her mind before me. I pictured the changes I was going to implement and I just pushed them into her consciousness. Conchita’s eyes widened as she felt the fluid changes taking

My Best Friend's Mom

it to get in and out without his mom noticing. Didn’t seem likely, but it was worth checking out.Mike’s was the only bedroom on the first floor, so I quickly moved past a couple windows trying to avoid detection, but then I stopped outside the dining room window and peered inside. There he was! I was looking through the dining room, and halfway

Sultry Summer Ch. 05

on the table, along with three place settings. They ate without saying much. After they finished eating, Rita stood up. ‘I want to go for a swim,’ she suggested. Carol’s isolated cabin had a huge pond in the back yard. ‘What do you guys think?’ ‘I wouldn’t mind,’ Stacey said. ‘Sounds like a neat idea to me,’ Carol agreed. Carol got up and started

High Marks

building and I threw the money at the driver and sprinted inside. Running up the five flights of stairs, I paused outside the door, trying to compose myself. My breathing was fast and shallow and I could feel the color rising in my cheeks. After a few minutes, I inserted the key into the gate, opened it, and then turned the knob on my door. As I

The Ball Is In Your Court Part 3

hear the next part of the conversation. After about a minute I shook my head in time to clear the image and hear Cameron laughing with my family. “I really wish you wouldn’t do that.” “I thought it was hilarious. I like her Nick, don’t do anything stupid to let her get away.” “I don’t plan on it, Anna.” I wrapped my arm around Cameron, pulling

Brandy’s Ranch Ch. 01

old Marine?’ Rick imitated whining Kaylynn. Brandy gave him a stern look and then laughed. ‘Yes, she can be a bitch,’ Brandy admitted, ‘but she was right. We need a master cocksman ideally.’ ‘That’s not me. I’ve always had some connection with the women I’ve been with.’ I sounded stuffy, I suppose. Chloe winked at Brandy. I supposed at the time

A Cuckold By Any Other Name

the lounge and to his favourite chair. Her hands quickly relieved him of his trousers and shorts and after pushing him back into the chair she stood back and unzipped her dress. “I hope you’re not having any more of those dirty, filthy thoughts of yours.” she said to him. John shook his head as she pushed down her panties. It never even entered

Caught By Coach Part 2

wet as she could still taste Coach’s cum on her lips. Jim was in a state of half arousal, half confusion as he had just sucked his Coach’s dirty cock after he fucked his girlfriend. He was embarrassed that his cock got so hard watching Coach saw his cock in and out of Amy’s pussy in addition to licking another man’s cum off her ass. “Hey, are

Being taught to be a cum slut

see the three of them. The phone was answered on the third ring as the screen came to life, she went wide eyed at the picture.There were a black guy and a Hispanic guy naked with Olivia standing between them, she only had on blue panties which were completely cum soaked. She had cum all over her, before a word was said they slowly spun Janet

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 06

unbrushed, but it looked so sexy that he ached to run his hands through it, combing it with his fingers, but he knew if he so much as touched her she would hit him. He could tell the crying jag she had in the kitchen had cleansed her and now she was mad at him, probably thinking of ways to escape. Putting the book down he asked her, ‘Want to

Monday was great ( Pt 6 )

with the feelings flooding though them. As Jim moved back I went under Rick, eating the hot cum that run freely from his well-fucked butt then sucked his cock, taking his second load for the day. We both carried on fucking guys, and Rick now seemed to like his new found sexual fun, then when most of the lunch time guys were there, and had fucked

Seduced by fruit and choclate Part 2

I gently slipped out of her arse.“Fuck me! That was fantastic.” She sighed as she lay on the floor “but we might as well eat the banana.” So she squeezed it out of her cunt and we shared it.After we cleaned up in the bathroom and, to my surprise, she let me watch her pee, I was leaving to go home when she asked “Will I see you for breakfast

Genie Tales

down onto her clit, and she cried out as her orgasm was summoned by the pleasure of her lover’s fingers on her sex. James felt her muscles tighten, pulling away and watching her as she came, looking into her eyes as her cries of ecstasy rang through the meadow. Finally she calmed, her body regaining it’s feeling with more sensitivity than it


week. One night my daughter’s friend was over and I was walking out of the house to go for my daily run. She looked at me with my running garb on and told me that the running agreed with me. I just looked at her and laughed. She then reminded me that she ran cross country and that an old man like me could not hang. Again, I just looked at her and

Jisu Oh

Instead of spending their afternoon eating snacks and unwinding in front of a television, like a young student is supposed to do, they had to grind out another three to four hours of learning a language that was incredibly difficult for them. They were all exhausted, agitated—anything but calm and focused. Along with that problem, there were the

Autumn Clematis Ch. 01

the frequent lack of explicit cues as to who is saying what. It was always clear to us, but you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. This entire story is presented as 4 posts containing 17 parts. ——————————— Part 1 I really hope that today won’t finish the way that it’s started. First, traffic was stalled for half an hour on 119 into town. I

My first time in highschool part 1

make all the guys sandwiches, the next she would leave the cooking to her friend, Jasmine, and would play against one of the guys in COD. She usually asked to play against me, which oblivious me was unaware of.  This went on for a week or two before I started noticing what she was trying to do. I decided to gain up the courage to ask her out, and

A Hard Lesson - Chapter 1

whoosh and felt the hardest pain on my pussy, with Mr Carlo’s fingertips hitting against my clit. The pain and pleasure mix was almost unbearable and as I gasped the panties fell out of my mouth. “My slut, you need to be trained. If I put something in your mouth, it stays there until I remove it. Do you understand?” I nodded my head quickly in

Fucked Over

holding ourselves back. Neither one of us wanted to give in to the urge. We stared into each other’s eyes. Finally she caved and smashed her mouth to mine. I was slightly shocked, unprepared. I hadn’t kissed many girls, not sober at least. But I have always been a quick learner. I tugged at her upper lip gently with my teeth and she moaned in

My life with Steph (and her sister) Chapter 2 A woman is born

graveyard fence it turned right and ran along between the edge of the field and a hedgerow that bordered the graveyard.“See I told you there was nowt here.”I noticed a patch of decent looking grass further up on the right and carried on pedalling. “Darren,” she called “Where you going? Wait a minute.”I stopped at the clearing and waited till

Run Ch. 07

and Mary Baker were standing near the front door of the house. They were nervous but trying not to LOOK nervous. They didn’t know if Pat was going to come home for a second night or not. When that new car pulled into the driveway, both of them hurried somewhere else. But Pat noticed the drapes next to the front door flutter and shadows scurry on

Watch Me

and forth, back and forth, Anabel could feel her restraint rapidly beginning to slip. She increased the rhythm of her hand against her impossibly moistened cleft before slowing their speed, repeating the teasing movements until her body began to burn for release. A sudden idea broke through the haze of lust that had wrapped itself around her

Summer Vacation Ch. 03

the bag that had his clothes for work in it. He’d slip out the door and Aunt Karen would never know he’d seen her. He silently stepped out of his room into the hall and stood there, torn about what to do. Aunt Karen’s room was next to his, the front door was in the other direction. Tommy stood in the hall for a second, his mind whirling, then he

Have Hands--Will Travel --Jamie 2

done and blow drying my hair,she knocked at my door. I answered, in my sports briefs and wife-beater tee. “Don't you ever dress?” she smiled as she entered, patting my bun with her hand. “Well, I could , if you plan on us being out in public.” I replied. Jamie was already pulling me down onto the bed. “You don't mind if I rape you do you Dano?”

Johns little family affair 5

had a million questions. I was very thorough, so you needn't hide in shame. You're still the mom and the bread winner. They still respect you, and love you, even though you never fucked a dog.""They really admire you for that, don't they?""Yes, they do.""I've been a good girl, and they think I'm sick.""They just think you're very hard-up and

Vanessas Island – Chapter Eight

my cock. ‘Hmmm..mmm,’ I sighed contentedly, ‘nothing like waking from a wet dream to find a wet reality.’ ‘Well reality’s not the only thing that’s wet,’ she replied. ‘I’ve been playing with myself again but it’s no substitute for the real thing. I hope you don’t mind that I started getting you ready while you were still asleep. Did you know,’

Warm Mouth of a Friend

his shaft with my tongue until it stood perfectly erect and dripping with my saliva. I pulled his boxers over his dick and slid them down the rest of the way, exposing a dark and bushy patch of pubes surrounding his dick, while he took off his shirt to reveal the rest of his tanned chiseled abdomen. I began to kiss his stomach and work my way

Introduction to Bryce – Chapter 6

wanted, as long as they stayed away from all those “nasty coed sluts,” as he called them. “Wants us to find decent, upstanding young women from well-to-do families that we can bring home so he can show off to his rich golfing buddies,” they told her. “He was scared we’d fall for the first piece of easy ass that came along, and she’d take all his

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 06

I didn’t realize so much time had passed. Miss me?’‘I just said I did, didn’t I?’ Jake smiled at her. To prove his point, he pulled her forward and down against him, kissing her roughly. Béla’s hard, sensitive brand new nipples pressed against his chest hairs, becoming harder as they rubbed along the rough, hairy surface of his chest.Béla pushed

The Pale Man Ch. 01

process is very complicated. Hypnotic breaks happen, cerebral implants crash, that’s what we’re here for. Ours is not to reason why, my dear doctor.’ La Huerta cringed as she suffered a brain freeze brought on by her smoky gray Santeria margarita. ‘Why do they call him The Pale Man?’ she asked. Isaac scanned the file that lay open before him. ‘He

A Date With The Night Ch. 02

it, rocking her hips provocatively in time to the music. When she was facing him again she put her arms over her head and held on to the pole as she moved up and down, rubbing it between the firm cheeks of her ass. Dave watched her closely, licking his lips as she writhed around on stage, knowing that it was all for him. Deciding to really give

Stranded On Creton

my cock explode. That brought a long, loud groan to Carol’s lips and sent her into a fourth orgasm. It lasted until my cock stopped spurting, then she collapsed on the cot, totally spent and trying to catch her breath.I put my hand over her mouth, pulled her head up against my shoulder and whispered in her ear, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever

Dethroning a Queen

in the middle of a lively conversation with Sir Arroth, a young knight in the army, when the doors swung open and in walked Derrick. Penelope stopped talking mid-sentence, and the knight was looking at her in confusion. She paid him no mind. Her eyes were fixed on the figure that was ruining her life. Derrick took his seat next to Penelope,

My Life. Ch. 8...

chance of her kids hearing, but we still had to be cautious, and thus had to refrain from screaming during our orgasms. I would fuck Shelby everyday after school. Sometimes I’d just have her give me head, even though she was only so-so at it, it depended on my mood I suppose. Her brothers got home later than us, but it didn’t matter. I never

Working the Night Shift

fucking hot, being blown in the store, not knowing if customers were waiting outside. It wasn’t long till I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I started to fuck him more, driving my cock deep, pumping faster as I got closer to the edge. He licked my cock and balls, stroking my slathered cock, saying, “God yes, cum in my mouth, I want

Policewomen 3: Kelly's Failure

he squeezed his powerful glutes, pumping himself just a bit farther. Gripping his back with her long red, painted nails, she moaned out in ecstasy; an orgasm overtaking her, causing her eyes to roll in the back of her head and her vagina to spasm.When she was done shaking, the hard working, single mom was rolled over on top of this black Adonis.

The Touch Ch. 15

twins were waiting for us in the car and we drove over to the diner. For obvious reasons we mostly talked about what had happened to Uncle Andrew and the rift between Mum and Aunt Susan. Luci seemed to know more about the situation than anybody. ‘Aunt Susan is a total snob!’ she announced unsympathetically. ‘Mummy says that when Auntie Gwen

Lingerie shopping had never been so much fun

want him to stop. Suddenly my pussy got even wetter and I knew I was close to coming, which was amazing as we’d only been fucking for a few minutes, god I couldn’t believe how horny I was!   I moaned as quietly as I could for him to fuck me harder.   As he did I felt my whole body explode as I came onto his fat cock.   At the same time I felt my

Carl, Carla and Hannah – Part 23

my plan.’ ‘What about Hannah?’ ‘Hannah loves me, as you know, and I love her. It was her who actually started me off on this road, and she said she’ll be happy no matter who I decide to be. Still, I’m not sure if I want to be a total woman, at least not yet. But I ache to have my own breasts, more than I can say. Once I’ve achieved having them,

Turning Tables

but to us it was the best in the world because we spent so much time there. When we were kids we used to hang out in the kitchen ‘taste-testing’ the desserts. As we grew older, we helped out more with waiting tables and lending a hand in the kitchen. The place was associated with good memories so even though it was decrepit and the roof needed

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 31

briefcase. ‘I got you something too.’ She pulled out a small wrapped present. ‘Thanks,’ Hanna said as she opened the gift to reveal a CD. ‘Who’s the musician?’ ‘It’s the works of Tomas Luis de Victoria,’ Jovita replied. ‘He was a prolific composer from Renaissance Spain. It’s choral music, so you can play it for your male guests without worrying

Fantasies Do Cum True - Chapters 1-4

she asked me.“Pretty good actually, you seemed to have hit all the right spots.”“Would you like me to massage your front? Your chest, shoulders, arms and legs?”Now this was taking an interesting turn, I would have to lie on my back, which would present my fully engorged 9+ inch monster cock to my aunt. I could not pass up this opportunity, I had

Neighbour with Benefits

masturbation.James, who lived next door, was a frequent fantasy object of my desires during my self-pleasure sessions. I'd often look through my window at him when he was in the garden, fingering away like crazy. I just had to do something more.Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even though I fully expected rejection, I decided to make a play for

Alexis The Dark Fairy Chapter 2

guess you're right haha. I could make them more intelligent, but it could be dangerous if you're inexperienced. It would be a disaster if we lost control of them or any other enchanted object and they got loose outside this house."Vanessa retreated her hand and looked back toward Alexis as her face turned from amazement to sheer curiosity."Yes?

The Royal Genies - Chapter 07

it going from 0 to sex with no reason. This sex scene was included for several reasons. The first was because it lengthened the chapter, and I wanted to make this one longer (It's VERY slightly under 5000 words, the longest for this story). The second was because other than the very start, there was no sex in this chapter. And the third was so I

The Guitar Players Personal Lesson #2

done!” Jo said to me. Those words were like lightning striking my short hairs. I had just had an incredible encounter with Jo and she wanted more. She was gently rubbing that warm moist pussy against my still hard dick and for a moment I could not respond except to moan a little and stare at her beautiful body. Looking up at me from the sofa, Jo

The Mirror on the Ceiling

I replied.Sandra bit down on her lower lip.“You know,” Sandra began, as she looked over my shoulder and towards the front door to our house, “Rick works during the day and if you want to drop by - say tomorrow or the next day, we could do some one-on-one workouts for a little bit, just the two of us.”It was clearly obvious that her invitation was

Ashley is forced to have sex by her "friends" - Part One

a soft moan. The girls got their share by sucking and biting her nipples. By the time they got to her vagina, her nipples (which were once pale) were scarlet and throbbing in pain. But Ashley enjoyed this pain. Donna ripped off her panties, and spread Ashley's legs wide open. Nick ran his tongue over her pussy lips, while the girls rubbed her

I Watched My Wife Go From Wife to Slut to Whore Part 3

a lot and was often gone on Saturdays supposedly shopping with friends. I never said anything but she often returned from the shopping trips without having bought anything. About the middle of May that spring, I got a call from Mr. Bartlett who had hosted the New Year’s Eve party. He called on a Wednesday morning before I left for work (Terri had

First Times

cock in as far as it would go. He took it easily, and I started fucking him as hard and quick as I could. After a few minutes, I shot my next load into his arse. We both then got dressed and we went our separate ways without any discussion about what had just occurred. It was a strange day and I never again had sex with another male. Would I do

Taking One For The Team 2: On Tour

couldn't wait anymore. I parted her thighs with my knee, and reached down to hold underneath her thighs with my hands. She gasped with surprise, a light, happy sound. I pulled her up against the wall so she was hovering, kept in place only by my hands and the wall behind her. Supporting her on one hand, I ran my cock up and down her slit, before

Warming Father Christmas

We were contained inside it up to our chests. The front had replicas of the tops of our costumes. Even though we were inside a sleeping bag it looked as if we weren’t. The two women grabbed my hands, pulled them down inside the sleeping bag and kept hold of them. ‘You keep your hands here unless you are waving,’ Ruth ordered. I had no choice. My

The Last Bookshop - Chapter Thirty-Six

with pleasure. Laura spat obscenities as Harry fucked her snug behind with his entire length. Crouched over her, he never revealed his joy at buggering her for the first time. The voice of his intuition quietly encouraged him and the torrent of her thoughts guided his body.Pulling the belt to ease her head up, it forced her to meet his thrusts.

Romancing the Librarian Pt. 03

from that bunch of no goods over on the strip. I’m going to tell the sheriff here that it looks to us as though the Fredonia police should be investigating the family.’ We shook hands. ‘We’ll do our best to get her landed someplace to make a decent life.’ As we were hiking the ruins of the vanished Indian civilization that afternoon, I considered

Always help people in distress

Where is there ah restaurant?’ I asked. Suzette said, ‘No. no Our place…. Yeah, that’s fine & Where’s that? I said. ‘Wilber’ her husband said, ‘We are about 30 minutes away’ I’ll ride with you Suzette said, Wilber doesn’t mind. ‘Well Ok. During the drive Suzette said, ‘I know what you’re thinking. She said. You are wondering why I’m married to

Ambassador’s Life Ch. 04

than her would not have gone on this mission, as they spend their time studying Torah and Talmud instead of pursuing secular careers. Practically all of my security troops are Yemeni Arabs, all but one of whom are Muslims. The sole exception among the Yemenis is Corporal Karl Marx Hakim, an atheistic Marxist. ‘Anyway, despite the official

How Long Can You Resist Ch. 05

her brother, blushing even as she smiled. She had taken extra care in dressing that morning, knowing that Gerard intended to pay a visit. She had chosen a red gown that was fairly new, and it fit her perfectly. The color was the perfect contrast to her creamy pale skin. The neckline plunged just low enough to show a decent amount of cleavage,

The Wife Next Door: Part II

morning dragged on and on and I went through my closet several times to select my clothes for the shopping trip. I was so nervous. Finally Pim arrived at my door in a stunning lavender sundress, sexy sandals, with no make up and her hair pulled back with a headband. She looked 21, not 30, with flawless smooth tanned skin! What a beautiful face,

Strict Aunt spanking fantasy

amateur theater group. However, the first time that he saw her made up to be the mature school teacher, he knew he had to do a fantasy scene with her done up like that. Since they had previously done scenes, to spice up the sex life in their marriage, he knew that the issue would not be getting her onboard, but rather, what scene would be really

The truck stop slave

94 peter built i was pulling a flat bed for a big company as owner operator. i will not give the name of the company though, as it will hurt their rep as a good clean company to work for. The fact is they set the whole thing up. I was driving from Dallas Texas to blythe Ca. i pulled in a truck stop for the night because after All it was my


One of my favorite students, Lori, was rumored to be a lesbian. Rumor networks in high school are often false and quite ruthless. Either way it mattered not to me. It wasn’t until Lori began spending a lot of time stopping by classroom during period breaks and after school did I wonder about her orientation. The 17 year old girl was quite

Daddy 2, Natalie and May

My little girl climbed on top of me lowering herself down on my hard cock. Her big tits in my face for my mouth to suck.She did take her time. I was her sex slave. She was using me. And I loved it. She was riding me hard and fast, without any care for me. My mouth grabbed a nipple and my baby came hard. She slowed her movement for a moment. Then

Lost Trail Cabin

underwear, finds his manhood, and slowly begins to massage it… As Jake gets more aroused he wakes and lets his seat back down a bit trying to get comfortable…. Nancy continues to stroke Jake slowly, working it up and down; twisting her hand at the top, and squeezing her hand as she slides it back down his shaft… She pulls her hand away, reaches

Meeting Master at the airport part 2

your mouth, causing me to moan in pleasure as you do so. At the same time you slide into me, stopping for a few moments to allow me to control my orgasm. You start going at a slow pace pushing deeply and then pulling almost all the way out. As I whine in frustration, wanting more of you, you smile down and kiss me again, making me fidget with

Someone Was There

masters. I had actually found the naked romps of the testosterone enriched sailors quite erotic and provocative. Bob had said, “It's like watching a secret club. Boy, some of them sure have something to swing.” Catching his drift, I replied, “Yeah the bosun has a dick like a baseball bat.” I remembered how we laughed about that just before we

The Girl in My Dream Ch. 02

Sara, and I will until the day I die, ‘ and then I held her tightly to me and wept like I’d not done in a very long time. ‘I love you, too, Bryan,’ Sara breathed into my ear, ‘I always have and I always will, my darling.’ After regaining our composure, but still in one another’s arms, I realized that Sara had changed her clothes and was now

The Burn Part IV (The Journey Begins)

of the dark tunnel and she was on the path. Already she was feeling more liberated in the time strapped to the chair, than she had felt in most of her adult life. It was exhilarating………..she was on a diving board looking down at the deep end of the pool. Instead of sitting on the end of the board, knees bent with her legs dangling over, she had

CEO's and Secretary Hoe's

parting gift,” Kendra smiled slowly her red lips parting as she pointed down to her goodies.The young man stood up visibly shaken and approached Kendra. He slowly lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties. He started to suck on her juicy clit. Firing workers and seeing how she intimidated them always got Kendra’s cunt soaking wet. She

The Debt Collector – Part3

as it slid in and out with more ease. The walls of her pussy were now adjusting to his size. She moaned deeply as he slammed into her very soul! She slid her hands down his ribs and back, down to his ass. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his back urging him on! He dropped his fat lips down onto her and she opened her mouth

Trophy Wife Crescent – Chapter Two

ran from the slightly hairy base of his cock, all the way up to his glans. She flicked her tongue back and forth, making his cock tip glisten in the sunlight with her sweet spit. It wasnt long until Rosa began pecking and kissing Alexs shaft, leaving large red lipstick marks all over it, teasing him even further. She adored his cock, feeling

Teen Itch

can take." I come back with some allergy pills and I see she's itching her skin all over, herlegs, arms, stomach, trying to avoid the 'personal' parts like her young boobs and ass, which I'm sure also itched but she didn't want to touch herself in front of me. "How long before the pills start to work?" "Pretty soon I think, is there anything I

Was it only a Dream.....

about this.  You need to tell Steve what you told me just now.  Shannon looked at her mom and then back at me.. I thought she was going to cry.. but then she asked me, Was it good?  she asked me?  did my mom Suck you off good??.. SHANNON!! Kim said!! Tell him what you told me FIRST.. THEN we can talk ... about the "OTHER STUFF" ok NOW im REALLY

Caz 1

things, making little gasps as my slow gentle thrusts moved the air out of her.I looked deeply into her eyes, seeing the pupils dilate. I started to thrust harder. She threw back her head and pleaded "bite me. Please. I need to feel owned!"I bent forward and took the skin of her neck in my teeth, sucking gently."Harder! Haaarder! Mark me! Take

Rene Completes His Schooling

was some talk too that her husband, who at the time of his marriage had a promising career in the civil service, was embroiled in a scandal and was dismissed from service. The impression that Rene got from his family was that he did ‘menial’ work for a living. Rene’s notion of the menial work was sweeping the streets. He wondered whether his aunt

A Tale of 2 Nerds - Chapter 3

making me moan. She pulled away, holding her head in her palm, propping herself up with her elbow. She stroked me slowly, winking at me. "So what'd ya get me?" She asked. I was silent, trying to think up a good answer. "Well?" She asked, speeding up her hand movements."Oh god, I'm gonna cum …" I mumbled, moaning a little louder. "I mean … I did

Me, You, and Bruno Too?

and carried her to the stairs. He took them two at a time, all the enthusiasm of a teenage boy pumping through him. When they got to his room he slowed and gently lowered her to the bed. She lay there looking up at him, face flushed and chest heaving. Wayne could plainly see her nipples through the thin fabric of the tank, and without hesitation

A Trans Atlantic Affair

Dreams I think would be a better word. Dreams the likes of which most girls can only, well, dream of! John Stone was offering me those dreams. Me! Verity Rose Eldridge! It was so impossible to believe that I could barely say it out loud! Even now, I’m not sure how to put it all in words. Out of nowhere, he came into my life and then it was all

Death Wish

Janice in what looked like an argument over a plane ticket in my dads hand, he was probably going on another business trip and my mom was probably bugging him for cash while he was gone. Then it hit me, that was how my dad was going to die it wasnt like I heard the voice telling me but somehow I just knew thats how I was going to pay for this new

Drill Sergeant Domination part III

small nipples, giving her more room to stroke my cock. I know I have a decently sized cock as it is but put it in the hands of a small girl like Pvt Brown and I look like a monster! Holy Shit!She’s looking down at it in wonder and starts to pull harder, causing me a bit of discomfort. “Hey Brown, it’s too fucking dry right now. You gotta get some

Highway Memories

popped up and as he looked down at her said ‘I love you’ and he came. They laid next to each other again and lovingly touched and kissed each other until she drifted off into a restful sleep. The sound of the alarm clock woke them up and she had rolled over to turn it off. She laid on her stomach until she felt him move up behind her and kiss her

Welcome Home

and moan.Our kiss grows hungrier, filled with the lust and passion that we feel for one another. She presses her ass hard against my cock and grabs my hands to squeeze her tits harder as her tongue dances against mine with her moans vibrating in my mouth. As the water cools we step out of the tub and dry one another off. She is pleased to see


me to moan. His gentle touch was something I had never felt before. I spread my legs wider allowing him as much access as he needed. “You are so wet,” He told me. “And you smell so sweet.” I lifted my ass off the bed prompting Thomas to push his face to my pussy. I squealed in excitement as his tongue maneuvered through my lips. He worked

Cindy was a single mother

Her blanket covered her lower body and her upper body was a little exposed. Cindy went up to her bed and sat down near the edge. Slowly but carefully, she reached for the blanket and gently removed it, exposing her whole body. Cindy was pleased at what she saw. Debbie was wearing a white T-shirt and panties that didn't quite cover her firm


hand. When I had the mule drive assembled, I would see what she had wanted earlier. Gingerly I lifted the top disk up and sat it on a holding spindle. I paused and took a deep breath, one down, and one to go. I lifted the bottom disk and transferred it directly to the mule drive. I centered it on the drive spindle and secured it. I snapped the

Weekend Surprise – Part One

was a tough one and I was glad that I could finally just relax at home and do nothing. That is, if my children didn’t demand too much of my attention. My kids were fifteen and eleven years old and usually a real joy to be around. Today, though, I just wanted to veg. “Bye, Frank.” Wearily I waved to the night security guard as I walked through the

P Goes To A Party

were bare as the top she was wearing, white in colour, was off the shoulder. In style, I would say it was like one of the tops worn by serving wenches at German beer taverns: short frilly arms with the top very, very low cut with ties at the front. Paula's massive tits looked fucking great in it, virtually spilling out, and the cleavage on

Jenny's Ladies Fun Night

at it having so much practice, while my other hand continued to rub and grope his big hard cock through his jeans. As I opened the zipper and pulled his briefs down, an impressive cock popped out. It was even bigger and fatter than I had anticipated. Jackpot! I wrapped my long fingers and well manicured nails around his throbbing cock. That’s

rich boys love 21

sturred so i decided i would stay the night. I spent a few hours just looking at my boy fast asleep. I must have feel asleep to because the next thing i knew Leon had waken me up and handed me a drink of pure orange. Iooked at Leon and said "will i get this all the time when we are married?" Leon smiled at me and said "yeah you wish" we smiled at

Oliver's Twist

my mouth and sucked on them while he moaned in the ambiance. My tongue mapped out every ridge, every bump that they concealed. Having teased them enough, I let them fall out of my mouth, thick with a coat of my saliva, and moved onto the bigger prize. I wrapped my hand around the base of his penis and directed it to stand up. The tip of it

The Stalker - Epilogues and Author Notes

and everyone who puts pen to paper or taps furiously at a keyboard so that others might enjoy. However, if you are a writer reading this, I beg you to attempt something ambitious, something different, something outside the predictable norms with your next story … amaze yourself and stupefy us the readers … please.Fantasy Vs Reality The major

The Farmboy Stripper

16 year old daughter and her friends play with him.“How far do you think this should go?” he asked.My wife thought a moment, smiled and said, “I think as long as everyone is comfortable, no harm can come.”Scott smiled and for the first time blushed. Surprise, surprise, the kid does have a limit and Joanne had found it. She gently squeezed him,

My Son

be asleep, so he wouldn't have to go back to his room. I always played around with him, and acted silly with each other. So, Shawn just being on top of me, was normal. Then I started to feel his dick, and I told him to get off me. I told him what I felt, but he said that wasn't his dick. He started laughing, so I moved away from him, so I could

Heather's Master Bathroom

up the back of her legs. Within a few moments her elegant black heels are visible, along with the tantalizing black stockings adorning her slender legs. " No...," she whimpers again, her reluctances slowly fading as more of her enticing thighs become visible to my prying eyes. I force my hand between her firm thighs pressing my palm up into the

New Friend Michelle

the blonde haired guy who always wears graphic tees.” She glanced at the TARDIS on my shirt.“What do they say about the tall, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, graphic-tee wearing junior?” I quipped.“Well they don’t flatter him.” She started walking away.“Want to get lunch?” I ask. She waved her hand for me to follow, leaving me utterly confused.After a

Nikki's first adventure

the door. She heard a click and realised he had locked himself - and her - in the room. She noted that the key went back in the pocket. She wondered why he had locked the door.He came to stand on the side of the bed nearest the wardrobe now and her heart began to pound again as just inches from her Dan slipped the belt from his trousers, unzipped

Margie and Mike's weekend alone

He was going to be at home for the weekend alone with his sister. His friends teased him about it, but he loved spending time with his sister. They had so much fun and he felt she was the one person who he could tell anything to and the one person who didn't just hang out with him for his popularity. He was closer to her than anyone else. She was

Aliens Ch. 01

as the reality of their situation sunk into their minds. The drugs kept their fears and struggles to a minimum. In about a minute, the crying and struggling subsided as the drugs took full affect and sighs were heard as the arousal inducers spread throughout their bodies. All were trying to stop any outward sign of their arousal from being seen.

Rileigh and the Cop Ch. 05

through my hair before I put on my makeup. ‘Where are you going?’ he asked conversationally. ‘I have to stop in town to run some errands. What are you up to today?’ I responded. ‘I have to pick up some paperwork from the office, but I can do that later. Other than that, today is my day off. Would you mind if we ran your errands together?

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 11

dark of early morning. Spreading the four men into two groups ensured them more Shots. The weather was perfect Duck Hunting weather, overcast and slightly windy. The birds were flying in and out of the decoys. The men were shooting up a storm and Numchucks was working back and forth between the two groups retrieving each and every bird. If one

Utah mountain bath connection

road access. Only a mile separated us but it took hours to reach them. When we arrived back at camp the dogs were done and so were we. I needed a bath in the worst way. A small, secluded lake a mile from camp would suffice. The lake sits in a high mountain meadow. Lush grass is gradually broken by steep rock slides covered in aspen. The scene is

The Ranchers Daughter

he plunged deep again. Pulling on them as he fucked her throat, he saw Jake opening his pants. Picking up the ball, he pumped the plug a couple more times and then lined his monsterous cock up with her tiny opening. Grabbing her hips, he pushed slowly and felt the very tip start to penetrate. Pull out, I want to hear her scream. Quickly Jeremy

Wendy Learns About Culture

But I kept myself fit and in shape, and felt a lot younger. Wendy was a redhead, like her mother and father. That was their Scottish heritage and like most Celts, she had lovely legs and freckles all over, with perky breasts always pointing upward. My family was French in background, so my son and I had dark hair.I was still in good physical

The trip, I will never forget

in my mind. I had already removed my trousers till my knees, underneath my quilt, and on noticing that the quilt appeared like a pitched up tent, I turned around to sleep on the side. Finally, when the clock struck two, I knew it was a moment I could not let go of. Being assured that she had fallen deeply asleep, I crept out of the bed, and

Fashion Week

resolve, she submitted to me entirely, allowing me to use her tiny, stretched orifice for mylicentious pleasure. As my violent thrusting relented, I groaned as I erupted like a volcano my cum flowing like hot lava filling her ass full withcum running down her thighs. I eased my swollen cock from her thoroughly used asshole and pulled her down off

pokemon daycare 4

could distract me from anything. It started in my early teens as a coping method after a nasty fall left me bed-ridden for a few days with a very sore back and leg. A certain few songs were infectious enough that getting them stuck in my head made the three hour exile in the hospital waiting room almost manageable. Since then, I always used them


behind the kitchen door. I crossed the room and opened the small armoire that she had indicated. Another surprise, it had been converted into an efficient wet bar. Wine and champagne glasses hung from a rack on top, double rocks glasses and beer pints were off to the left on a small shelf, along with quarter-pint tasting glasses. There was a tap

Cuckold , a real life lesson

she always had me clean her with my mouth afterward. Beth said she wasn’t sure Walt would do that part. My wife assured her that if she put him in chastity and allowed him to watch her fuck that he would do as she said. My wife said watch this , then she stood and unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the deck floor. She reached down and picked

Story for My Lover

to my flesh. Placing my hands under my breasts, I raise my nipples to my mouth. My tongue darts quickly over them in turn… a moist trail of saliva. I open my mouth and gently suck my right nipple into my mouth… softly touching my teeth to my sensitive flesh. I remove my left hand from under my breast… moving it lower… down my stomach and into my

My Teacher, My Slave

Any age, any type, any race, as long as she was a woman, I wanted to see. Some times so much so that it would get a little out of hand.Like the time I was openly staring at our next door neighbor’s huge brown nippled tits bouncing freely in her thin white T-shirt while she worked in her back yard. I just about crapped my drawers when her husband

Some Thoughts

noticed anything is going on, but in my position it’s unlikely. I’m an adult so I have my own life, it’s not like I live with my mom. We don’t make love all the time, but that only makes it more special when it happens. I guess I have started visiting her more often than before, but relatives and such probably only think that’s the proper thing

Mom Acting Weird

It was more than a virgin teenage boy could handle and I spewed forth with a torrent of cum, which she swallowed. She put my cock back in my underwear, pulled up my covers, and then she removed her pussy from my lips. My Aunt then kissed and licked my face clean before she left my bedroom. I smiled knowing that she had tucked her panties under my

The Towel Girl's Punishment

to do a LOT!Ironically, about then, Robana dragged his engorged penis slowly out of Loni's poor stretched pussy. In the process, the top of his rod scraped along that special spot she loved to press and a surge of electric pleasure shot through her. When he immediately slid his bone back into her she realized that the pain she had felt before was

My Evil Stepsister

Liz begin to whine, ‘It was an accident Daddy. I was trying to help and my glass slipped.’ I didn’t hear anymore as I ascended the stairs. Mom came to my room about an hour later to check on me. She said that Liz had said she was sorry and it was an accident. I just looked at my mother and told her that hell would freeze over before I believed

How I Learned To Please My Wife - Part 6

but she held my head as she ground her twat against my face. My tongue worked overtime, and soon the familiar globs of what I thought was Rick's cum slid into my mouth. I swallowed it all, like a good husband should, and while I performed my duty, Vanessa told me what had happened over the three days and nights she was away. By the time I'd

Scarlett Futa

cum all over the car and me. “You are so amazing and worth every penny,” she said. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” I replied. I was getting sure of myself. I turned my attention toward Lizzy and started to jack her off as well. Azola kept playing with my body while I made her friend cum. This time, since I was completely naked, I let her cum

Gazebos and Vermouth

very much Al in my daily living of operating a small bookshop in our Canadian village of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Cali (Lace) is who she is by night and day. That is until we play, then Lace becomes the entity. Sex is play or it should be to you. It is to us. Cali is a mature woman with green eyes and has a keen sense of knowing what she

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 03

one hundred and fifty ton tank of hydrogen gas tanks built underneath, the vault is virtually impenetrable from the outside. ‘Just go Master Sternigan,’ Lewis pleads. ‘The vault door isn’t going to hold against them and I can give you the time you need.’ A loud clang echoes through the massive door reinforcing Lewis’ plea. The clang comes again

Changes in Latitudes: Valentines

the pebbles and shells about and decorated the area with the tropical blooms. The parrot was set on the futon frame and candles went everywhere. Glow in the dark stars were stuck to the ceiling to give us a night sky, and the stereo was set up to give us an island song. I ran to the grocery store across the street and picked up a pair of steamed

Pass the Pussy Please

drank and partied at her house because I couldn’t stay in my campus dorm. Saturday her roommate Kelsey came back from Columbus and she cooked dinner for her boy friend Steve. Steve was a jerk but I put up with him for Kelsey’s sake. While she cooked dinner, I helped out here and there, set the table, put in money for beer ect. Kelsey and Steve

The Siren

sit for hours, meditating to the rushing sounds. This river was different, the sound was fuller, more robust, like a natural orchestra. I spent many days walking along the edge, almost in a trance, listening, and waiting. One day after wandering for several hours, I happened upon a small cabin. I had gotten to the eastern most bend in the river,

Becca - Her Story Continues

fuck in. I pulled my cock from Becca's pussy and got to my knees.~ ~“What are you doing? Are you finished?” Becca asked. “You haven't cum yet and I want you to cum in me.”Ty didn't answer me. He turned me on my side and lifted my leg straight up. My pussy was now exposed and he wasted no time filling me up with his cock. Ty was watching himself

First Time

would that feel after seeing their pics online and how big they are. I never thought i will have them soon, i was talking to this black guy online for month and he really got me so horny i couldn’t say no when he ask me to meet him at his place. when i got their my heart was pounding so hard i can feel it on my throat. first time i meet him he


let me explain to you, oh and Catarina go get Prepared for the Ceremony" Melody told her daughter. "Yes mom" She said and went to her room. Later that night after the feast and Andrew had collected all three orbs for the challenges. Catarina walked up to the old fountain and where her mother once played the melody. Bringing the shell flute to her

Playground Playmate - take 2

the couch by the time I same out of my daughter’s room, pulling the door shut behind me. Ronnie had turned the TV on, wrapped in a towel with her long brown hair hanging wetly around her shoulders. There was a hairbrush once my wife’s which I brought over to the couch and, sitting next to her, began to brush Ronnie’s hair, beginning at the very


from a day of relentless chores is bounced away with a ride in the laundry. What better way to chase the blues of banality away than to rework them into the realm of domestic fantasy? With her mind on her handyman neighbor, this little ‘housewife’ slips her hand beneath her apron and bumps and grinds along with the motion of the spin cycle.

A Quiet Domination Part III

in the bed facing away from him, in the spoon position, in much the same way as we had started the day. With my hands cuffed, however, there was no way I would be able to touch myself, much less him. My hands were locked in the cloth cuffs as if I were praying. I closed my eyes as Master nuzzled my neck and ran his fingers up and down my back. It

Truths and Betrayals of a Young Man's Heart Chapter 3

head not giving eye contact. David gave Mina a upset look and was about to shove her out of the way when he heard a cough behind him. Standing there was the principal giving David, Trina, Chase, and Zack a serious expression that said ' Break it Up" . They gave him a shocked look and left. The Principal came to Mina and I to check and see if we

My Wife Spends the Night at a Friends - Part 2

it sliding down my throat that time!" Renee said, sounding proud of her accomplishment.  "Just a few more inches and you'd have it all in there," Jamal replied.  "Do you want to try that position you were telling me about? I think I can take the rest of it," my wife asked. "Sure, lay down on your back with your head hanging off the side of the

Wife-Swapping With Cindy

saying it just a little.”She laid her head back on my shoulder and pushed her leg against my cock as we swayed to the music. Then she surprised me by whispering in my ear, “Your hard cock is turning me on.”“I hope so, because you can tell how turned on I am.”“I’m a little scared about later.”“Don’t be. We’ll go nice and slow.”The song ended and I

Thumper Ch. 07

more solidly than the blow that was about to land. The impact never came. Instead, she felt the crop rest lightly against her bare flesh. If there was ever a moment when she thought she might have deserved a rap across her buttocks, it was now. * * * George allowed the crop to trail down the curve of Abby’s cheek as though his hand had grown

Lilian's adventures

leg, parting her legs on his way up. Lilian worked herself quickly out of her dress and took of her bra then throwing herself back in the couch as she felt that wonderful tongue and lips on her skin, her fingers busy with her erect nipples, rubbing and pinching them , her gaze still on the threesome in front of them.Pluto had dismounted Ilona for

it happned on vacation pt 2

view of the driveway so we wouldn't be taken by surprise if our parents or someone else showed up suddenly. We stood beside my bed and I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts as she watched me. I stopped, looked at her and then took off my underwear. I was at full attention and her eyes went directly for my cock and she simply said Oh my

Phileas Fogg – A Memoir Pt. 22

Passepartout discovered a native dealer in old clothes, to whom he applied for an exchange. The man liked the European costume, and ere long Passepartout issued from his shop accoutred in an old Japanese coat, and a sort of one-sided turban, faded with long use. A few small pieces of silver, moreover, jingled in his pocket. ‘Good!’ thought he.

A Family Reunion Chapt 3 (Dinner at Nick's)

the street from his house. There were several cars parked in the driveway and on the street in front of the house, so I knew that there was already a small crowd gathered. As we made our way up to the door, I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I actually thought about turning around and heading back to the car. Marcy rang the bell and in a

A week with Aunt Taylor ( Day One )

soft I was just curious."" I knew you were going to take a liking to these." She said as she grabbed her boobs and started to jiggle them around." They are really nice auntie i have never seen such large boobs ever before in my life, not of my girlfriend's even compared to those!."" Well, ill make you a deal, if you don't tell your mother or

The Truth Mirror

‘Daddy’ was second. I compiled a second list of the excuses that I thought I would get: previous engagement, can’t get baby sitter, I’ll have company, have to work, etc. Then I selected a non-threatening, short and fun activity. The Mount Hood Railroad had just started its beautiful fall four hour rides. I offered each of my lovelies the choice

converting a anal virgin

on my face, she did, and I ate my own cum from her, poor Joe didn't know what to do, but he was still stroking his hard cock.As we rested, Sue told Joe how she had sat on his cock in the spa, and slipped it in her ass, he said it had felt tighter, and that was why he hadn't lasted as long as normal.We told him how we had got Sandy to clean

All in the Family

your idea of taking most of it right down my throat was good advice. But the funny thing is, I did get a taste of some of it and despite the fact I am not crazy about it, I am eager to let it shoot into my mouth. I guess I am just a cum slut.”I noticed that my dad had unzipped his pants and had his cock out. It was as hard as I had ever seen it

The story of a woman’s busy and adventuresome sex life from mid-teens

the hormone implant to stop her menstrualcramps. With all the changes going on in her life shehad overlooked the replacement notice. That wasn’t abig deal because it took a while before her periodswould start again. However, at her 35th birthdayparty, she addressed the small family gathering, “Thisis my best birthday ever. I have people I love,

First black cock

"I dont know why I havent tried bigger cocks sooner. I've been missing out"She laughed and deeply kissed me as we lay in her bed. My legs were weak, and we were both out of breath. "It's too bad you are only here for one more night." "well lets make this night memorable"We would go on to fuck 2 more times that night, before I went back home.

Helping a Friend the conclusion

against me. My tempo does not change as you experience three then four peeks each a little stronger than the last until you finally collapse in exhaustion. We lay together catching our breath, until I stand and take you in my arms. I carry you upstairs to your bed where we make gentle and passionate love. I will finally know what it is like to

Amy made an offer to her brother - 1

even move to get his shorts. “Don’t tell mom or dad about this, I was just…” Alex finally tried to speak and save himself. “You were just…?” Amy teased, “You were just jerking off on your sister’s panties.” Amy didn’t seem angry or shocked. She was just laughing and teasing her brother. Alex felt a little relax and he got up hiding his cock and

Jonesing for some family fun: Liza's Story Part 1 Ft. Tay the Nympho

different story that I might share at a later date. Our boyfriends (who both had very nice dicks albeit on a more average size scale than the men in my family) were great guys, but have no place in this depraved, disgusting, lust filled night where mine and taylor's innocence (what was left of it at least) was completely destroyed in the most

My Lesbian Roommate 1

and brunette. And I knew more or less what she looked like naked. Sometimes when she was asleep next to me I would reach out and brush my hand against her arse or her tits and take my dick out, stroking it until I came into an old pair of boxers. After the introductions between David, who both Sue and I had known for years, and Jan, we had


of wine to relax and get into the mood.It was not long when the door bell rang. Mel opened the door and entered moments later with a short, but well-built black girl. She was introduced as Kyla, Gloria’s friend. Mel and Gloria followed her to the room and minutes later they came down the stairs to join the rest of us. Mel’s’ nightie was long,

A Married Affair 2

the button to call the elevator and pull me closer towards you. Your left hand comes across and I feel you give a light tug my pendant necklace. I look down and realise you are undoing a fourth button on my blouse. My cleavage is even more exposed, the tops of my bra-less breasts proudly on display for you, the nipples barely covered. My blouse

Fun with Kathy the conclusion

“Yes but I don’t think it will work in this position. Why don’t you enter me from behind? That is one of my favorite positions, and you will be able to see what you are doing.” I slipped out from between her legs and she knelt on the floor, her hands on the seat of the sofa. I knelt down behind her and slipped a finger into her pussy, then

Milf Domination

inside his shorts as Liz felt it being pressed hard against her ass. Alex said to her, “I am going to give you what you had been missing and wanting!” He then lifted up Liz’s shirt and bra just above the top of her lovely tits exposing each of them as his hands quickly began to grope both of them. Liz stood there in a trance as she began to get

What We Do on a Lonely Night

with such jealous eyes. Johnny lit a cigarette and sat down on the other barstool after putting the bottle of Jack on the counter with another shot glass. “Pour me a shot will ya son? I will tell you a story of my younger days. You have to promise you won’t interrupt me or start laughing your ass off that barstool. I want you to listen to me and

On The Bus: White Wife on Black Cock

my husband, he was on a long-term assignment and we only saw each other every few months. We had fucked like crazy right until it was time for me to leave, but being a horny 25-year old, I just couldn’t get enough. I wasn’t looking forward to the 20-hour bus ride home. I had only been with a few guys before getting married and wasn’t what you

Working Out Doctor

moaning showed his appreciation for my job, and he returned the favour by reaching back for my cock. It jolted at his touch and sent a tingle up my spine. Dave wrapped his fingers around my boner and gave it a slow wank. On his ass, my fingers had begun probing for its tightness and one of them was sliding inside and pushing against the

The coeds wild field trip

The words faded as Virginia changed positions to see the two even better. To her horror, she saw it was Joe– her Joe! – fucking Nancy. She was outraged, more because he'd left her and immediately gone in search of another pussy than because the couple were fucking. She studied the professor's body and decided he was even more muscular than

Threesome With My Best Friend

again and Alice again buried her face in between them, but they were both waiting for him to cum. He gasped and shuddered, closing his eyes as they rolled back in his head and going completely still. Alice too gasped as the wave of hot cum exploded inside of her, pushing her over the edge into another orgasm. All three of them collapsed into a

Loving the Librarian Ch. 01

ID display, distraught no doubt. ‘Mom! Daddy’s going to marry that bimbo.’ I paused a moment, hoping the tension would ease a bit if I appeared thoughtful. ‘Yes, Liz, darling. I saw the wedding announcement in the Society Section.’ My ex was a high ranking member of the San Diego social scene now, and I’m sure his fiancé’s family was proud to

How I Got Jennifer Lawrence Pregnant

long I felt her milk squirt into my mouth, little jets hitting my cheeks and tongue. I tasted a bit like store bought milk, but thinner. Ultimately, it was delicious, because it tasted like Jennifer."Fuck yeah," she moaned, "suck my fucking tit, drink my milk." I was playing with her other breast when it began to squirt as well. I directed my

Erotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 03

screamed alarm in her voice. Steven’s color was coming back to human. He sat on the built in bench kept shaking his head. Breathing was labored. Involuntary shudders. Katherine burst out crying he was in bad shape. ‘I didn’t mean to have this happen, Steven.’ She said through sobs. Steven finally focused upon Katherine’s face seeing her cry. He

David and Trevor

as he pulled my ass cheeks apart. D-david… I whispered his name again and he stuck his tongue into my asshole, penatrating me for the first time, my heartbeat quickened and my breathing became more erratic. I-Im cumming, David! I bit down hard onto my hand, leaving a mark, his hand reached around just in time to catch the spurts of cum that would

Karen and Michelle

face and ordered, “Get busy slave, you know what to do.”Karen quickly attacked Traci’s cunt and clit to get it over as quick as possible. As excited as Traci was from torturing Karen, it didn’t take long for her to reach orgasm. When she recovered she looked at her watch and noticed that they had been in the dungeon for 40 minutes. She told

Lightning Over Arizona

that night last year I can’t stop thinking about you!” I tried avoiding you! I tried to get you out of my mind! I was doing so well because you know what they say out of sight out of mind, but I can’t deny what I feel for you when you’re sitting right next to me.   With your short shorts on and your low cut blouse, its taking everything I have

Beautiful People Ch. 2

Heritage. Kristen walked to me with my leather coat raised above her head like the women at the fights carrying the round signs. She swayed her hips as she walked and I thought how blessed I was to have found her. She walked turning so all could see the club’s Colors, there were shouts and clapping. She held the coat for me and I put it on.

A Morning Tryst With A Twist

she agreed.Ron was a special friend of Mistress Victoria and would visit us often.One day Ron asked me out to dinner, and with Mistress’ permission, we went out.  I had a wonderful time, and I was treated with respect and as a “date” rather than a sub or a slave. It was nice.More dates followed, and eventually, he asked me to marry him. I was

First Time Surprise - Part One

the hard-on that was obviously pushing at his pants. I exit to the back of the store and spend the rest of the time avoiding Allen completely, until the other girl who working that night has to go home early. I have no choice but to work the front counter now, with my pussy on fire with need. I keep thinking about sinking onto a hot, sweet cock;

why(ill change it later)

i'd go out and start my new life. it took me forever to get a taxi to stop because im soft spoken but when i did i asked the driver to take me somewhere fun. he gave me a smirk looking over his shoulder and started driving. about 30 minutes of looking out the window later we stoped i paid and got out. i couldn't believe the sight there was

Love can be in plain sight

for me.“Well to put it simply, we love having sex with each other,” Wendy said.“I can see that, so you two just decided to have sex one day?” I asked.“Well, kind of,” Bill replied.“What do you mean?” I asked.They both took in another deep breath, obviously they hadn't told anyone else about this.“Well really one day about 8 months ago, I saw her

DarkFyre Chapter Two

of similar maps and charts were arrayed on the table and rolled into tubes propped against the desk. There were writing supplies and a sheaf of fresh paper at the Knight Captain’s elbow. StoneFingers was standing at the flap of Rael’s tent. The Dwarf looked like many of his brothers, short and stout, built like an anvil and twice as hard, with a

A Long Time Coming

  away. It worked as he pinned my arms above me and kissed me as he had   never before.   A little more struggling sent him out if control! He spun around and   got on top of me to not only pin me down but to lick me, devour me!   He spread my lips and made love to ever inch of my clit. His fingers   circling ever hole and descending into me. I

Sacrilege CH 2

really see anything underneath her skirt, but I knew exactly where the little panties were at all times. I was imagining seeing the tiny material slide up inside of her crack. My vision was so vivid it was almost as if really I had. Her new panty line would have been unnoticeable to anyone who wasn’t staring a hole into her ass, but I still

High School Again? Ugh! Ch. 01

Rodger sighed. ‘But that’s old news,’ I said, wanting to move on. Rodger was kind enough to change the subject. ‘You know,’ he said, trying to lighten the conversation. ‘If you went back, you’d get a chance to play that silly sport you love so much again.’ ‘Is that a polite way of reminding me I was a dumb jock back then?’ I asked with a raised

Exhaustion and Masturbation

They are only an ‘A’ cup. I feel kinda sorry for the girls with large breasts – their cleavage can be very obvious in these things. I cross my arms and grab the underside of my top and pull upward. Marred with sweat and moisture, the tight top snags every bit of moist skin it is slowly dragged across. I quick tug with a little more force and the

In Love with Anthony

are assistants to a superior at the company for two different suppliers, but our desks are about 20 feet apart. I thought he was adorable when we first met. He has short brown hair with a mind of its own and hazel brown eyes. He is not very tall at about 5’7 but he has muscles to make up for it. He is the image of Green Day and Journey slapped

Rob & Joe: Women of the Church Ch. 02

the curtains were pulled in the master bedroom. An hour later the front door opened and the pastor gave Mrs. Johnson a quick kiss. She stood in the doorway wearing a thin robe as she watched him drive away.’ ‘Joe and Rob have suggested putting camera in his den for tomorrow’s party. They would only need a few minutes in the morning.’ ‘Ok guys,

Investments control

book but before I could continue flirting, the facade of a professional business woman returned. "I don't know how much more I can take of being cooped up in this steel box," she said bitterly and slumped back to the floor. Defeat came uneasy to her. She sat down and rested her chin on her knees which were held against her chest by wrapping her


expected?” He was very impressed, the dress clung to her features exactly as he was designed, it cupped her pert breasts, flowed down off her hips, and the dipped back came right down to the dimples in the small of her back, just above her buttocks. He raised his eyebrows and said enthusiastically, “It’s lovely and looks exactly how I had hoped

Gang-banged by All Time Low

leading and started unzipping his pants. He gave me a wicked smile and un clipped my bra, planting his mouth on one nipple while playing with the other. I strategically managed to pull down his tight jeans and boxer shorts to reveal his big, pulsating cock. I let out a moan as he sucked hard on the tip of my nipple. His shaft was in my hand as I

Best Friend turned Sex partner

up, grabbed her hand and teased her awake. We were fine, not getting caught be our sisters. I motioned to the bathroom, so we could take a shower. I stepped over my sister and headed in. She sexily undressed out of the silk. I had never seen her fully nude, and she looked amazing. Her boobs were better than i had thought. I got in, grabbed the

An Unexpected Threeseome Part 2

slow and fast, occasionally shifting her body so that she would press on a different side of my dick.   Her breathing became very heavy, and I could hear that she was close to another orgasm.  Paula’s breathing also intensified, and after a few moans, she let out a loud groan, and flooded my mouth with cum juices from her pussy. Almost on cue,

Don’t Judge a Book Ch 02

or upset and I felt a warm feeling spread through my body as I realized my words had eased Jill’s pain and guilt.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That weekend marked a turning point. Jill and I had both opened up to each other and over the next few weeks, we often talked about our growing mutual interest in sharing. I think we both knew

Something I never did before

sure if I did this I won't end up in jail.I looked at them both.Then at mark. “I want some pussy mark, but I don’t want to go to jail.” I said looking at him firmly. He nonned again.“I've been doing this for ten years now, not one of the clients has ever gone to jail, it a small circle of dudes. I have girls from immigrant families who need extra

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 5

except shake my head against the white sheets covered in sweat. He rubbed the highly tender area just under my balls with his thumbs as he sucked on my cock. I could feel his fingers edge towards my man hole but he was in no hurry to get there yet. The pressure in my balls was starting to build although I felt far from shooting my hot load down

Paying for her ride.

and quite beautiful.It was one of those days. A day where everything seemed to go right. I got to work early and did my quota, meaning, I was able to leave early. If I would have left work at my normal time I would have missed her.I was driving along the country road when I saw this gorgeous girl thumbing for a ride. I slowed down to get a better

This Story Is About Cindy 1:3

throw it in the pool. I choked on some oxygen as I realized I had almost sniffed a thirteen year old's panties earlier... yikes. The rest of the evening was a little dry, no pun intended. We got out of the pool, dried off, had some dinner (burgers her Dad grilled and a salad her Mom had thrown together) and then left. Conversation had been dull

A Wifes torrid love affair

country. Even though they had been married happily for the last twelve years there were times Amanda had felt isolated from him. To keep herself busy Amanda would volunteer for a number of things at church. She also helped out at the preschool where her two boys had attended. When someone needed her assistance she was always there to help out.

My first adult theater experience

to suck his throbbing manhood. He suddenly exploded a large load of hot sperm nearly drowning me. I was not planning on him to shoot his load all over my face.  I could tell that our new friend felt bad about blowing his load all over me because after a few min. he slid down on the floor in front of me and began to eat my pussy. I lifted my legs

Are They Having An Affair?

as I have often arrived home from work and walked in as they have been chatting. Whenever my wife’s friend has picked up her son they have been gone when I have got home but Rich always seems to stay on for a chat, sometimes for well over an hour. I used to tease my wife that Rich stayed longer due to her wearing tops that showed cleavage, and

The Boss Lady Part II-Rewrite

for letting me suck on your big cock! Please give me your hot cum now. Please sir!She had totally submitted to him, and all it took for him was plug her bitchy, black mouth with his big, fat, ivory-colored cock. He looked down at her pretty face, and saw the desire in her eyes. He looked further down, and saw one hand furiously rubbing her

My wife has discovered castration play

he hunts, fishes,and does all types of country stuff. One evening at the dinner table my wife told me that Mike had called her that afternoon and wanted to hook up for some sex that night. And that she had asked if I could watch them. I asked what he said. She said that if I would allow her to do one thing to me that I could watch. I asked do

Young Queen 01

I stuck a finger into her impossibly tight hole, pulling down my pants with the other hand. I had a raging boner. Her pussy was soaked, and my cock slid right in. Jessie let out a moan of delight. I thrust deep into her, and she squealed. MMmMMMmmM she moaned. I thrust faster and faster, until i let out a full load into her. she screamed with

Showering with Jack

seven inch dick. I soon lost myself in fantasies about Jack's hard body pressed against mine, kissing me passionately, and only came back to reality when I heard a curtain move.I turned around and almost broke my nose on Jack's cheekbone as he slipped into my shower stall. Startled, I tried to protest, but he just grabbed my cock and kissed me. I


an abusive man before James came into her life. This fact alone should have set off bright red alarm bells within his mind, but no – apparently, James believed that he would earn her trust and open her life up in ways that her ex could not. He was wrong. ‘I was in love with him,’ Toni explained when James asked her about her prior relationships.

Kate #2

exhausted with Davin still impaled inside of her. She never wanted him to pull out. It was as if Kate wanted him to fill her for eternity. Davin's hardness eventually softened and when he left the bed, Davin's prodigious cum slid out between her legs like slow moving lava down a mountainside. Davin stepped out of his jeans and stood stark naked

Are you awake?

waistband of your panties with my fingers and begin to slide them down over your legs. You lift your hips to help and in a moment of impatience you strip them down to your ankles yourself. Now I want you naked. Completely naked. I grasp the hem of your nightie and pull upward. You sit up, raise your arms and the nightie slips over your head

Putting a Spin On It

him out of the house and handing over his computer to the police had enabled her to ride out the storm, playing the betrayed and innocent wife to perfection. Naturally, he hadn’t taken this terribly well, but she had so far managed to keep him at arm’s length while the lawyers sorted out the details of their divorce, which she fervently hoped

Maddy Ch. 01

eating each other’s lips. We got to my room door and I started fumbling with my room key, having to swipe it four or five times before striking green. Maddy’s little distracting grabs of my ass weren’t helping matters, but finally, we got in. We never made it to the bed. Right there in the entry hall the clothes just started flying. I ripped off

Vacation Time Ch. 04

secret…’ I wanted to wipe that smirk off of his face, I hate being called a little girl, I hate that he was trying to take away my control, and I hate that I had no way of stopping any of it. Not even my increasing excitement and desire. I slowly began to rise to my knees, conviction filling my body as I realized that we could do this his way or

Becoming a Slut at 17

my nipples causing me to moan around his cock. John was finger fucking me hard while slipping his tongue up and down my wet slit. My hips were arching up to meet his thrusts on their own. I could barely focus on Dan's big hard cock in my mouth. When John began to lick my clit hard, I came hard and fast on his face. My legs fell apart weakly. I

Cock for Doris

holding a large black strapon dildo. "I told you,Doris," she said. "Tonight your little cunt is for anybody who wants it." Mywife caught sight of the dildo and her eyes went wide with shock."No!" she stammered, "please, no." But as she watched, Ruth strapped on thedildo. It was pure black, about six or seven inches long and an inch thick.

Boarding School Ch. 02

who were loyal to me and my father wouldbe questioning their princess. After all, when a Vampire SEMI was ever found out, the first action taken is to cut off their heads. Vampires do not allow betrayal of their own kind to Hunters. The headmaster’s office wasn’t hard to find, and as David knocked firmly on the large cherry wood panel, I read the

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII a

beside Simon next to Mark’s table. Simon extended his hand, took Mark’s firmly and shook it, “So good to finally meet you,” he said with a winning smile on his face. Mattie tightened her grip on Simon’s other hand, feeling safer for having him beside her. She discreetly, wiped her mouth clean of the saliva Mark had left when he’d slipped his

Teased to Distraction

of the tightly laced black leather as she paced slowly behind him, the particular click of the razor high heels on the hard wood floor as she moved back and forth, back and forth. He knew she was teasing him. He was kneeling, as she demanded, facing the wall. “No, no,” she scolded, wagging a long finger tipped with a sharp red nail at him as he

My First Erotica: The Dream (Part VII)

on much longer, I lowered my body and we locked lips again. We tightly and firmly secured our kiss and both of us came together. Immediately after I did, she kissed me harder and with more passion than before. I always loved this about her, she always embraced me with her lips when I came in her. She may not have been much of a kisser, but she

I won a blowjob at the stag party

night, we all attended a comedy show, watched a strip show and all got very drunk in the pubs before closing time.Back at the hotel a few of us went to the bar and had a few games of pool which I am sure took much longer than usual. We all consumed a few more beers and flirted with the gorgeous barmaid, who gave as good as she got.The barmaid who

Scary Stories

coming! Soon they will be here, and so will I!’ Needless to say, we were completely freaked out by this point. Dawood just put his foot to the pedal, speeding off. Too terrified to say anything, I looked back to see if we’d left the man (if it could even be called that) behind us. To my shock, there was nothing back there. It was as if he had

Lori Ch. 04

I didn’t trust myself. If he said another word, I was going to hit him. I walked for a lot longer than I thought and I actually found myself listening to his words until I would remember Lori’s voice telling me that she loved me and needed me. I must have walked about for close to an hour before I found myself standing in front of my Dad.

Descent into depravity Part 3

cumming. I wanted my brother to have that pleasure so I pushed him away. Dan crouched in front of my cunt and used his fingers to separate my cunt lips before sticking his tongue in and out of my hole a few times and then slowly flicking my clit with it. Where did you learn that? I gasped. From porno movies. I didnt even know he had seen any. He

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 14

awhile before I try,’ said Uncle Dar. ‘I don’t think I want to risk a wreck on it yet.’ ‘It isn’t a fast one,’ said George. ‘Jack got it to roam around the property, not to race. It’s a four wheel drive but it doesn’t have a lot of speed. More of a tractor than a ATV.’ I’ve driven it a few times, myself,’ I said. ‘It isn’t hard to drive. Almost

The Perfect Prescription Part III

clenched around the plug. He sucked my clit and began painting it with his tongue. I looked up at Master with longing, wishing it were his mouth on me instead of the doctor’s.Suddenly, Dr. Johnson grasped my hips and flipped me over. He told me to arch my back and he began stroking my pussy more roughly with his hand. My ass was up in the air and

Twins at the Lake

looked away.“Eh I don’t even want to think about him right now”My smile disappeared.“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up”She quickly glanced back at me.“It’s okay. Hey Chris…”She looked las if she was thinking about something, so I replied.“Yea?”She took a deep breath before answering.“Can you finger me?”My mouth opened up a bit. I would

Ramming a Tranny

I was exhausted from the workout. They were breathing heavily, both obviously satisfied.“Veronica,” Trevor panted. “You came so hard a spurt hit your face. Nice. Have to take a pic of this.”Veronica just moaned and gasped for air. “Your hole. My cock. Perfect match. I know its kinda weird, but I love seeing your dick get hard and cum when I fuck

I will officer

was away for a few days on a course, something to do with her job as a Solicitor, so I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy. It was a fine warm July morning as I drove towards the town centre in my metallic purple Mazda MX5 with the top down. My car is my pride and joy and for a Christmas present, Ebony had bought me a personal number

Straight White Girls: A Pet Teacher

since she secretly began writing porn stories on Literotica, originally predominantly lesbian porn stories, had been to make her lesbian curiosity a reality. She was a complete submissive for her husband, thus the reason she was currently wearing thigh highs under her black skirt and why she was also sans underwear at the moment. Yet, she couldnt

Growing up

made me pledge that he was now my owner, I could not have sex with anyone else, unless he allowed it, and that I was now his property. It all turned me on to a degree I had never felt and I looked forward to our in person meeting that he promised would happen within a few weeks. Roughly 2 weeks later, I was told to rent a room at a Motel 6 that

Another group experience

sit with her on the couch. She thanked me for taking a chance on them and helping them get more acclimated to the area. She said that her family really thought I was a great guy. Then, she shocked me. She mentioned that she and her husband had been swingers back where they lived, and they were really looking to get back into the lifestyle. She

The Notorious Four: Chapter 1

two hitched their horses outside of the Saloon. As they walked up the stairs, a group of drunk, laughing men exited, falling everywhere. One with a scraggly beard tripped over his friend, catching himself on Ginger. His arm around her, one hand landed squarely on her amazing tits. “Oh, well this is nice, why don’t you come take a ride with me

A Family's Sex Education Part 2

they get blowjobs?”“Yes, sometimes.”“In the girl’s mouth?”“Sometimes. Sometimes blowjobs can be part of foreplay.”“Foreplay?”“Foreplay is what couples do before the actual intercourse. It could be kissing, touching each other and oral sex. Sometimes women need some foreplay to get aroused so they can enjoy sex better. You see a woman’s vagina

Recollections 2 Ch. 02

you to Brooke tonight. I... I did. I stillthink about her a lot. I wanted Brooke to meet you. I... I wentto her gravesite two weeks ago, and told her all about you. Twodays... after you gave your virginity to me, even." "I'd be happy to talk with you about any and all of this,Jeremy, and how it makes you feel anytime you'd like. I want

Meeting My New Husband’s Family

with any guy with a fat, hung cock like Luke’s. Of course, my curvy body, especially my titanic tits, attracted the guys and some of them even passed me on to friends. I didn’t mind at all — provided they were well hung. The bigger, the better.When I turned thirty, I’d virtually emptied my fund and I asked my parents for more money. That’s when

Mommy knows best part 5

it was funny to go for a little run, turns out im not as fit as i thought, was hard keeping up with him""Now son, you should know better than to go nuts on your mother like that" Dad said in his best fatherly tone."Yeah, sorry, couldnt resist. This place is boring, but its good for jogging""Great!" Dad bellowed "Lets go back, i wanted to see some

That’s My Wife

paused and said, “I bet she would let you fuck her in a threesome with her and I.”I looked at her and said, “You are crazy.”She said, “Maybe but I really think that she would like a hard cock like yours in her pussy.” She added, “After all your father has been fucking your wife so it is only fair that you fuck his wife.”I must admit that at

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 04

her pussy and within moments she was murmuring soft moans of desire. Her middle finger slid into the warmth of her pussy, turning her moans into a yearning sigh. How she wished she hadn’t let go of him when she climbed down from his car. He ought to be here with me right now, taking care of me, she thought to herself. Done with her bath, into

Pornstar Cameraman

erect nipples. In, out, in, out, in her wet pussy. She had done this many times, she was a fully fledged pornstar, respected on many sites. She loved the life, and she also worked as a prostitute on Friday nights. She was the only one in the room, besides the man holding the camera, she was his actress, he was the filmer. On the brink of an

The couple, playing with John

was a small hook as requested. Kevin had also come up with the idea of putting a prince Albert piercing in first and let it connect with the cage. this would mean that it would be even harder to get the cage off and the cock was pushed against the cage harder should his dick get hard. It was an idea Seth liked and thus implemented.The second stop